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Monday, March 20, 2006

What a fun night!
Tonight we protested a protest! Now, I am one of those 'sitting on the fence' people usually. But when I read the Stop Springer site it infuriated me so much that I got involved with a bunch of mad comics to go ahead and protest the protesters at tonights opening night of Jerry Springer the Opera. We also out numbered them by about 3:1! Which was rather funny. We sang songs, had our photos taken, were interviewed by the TV and generally just had a good laugh - which is a lot about what the show is about! ;) One bloke thought we were the opposition and shouted "What about Freedom of Speech you Dumn F**ks!". As you can see from MY sign (right), he was so ironically wrong. We were stood their for about 20 minutes before the Christians turned up anyway! When they arrived we sang "You're Late and you know you are!"... ;) So we did that for about an hour, the Christians seemed to be settling in for the night however. I think we got our point across. Got back to a lovely smelling flat - my lovely boyfriend had been baking once again! Turns out he can make CAKE! FROM SCRATCH!! Mmmmmmmm good boyfriend, good. He made a gorgeous cake last night which I devoured most of, and tonight he's made chocolate chip butterfly cakes! Woohoo! So I am off to eat them now I think...

On a downer though, it seems I have really messed up my work plans for the summer by once again hitting the states for a stupid amount of time. This is defiantely going to have to be my last year of summer visiting.


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