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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year one and all...
I had a rocky new years to be honest filled with laughter, tears, back pain, stomach ache, self reflection, more tears, and a bit of sleep.
Today I'm going to be productive! I have some editing that's been sat for AGES needing to be done... if I can get all that finished today (and I think I can) then it will be good :D
Chris is making a meal from scratch today too to break in the vege cooking book his mum got him for Xmas... I don't know what careaic is but I'm eating it aparantly...
Before I go and get on with some work (and picking Ben up from where ever he ended up last night) I want to share with you something Chris wrote (he's amazing with words) to bring in the new year:

For every ambition that has thus far eluded you, I hope next year brings it ever closer.

For every success that this year has brought, I hope next year sees its continuation.

For every memory from this year that still brings pain, I hope next year will bring you peace.

For every second of every minute of every day next year, I wish you good health, contentment and success in everything you attempt.

In love, life and striking a living I urge you to be the best you can possibly be in everything you do.

Happy New Year.


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