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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Well, I am doing my fourth gig tonight. It is in Crewe. So that means I can record it :D... as we all know I like to do.
Things at work are rather stressful at the moment. I feel really tense. We have a CSz workshop in a school next week that may be hard work... having said that, the last time went great, so hopefully it will be the same... fingers crossed.
Binx is doing great MUM... apart from she keeps scratching and licking... have bought some shampoo for her and a new flea colar. If that doesn't help I will register her with a local vets I think and get it sorted out. I have done an intensive flea search to no avail.
Was at the Comedy Store last night filming Warby for his MySpace. Was a rather surreal night seeing as I knew most of the staff, and now the codes to the doors ;) Sat in the green room with Chris, Barry D and Stewart Francis.
To the right is a picture from the other evening which turned into a geek-a-thon ;) Dug and John read comics while I listenened to Weird Al ;) Fun was had though. I watched a film called Funny Bones, which was very good! Search it out.
Actually that picture looks more like John is trying to be the Hulk!
I also just realised I never posted any pictures from when my beautiful Katie came to visit last weekend!
She is so great, I really miss her. Will have to make a special trek to Chorley town to meet up with her again before Xmas!
Anyway... in Flat news... the toilet is bust. I had the delight of hearing Chris describe to the plumber how I SAT ON IT AND BROKE IT! Nice... like my arse could ever do so much damage... oh wait... there was the Kitchen door that time... oops.
Just another reason to start being healthier again.
They are coming back to fix it again... let's just say I enjoyed the Comedy Store last night for other reasons too!
Right I'm off, Dug and I are going to ASDA! Woohoooo


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