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Monday, July 24, 2006


This is where the vacation actually started! After our match the previous ngiht we really needed to rest. We had been going for three days straight. We started by taking a leaisurly swim in the pool. There really is nothing like waking up, and just diving into a pool! It was amazing. The dogs seemed to enjoy us being there too. Christine just left us in her house for the morning then organised two of her players to look after us in the afternoon. First the lovely Matt Wheeler took us to the places where the COOL KIDS hang out! Chris bought me a lovely hat. I had a nice smoothie, but it was sooooo hot we were fading fast. I also found a Ben Folds EP (The Bens) so I bought that! ROCK!
Next the lovely Shannon was our tour guide and she showed us around this rather historic city. She seemed to have an obsession with the train station, and unfortunately was rubbish with the air conditioning, so we nearly died! ;) We saw some wowing stuff, the best being the River James! (see picture above) we even got to dip our feet in it! She also took us to a chocolate shoppe - which was a mistake for me... you know how much weight I've put on recently! Ugh... well, 1 1/2 lbs of fudge later... oh well....
We ended our visit to Richmond with an evening at a German resturant where they served me meat in my potatoes! STUPID PEOPLE! The fact that I had made such a fuss when they asked if I wanted Chicken or anything on my sandwich, oh and the fact I mentioned I was a vegetarian, may have given away the fact that I am, A VEGETARIAN! Dicks. I ate a mouthfull too. Ugh. Anyway... the sandwich was nice but that tainted the end of the night for me a bit. It really winds me up when people are so ignorant. But, what can you do.
Chris tried a load of beer, and liked it. We went to bed after a nice long chat with Christine where we learned some new games too :D


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