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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Had a lovely drive out to Glossop today to catch up with Julian and help him get rid of some of his books and records... i helped relieve him of a couple myself.... hehe.... so then we drove a few boxes of books to the local book buyers. He managed to make £20 on about 10 books so that's not too bad, I'm sure he hoped for more.
While we were there we met a delightful young man who WAS NOT GAY who asked the bloke who owned the place if he has any doctor who novels to sell. So Julian stepped up to tell him about all the stuff he had to sell... there began a 20 minute one upmanship on Doctor Who merchandise! lol.... was interesting..
got back and had a night in with chris and some pizza.... felt desperately fat... have deicded I have to do more excercise! really must!
Watching the Producers (musical) right now... i love bits of it but HATE MATHEW BRODERICK! God he's awful.... he's a bad Gene Wilder impression....
mmmm Gene Wilder.... *sigh*


  • At January 11, 2007 7:14 am, Anonymous mummy said…

    I totally agree...why DID they cast him?????

  • At January 11, 2007 7:24 am, Blogger Rachel said…

    Apparantly he was brilliant on Broadway - unfortunately that doesn't always translate to the screen

  • At January 11, 2007 8:11 am, Anonymous Chris said…

    I remember the review in The Daily Telegraph.*

    "...The Producers is a hit and miss affair. Some of the setpieces are superb and there are some outstanding performances from key members of the cast. Nathan Lane is superb as ever and Uma Thurman shows surprising versatility. Matthew Broderick though? This writer is under the impression that Ferris Bueller should fuck off back to the eighties."

    * The one I just made up.

  • At January 11, 2007 10:41 am, Blogger Bron said…

    LOL! love it chris


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