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Saturday, July 15, 2006

I've arrived!
And to prove it I'm here...
Went straight up to the new house in Black River Falls last night, it was beautiful! A proper picture postcard of a place, have decided that Chris now has no choice and we are going up there Tuesday night! It was stunning, I can't wait to show him. The dog had his little booties on so as not to scratch the floor, bless.
Got back about 3pm and headed almost straight out to the Mall to buy pants, which I now have on. I forgot my green pants.... OR SO I THOUGHT! So I boguht some more, only to find I'd brought them... ahh well... many green pants.
Bit worried about the cat here, his eyes are very yucky :( and he WONT SHUT UP... but maybe that's just what he's like.
Going to have a shower and head to Milwaukee shortly to catch up with Michele, Jer, Brian and anyone else who happens to be there :D
Oh before I go, dad took me to a casino, which was gerat fun! Mainly as I managed to win win win! OK, technically only $10 but still that's enough isn't it? I was well chuffed - I appeared to be able to figure out a system on the poker machine, I'm not joking, I figured it out! I was fail proof! Woohoooooo


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