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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Well, where to start.
Christmas was nice, we went to my parents for some lovely food and present opening.
Was nice to be all together, and chris was there too which was a nice change also, he brought some ginger merryment to the day. I got a fair few clothes, and some useful bits and bobs which will come in very handy.
After eating we headed straight to Somerset (via the katester to drop off pressies - she has since decided that Bitches Aint Shit by Ben Folds is disgusting). Got there about half 9 i think, and was instantly fed by chris's mum. I was given a lovely thoughtful pressie from Chris. A USB record player! So I can put all my vinyl onto my computer! ROCK ON! I will start doing that once Dug has moved out and there's more room here.
The next day was filled with fun and festive frolics, which included taking the mental dog for a walk, but it was a really nice walk. Chris mocked me for the way I walked the dog (not stopping at any point)... well, he'd wee'd enough as far as I was concerned.
I got to meet many of the Brayley side of the family, and they were pleasant and fun.
Chris got a bean stringer from his grandad, he tried to throw it away but I figured it may come in handy ;)
All in all very nice.
The next day I went to London on the train and met up with the Welch to go and stalk Idina Menzel.... we did a poor job!
We got there about half 4, after eating some macdonalds food (the old veggie burger is back! Did you know?! I've not been to macdonalds for years!), waiting for the matinee to kick out so we could get some signatures and be on our merry way.
So we waited.
And waited....

And waited some more....

Then we were told by Miriam Margolyes that Idina was not coming out. By this time it was 6pm and there was us and a group of northern drama kids who were singing Seasons of Love rather loudly... so I decided we should distance ourselves from them... ;)
SO we decided to get tickets from a tout outside to go and watch the show that night! So on second viewing of Wicked, it is exactly that - WICKED! Wonderful to see the show from a distance (which is usually the death of it for me) .

We decided once again that we would go and stand outside and wait for the cast to come out. This time though there was a MASSIVE crowd, we were kind of stood second row back I suppose you could say.
I decided that I would only try and get some pictures... seeing as there really wasn't any room... and pictures I got...

Here we see Lady who played Glinda, Mirriam, Adam Garcia and the lovely lovely lovely Idina Menzel, who even though she was really ill, signed a load of pix

So that was cool anyway.
Then we headed back to Welch's and I slept.

Next day I headed over (headed means TOOK TWO AND A HALF HOURS) to Chesham to meet dad to drive back to Manchester. It was a nice drive, we chatted a lot, and it went fairly quickly.
That evening life changed a little. Chris and I parted ways. I say parted, we are still living together, just not as a couple. It's rather complicated and private so that's all I'm writing on here. We're both OK, a bit poo, as can be expected, but OK. We are looking after each other.
As is Binx.


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