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Thursday, July 27, 2006


That is all.

Nooooo.... but it was one of those days that will stick in my mind for ever. Everything is just so BIG! But also it made me realise that people LIVE here, people WORK here... it's not such a big place after all, it's just another city, albeit a bloody huge one!
But then, the size of the place was stunted by one little gap, where so many people went to work, and then didn't go home again.
For some reason I HAD to see the WTC. I saw so many pictures of it, so many images of it crashing to the ground, about the incident, seen a 'conspiricy' film, seen documentarys, I even stayed up all night on 9-11 to see what was going on while talking to Dieter on the phone. I was ready for the hole, for the contruction, even for the horrid heat - but not for the pictures I saw by the children of those that died. I didnt' stand there and cry, but honestly just couldn't fathom what those families (like any that have lost loved ones so suddenly) must have gone through, and are still going through. To know what a horrible end their family members had. And that's what made me so shocked that I had to take a picture of two of the pictures drawn by the children. I coulnd't understand why they would want to draw the tragedy! And seeing that awful event captured in crayon was the most surreal moment of the visit there.

Next we went to Bryant Park to watch BROADWAY IN THE PARK! ROCK! I was excited about this from months back when I got an email from the RENT site to tell me about it :D
Well, we weren't completely disapointed... although I was under the impression that it was going to be the whole show - whereas it was just a review basically... and it wasn't just RENT either it was Tarzan - OK, Wedding Singer - Crap and Hairspray - Looked pretty good. The woman playing Maureen was pants, we all agreed, she was pretty much just phoning it in.
After that, and some Deli food, we headed over to Madison Square Gardens so Chris could see where all those ECW matches were. We also nearly missed the Empire State Building! I was sure it was far too small to be it! But aparantly it was so we got a couple of snaps and decided not to go further towards it.
By this time in the day we were dying, it was so hot and the subway was a sauna! ALTHOUGH the trains were actually air conditioned, which was great... but the platforms were NOT!
We next went on a lovely boat ride around the city where we found out some interesting stuff (see pic at the top). And headed to a pier to get some food. I had a disapointing Pizza, as did Rachel (and we were still suffering from it all the way home!)
After that we decided to head to Central Park, passing the Friends building, which I meant to take some footage of but just didn't - of course I regret that now. We waqlked through strawberry fields, and about 100 mosquitos, saw some scary hippies, and then decided enough was enough and we were too knakkered to go anywhere else. So we headed for the hotel.
We slept long and hard ready for our 7 hour trek the next day to Buffalo!


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