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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Something that just occurred to me...

People are very important to me. They always have been. Also, I am usually over bogged down with What Ifs...
Today it's got me thinking... what if I didn't meet some of these people?
So... ComedySportz.

If I hadn't met Dieter, I wouldn't have been in Milwaukee and got involved in ComedySportz, if I hadn't caught back up with Beth Horsley, I wouldn't have met Chris Brooker who helped keep CSz going and moved to Manchester, if I hadn't met Chris Brooker I wouldn't have met John Cooper who orgaised our second Venue at Sale Waterside and suggested we get in touch with the Comedy Store in the first place...
And if I hadn't met ANY of those people I would have left the USA and probably never really gone back. Therefore not meeting some of my best friends!


It occurred to me that I owe a great deal of my current life to one person. Beth Horsley. She put me on a track I never expected. One where I got out of Chorley, moved to Manchester (a few times) and met the man I am going to marry.
It's a funny old world!


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