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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wowwee, I'm nearly on 800 posts people!
last couple of days have been rather whirlwind... partys here and there... ;)
Tuesday night was the XS Malarkey Christmas Party. I decided to go as a girl, and so did Ben.. (jk).

It was fun and all, but I had to leave early due to sore feet and stingy eyes from all the smoke... boooo... can't wait for that ban to come into effect!
Some highlights from the evening...
Cat and Chris dancing, John's version of Wild Thing, Seymour Mace singing White Lines, Dan Nightingale showing me numerous times that he can lick his own nipple, me and dug singing OUR song :)
I love the dug.
Even if he was off his head...
If you are interested in SEEING some of these exciting things (but minus the me and Dug song as Chris didn't know I had the video camera aparantly so didn't film it) then check out:

So in conclusion it was a nice night.... follwed by me falling asleep and being awoken by some noise from below! There's something not quite right about some of the people living in this building. Dug told me that the woman upstairs knocked on the door the other night and said she was going to kill herself... we've not heard from her since... maybe she did? And the family below seem to just spend all their time kicking the crap out of themselves and their kids... it may result in a call to 999 at some point...
I must admit I got some lovely compliments, I aparantly brush up quite nicely.

Yesterday was mostly shopping for random bits and bobs and I went for a curry with the lamb. Back to Moon, our fave curryhouse near the old flat... we also called in to see if we had any mail... we did... and also found all the furniture we left outside... hmmm...


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