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Sunday, July 16, 2006

last night was FAB! Got to meet up with Jer and Michele which was GREAT! Then watched a rather naughty improv show which was hilarious!! My favourite, yet probably controversial line was "I'm santa with rectal cancer"... yeah, not funny out of context, but there you go....
GOt back about 2.30am... have I written all this already? I feel like I have...
anyway I'm off to drop my dad at the bus, and get some food then I'm off to meet Maria and Mandy and I think we are venturing up to Wisco Dells to meet Justin and do some karaoke!

ps - I had waffles!!!


  • At July 17, 2006 2:50 pm, Blogger Jer said…

    So good to see you and hang out. Loved watching the show with you--the early one. :) Thanks oodles for recording the sketch for me. I now can speak like a proper posh with a northern accent. And with a bit of Wisconsin thrown in.


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