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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year Resolutiony thing

This year I plan to:

Get my legs, back and neck looked at/fixed
Get my hair cut
Get enough work so I'm not dipping back into savings
Visit Stonehenge
Go camping
Do more stand up
Do more improv
Do more
See Avenue Q
Sing more
Further my career
Be a bit more selfish but not a bitch
Dye my hair
Get my teeth checked
Lose a stone
Eat more salad
Make more films
Kill all prostitutes like my dog told me to
Make more friends
Kick ass in Quad Cities
Make people happy
Speak to my parents more
Work harder at CSz
Visit my sister more
Keep on top of my work
Let bygones be bygones
Get a kitten?
Push myself to people/work more
Get my eyes checked
Work on my self confidence

In the immortal words of Aqua: "Be happy"


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