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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

just reached DC, a rather uneventful drive which took less than two hours! lol... tomorrow we head for NY, tonight we party.
I will blog properly for all the places we visited upon my return :D


This is my THIRD visit to DC! First time to the 2003 tournament, second time to visit friends, mainly the lovely Matt and Liz... and this time to SEE THE SIGHTS (and do a fun CSz workshop).
We stayed with Liz in her ever changing house (still the pink flowers she hates though), and there was air conditioning! YAY!
We got in about 10am and headed pretty much straight out to get brunch down the street. MMmm smoothie lovin'. We then met Matt and headed into the heart of DC via the steaming hot subway (oh, but there are more steaming hot subway trains to come! Watch this space!). First stop was one of the MANY museums on the Mall. We saw Jim Henson puppets including the original Kermit puppet! We saw many other things like Dorothy's red shoes, a big train, a scary nippled Washington - and of course, we tried to find out What Happened To Polio?!
Second was the big pointy thing (Washington Monunment) and from there we could see the White House and the Capital Building. It was SO HOT! So we bailed early, and went home for snoozing and a lovely pasta that Liz and Rachel prepared.
After that we headed off to the new DC space (which is actually the OLD DC space but just made bigger - and dare I say, better).
We workshopped our asses off! And learned a new game and taught a new game. Was great fun. Seeing Chris play Beastie rap is a sight to behold :D Aww, white ass ginger lamb.
We got a fairly early night after Matt and Jim left... the next day Rachel and Chris found that they had been bitten half to death though so on the way to New York we had to stop to buy emergancy itch cream.


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