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Saturday, July 22, 2006


Well, this was the first day of our road trip really, with only a one hour drive to Milwaukee we didn't really count that as the beginning... for Indy though, it was a rought start, but at the same time not too bad. 6 hours! (and that's nothing folks keep reading!) When we got there we realised two things a) MapQuest is the shittiest thing EVER and b) we crossed a time zone and therefore got there an hour late! Times zones did not occur to me at all, until we got to Ed's (Indy manager) house and everyone was already eating. For they had laid on a splendid spread for us. We got to meet lots of players, I got to see guys I'd not done for a while and was sad to learn that the guy I ALWAYS get my picture with at tourney wasn't going this year! So, of course, I got my picture then instead. Ed had TINY DOGS! THey were surely working for Satan. And I enjoyed a lovely veggie burger.
But it was very soon time to head to the theatre as we were soooo late ;(
The theatre was lovely, not too big not too small. We warmed up for our two matches.
First match was good fun, sadly we lost, and then Rach and I stole the trophy... it ended up down my pants and Ed was trying to pull it out... aparantly it looked rather rude, especially when it got stuck on my knickers!!, but we had some cracking scenes and the like.. the second match was something else though! Both matches were full, and the second crowd (with Rachel captaining) just loved us, we were constantly in the lead, but not so much that the other team looked poo or anything. It was great. Chris had some great lines. And Rachel's Moose impression brought the house down.
We headed back afterwards to a lovely party, where we finished off the food from the previous night. I went to bed early, but Chris and Rach stayed up. I was doing the next leg and we were setting off at about 6am so I needed z's.

SOmeone from Indy was very kind to put these online!


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