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Monday, July 31, 2006

we're back and about to head off again!
I'm just about to now start the mammoth task of blogging our trip... I will add under all the short notes I put from the PSP...


We had a short but faaaaaaabulous jaunt in lovely LA. We were met at the airport by the gorgeous Myles Nye (improv guy), after realising that Rachels luggage (2nd year in a row) didn't want to make it to LAX in time for leaving the airport. We headed towards Myles and Laurel's apartment where Rachel got to unload the bottle of Pims we had brought for Laurel. Turned out Myles hadn't mentioned that he'd asked for it to her, so she was excited and thrilled to get it!
After a short sit down we headed into Hollywood to check out the sights. I felt a bit selfish really as I'd seen all this stuff last year so we let Chris decide what he wanted to see. He soon found something to have his photo taken with. He was like a giddy child.
After wandering around Hollywood, and eating more pizza we headed back to find Myles and he took us to the CSz LA arena where we sat in on a private booking. It was great as this was the first time I'd seen Myles in a CSz match! He rocked, as did everyone else of course! And I just LOVE Andy Goldblatt. This lady will be famous one day, if she isn't already...
After this we pretty much all went straight to bed! Rach disapeared with Rick Steadman (don't worry... she was supposed to) to stay up and wait for her case, while Myles, Laurel, Chris and I all went beddy byes.... in the same room... which was intersting... like a big grown up slumber party!
We were poised for another big drive the next day...


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