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Thursday, July 20, 2006

We had a lovely evening at the cabin up north. We tried out the wood burning hot tub, made food on the bar-b-q, fished (with no hooks.... lame! :)), hung out and then topped the evening off with wrestling... no, nothing so exciting as what you're thinking, actual wrestling. I went to bed. Got up this morning and headed into the Dells, only to realise that any minute it was going to start pouring with rain, so we decided to leave sharpish. Before we left though Chris had a go on a wheel thing. It hurt his shoulders but made me giggle.
When we got back we hot tailed it into Madsion so Chris could meet Maria and get some coffee to wake up, Maria treated him. We then went to Denny's (which Chris was excited about cos aprantly that's the wrestlers resturant of choice!). Got back and mostly rested and watched Whose Line. Yes, this is an improv packed holiday! Aparantly there's a storm on the way so we'd better bunk in. Which is good cos I'm knakkered. Off to Milwaukee tomorrow first anyway to help out with a workshop and to take notes for myself - I can't help but work on my holidays ;) Rachel and Mum get in tomorrow, and I'm having a money crisis :( so I'm a bit stressed.... what's new?

Oh I forgot... we stopped off at Ho Chunk casino on the way back and I managed to use my system again to get us enough money to pay for our petrol home!!



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