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Saturday, July 29, 2006


Oh yes you read that right! When we were about to start our little jaunt we looked at the map and went OH! Buffalo is RIGHT next to Canada! Land of Chris's birth... we we decided it would be cool to stop off there and he could step foot there once again.
So Randy and Karen met us up at Niagra Falls (we had the privaledge of staying in the Comix Cafe Condo for the night!) where we had a stupidly long wait for a Dennys (pancakes again!!), then we headed off to the Falls. It was an imense sight - I've still not completely taken .
it all in! We walked along the side and all you could hear was the noise and feel the fine water hitting your face. We decided to go on the Maiden of the Mist and get really close. When they say close they mean CLOSE! I thought we were going under the bloody thing! We got soooo wet - but it was worth it, it was amazing to just sit under there and see all this water, this natural beauty.
We said goodbyw to our gracious hosts and headed across the border to Canada... sans Chris.... he decided he wanted to walk over the bridge himself while we drove. We got to the other side about the same time, cos of the smelly traffic that plagued us the whole day....
We were in Canada only long enough for Chris to call his mum. Rachel and I couldn't fathom the map and so ended up back in Buffalo! So we went home from there.
And what a long journey home!
We totted up an impressive 7 states on this last day of travelling alone!

Here come some statistics (some of them shakey and it's really late on Sunday the 30th and I'm off to LA tomorrow)

We travelled over 4,000 miles
We paid $290 in petrol
We sat in a car for a total of 38 hours
Chris drank 17 Root Beers
Rachel got 13 bites - 3 on her face
I ate 12 pancakes
Rachel bought 12 Doughnuts
We bought 3 lbs of fudge
I bought 2 lbs of Liquorice Jelly Bellys

We saw dead at the side of the road:
30 Gophers
21 Birds
17 Rabbits
14 Deer
14 Possums
13 Badgers
13 Skunks
9 Racoons
7 Butterflies
5 Hares
4 Dogs
4 Foxes
4 Chipmunks
3 Hawks
2 Cats
2 Moles
2 Squirrels
2 Rats
1 Mouse
1 Beaver
1 Hornet
1 Owl
1 Eagle
1 Turkey

Rachel used 3 different pens to write that down.

In Canada we saw 1 dead thing that we couldn't identify

Money Spent - stupid amounts
Trip of a lifetime - PRICELESS!


  • At July 31, 2006 11:40 am, Blogger Rachel said…

    Heh. Was about to comment on the pretty skirt you were wearing at Niagra, only to zoom the pic and realise it was an anorak!

    Still - blue is definitely your colour


  • At July 31, 2006 5:03 pm, Anonymous mummy said…

    hey it was plastic...she has it in her case.. I have NO doubt it will end up onstage within the next 18 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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