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Monday, January 01, 2007

Cullinary New Year to you all.
Tonight we celebrated the 1st of January by making a meal from scratch... well... Chris made it.
Tavner and I delighted in the results. MM MM MMMMMM
A veggie hot pot of miracles.
The whole thing began with a VAT of VEG. To be crammed into two small casserole dishes...
The smallest of the two broke within 10 minutes... DOH! (we owe Tavner one casserole dish now) .
I was just impressed in general at the whole making something out of ingredients thing. Sounds silly, but I just never do it... i think there are only about 3 dishes I could make from scratch - everything else involved packages and frozen things... or tins.
So, while that was all cooking I finished editing the DVD's that I've been supposed to get done for ages! Only I was waiting for the music so I could finally complete the whole thing ... so i improvsied and got it all done today... longgggg day for it... but it's done, and it's burning as I type.
Anyway back to the lovely meal.
Dug and I went to ASDA yesterday to get the ingredients... there were a few things I didn't know what they were... but was pleasantly surprised.
The crusty bit on the top (which was actually supposed to be more like dumplings (see right)) was the best bit for me... and the leeks... mmmmmmm

So... if that wasn't enough we had a lovely pudding too... lemon rice! Gorgeous...and i bought some blackberries to go with it.
A rather civilised evening...
Apart from all that porn Tavner was looking at on our internet connection... ohhh tavner...



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