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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Milwaukee and Indy were great - we are in Richmond and TIIIIRED... just about to play here.. will properly update later


We finally reached Richmond after a bit of stress and an almost straight through 10 hour drive! Yes... that's 10 hours.... longer than a flight from Manchester to Chicago! But it was good. We saw some amazing scenery, well, rachel and I did, Chris was asleep for most of it. We ate lots of crisps.
By the time we got to Richmond it was only anhour til the match so we got in, had a brief sit down, got to chat to new and old friends, then got changed and went on stage...
It was one of the most MENTAL shows I've ever been in! But mental in a good way! I'm so sad I didn't explain my video camera very well to the people recording it for me, we only got the last game on camera. But it was insane. My favourite part came in Blind Line when Rachel got the sentence "I see dead people"... I was her small child at this point in the scene so she just added on the end "...and they tell me when you're bad! SO remember that!"... genius line.
Beastie Rap was a bit of a train wreck, and Shopkeeper began with the ref being hit in the nethers! Very fun, very mad, very fun. I actually managed to guess everything correct in Shopkeeper, which was great seeing as I usually am not a guesser! We won too which is nice :D
After that we headed to Christine's lovely house, met her gorgeous dogs, and husband (yes, he's a catch, she did well) and Chris and some of the CSzers hopped in the pool. YES THIS WOMAN HAS HER OWN POOL! What a lovely way to end the night. Rachel and I paddled. The next day was our rest day... we didn't do much of that ;)


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