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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Had a nice weekend with mum and pals and the like.
Chris headed off to Doncaster to watch wrestling... which he likes to do... and had a great time.. check out his blog on his myspace at some point (he already wrote it up once and then it crashed.... but he will be writing it up again).
When I got back this morning (after leaving a very teary mother at the airport) I discovered a tyre in my boot. I was a little perplexed... not a wheel, a tyre.... got back in at half 9 this morning and asked Chris.... he said "...funny story"... I shut the door and told him to tell me when I woke up...
So check out his blog for the reason.
So, yesterday I volunteered to help my friend Carys document some of her make up work for her new website. I went to John's with her and Lou and made people look hideous ;) Actually she made lou look delightful! And I've booked myself in to look delightful at some point.
Then I met up with my lovely KT and we ate pizzza and went to Darryl's and played with his wii.... hehe makes me giggle...
It sounds like wee.
I really enjoyed playing on it to be honest! I didn't think I'd be that fussed but it was a jolly old time.
Chris has suggested getting rid of the PSP and getting one... which I'm all for ;)
Me and KT have decided we need to get together more, so that's another thing to add to my list of 2007 I think.
I missed out talking about Friday too! Which was mostly spent with mu mum ... I bought some new shoes! Paid the most I've probably ever paid for shoes ... bought them cos my legs ar a mess and my feet hurt in most of theones i have... got some snug ones which I thought would help.
They did.
But not my poor heels!
I've got plasters all over the place... I think I just need to work them in, they are made of hemp! lol
Right I'm off - plan is to sort the flat out today... and I'm determined to at least make a start...


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