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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

what a horrible nights sleep!
Went to bed late anyway, about 1am... then woke up from another nightmare at about 4am! Was freaked out and alone so didn't want to try and go back to sleep in my bed, went to sleep on the couch in the living room - which is not really designed for sleeping on... had sporadic sleep til Chris wandered in about 7am... then I went back to bed and had even more sporadic sleep as some workers decided to cut down a tree outside from 8am... they are still doing it...
so I am not in any mood for today, which has been worrying me for some time anyway...
i haven't finished marking all the written work yet anyway... I had to stop last night as it was annoying me so much! The lack of attention to what I'd told some of these students OVER AND OVER AGAIN is really depressing... do they really not want to help themselves?!

Watched Chris last night, he was really on top form... took command of the room and just did his thing... was great to see him have fun... even the new 'just split up with my girlfriend' stuff made me laugh (after the initial... 'great'). The compere then came over afterwards after not listening aparantly, asking me how great my fella was!
I agreed though... he was.
Tavner did pretty well too :)

Right I have to go and finish the marking... I feel sick today :( blergh


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