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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Well, friday night was lovely. But before we get to that.... we had a CSz workshop at an EBD school during the day. It went really well :D The kids responded to us again, the teachers seemed rather pleased, and they laughed at the show, etc.... in conclusion, yay.
From there i went straight to the old house to see my mum who arrived in the country yesterday. When my dad arrived we went out for a meal. It was a really nice atmosphere, we had a good laugh... dad only complained the once... ;)
Keya's pie was hard. So she got another one. Hmm.
While i was eating my delighful veggie pasta thing i got a call from the lamb who let me know that he had managed to get last minute tickets for to see Ben Keaton and Friends.... which doesn't sound like anything to most.... but it was actually BRILLIANT! Paul Merton, Richard Vranch, Ben Keaton, Andy Smart, Steve Steen and Stephen Frost! Some fabulous improv (if a little short), and bizarrely, when i sat down I turned to my right and who was sat there... but my friend Lee from uni! So we had a nice catch up session and talked about how weird it was to be randomly sat next to each other. I gave him my card and hopefully he'll keep in touch. It's not the first time that had happened to be honest... i've bumped into Lee a few times randomly since leaving Uni! How funny. Saw Ian and Estelle too which was pleasant.
Got to bed at about 2am, well the show didn't start til 11.30pm!
Saturday was fantastic! Brilliant workshop followed by a good fun comedysportz uk Xmas party!
What made my day was my lovely KT was there too... such good fun, I didn't do too badly with the bowling, although the lamb suffered. A few years ago his brother managed to dislocate his arm, it's never been the same since, so he struggled a bit with the bowling and gave up half way through.
After that we got a bit of food and headed to Laser Quest where we shot the crap out of some Emos! Hehe. Leigh was first, I was fourth, Chris was fifth, John was 10th (hehe)... etc... it was good fun. KT shot me the most... bitch.

All that wrapped up about 9pm, where we came back to the flat and I just sat still for a few hours! I've been mental busy for months... it was the first time I felt I could just SIT.

The flat is getting there, it's actually starting to feel liveable.
Binx is so happy here. Which is lovely to see.

Chris had people round today to watch wrestling poo so I headed over to Johns to watch some videos of stuff he filmed years ago, great fun! Glad it's not just me that does that shit! ;) I am putting some of it onto DVD for him ;)
We also shot some more for the trailer Dug and I are making ;) Good fun.
Don't want to spoil it so you'll have to wait til it's on YouTube for any more about it.
I bought a massive cheap cake today, which I'm going to eat some of right now...
See ya
I will try and get blogging and bit more regular again now that I'm a bit more settled.


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