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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Today was lovely... got up early and helped John put some footage onto DVD for his sister's Xmas pressie... then John decided he would accompany me to Skipton to visit Mister Hair.
So off we toddled and had a nice wander round Skipton. I bought cheese and some ginger biscuits and wore ben's dad's hat to keep my little head warm ;)
It got late rather early, so we popped into a pub for a drink (just a half of tap water for me ;) ) then headed back..
Pretty much only had enough time to say hi to the lamb then out I headed again to Blackrod to hang out with the lovely Rach's and Char, Keya also came along which was great. We watched dvd's of stuff we've done in the past and chatted... we also played with the wonderful device that Welch got me for Xmas.... which I would like to add NO ONE COULD WIN ON!....

... all of a sudden it was nearly 11pm! I forgot that I had to get back and feed Kitty (as the Tavner is away for a week) so I raced home to do that...
When i was there, Kitty wasn't that impressed cos I wouldn't let him out... while there I noticed a form that they had filled in that needed to be sent back to the council tax office... so as a good friend I stuck it in the post for him. Tavner will be so pleased that I've looked after his flat so well for him while he's been away :)

Anyway... we are trying to escape strange lady knocking on door so are going to go to bed.


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