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Saturday, August 05, 2006

SAN JOSE - Day Five

Wow the week went SO FAST! DOn't let the picture to the left fool you - we didn't go back to LA! We went to Great America for the day! It was, great. Actually for me it was a bit lame, just cos it was hot, and sweaty, and I don't go on any rides. PLus I got a blister on my toe, so I left early. Before I left though some cool stuff that happened:
I went on the dodgems with Jill Bernard
I bought a teeshirt with the word 'bugger' on it
I ate pizza (oh wait, I did that nearly every day)
Chris was taken off a ride for being too fat
I discovered I'd been bitten on the legs
Kosta won a tiger cos the woman there guessed he was thinner than he was
I saw someones phone fall out of their pocket on an upside down ride - muahhaaa

I left early on my own, bumping into the family I'd already bumped into twice in the park! Small world.
When I got back I had another sleep, as I was still feeling a bit ill from the day before, and my throat wrecked! I woke up and headed to the pool i think, I know I was at the pool at some point. I think when Chris came back we both went to the pool before the show.
The shows were awesome! I'm so glad I went home early the night before so I could experience them! Dick Chudnow is a gem! Well, you'd expect that really. But it was fab to see him play, he does it so rarely.
After the matches we all headed back to the theatre for one last time. They had set up a screen to show Family Guy (great idea! It's just that Karaoke won out)... and Karaoke in the larger theatre. It was a slow burn but once the booze flowed everyone got up!
Such fun.
Rach and I did Take Me Or Leave Me from Rent (hear me sing it on my own there), then I sang something with Luke, a TMBG song, then I sang Do-Re-Mi !! We ended up all over the theatre with that one... Rach and I even filled in the en
ding that wasn't on the track ;) Finally before I caught a lift back to the hotel me and Matt Hartman sang If I Had $1,000,000 Dollars by BNL, which was great fun :D
Back at the hotel I hung out at the pool for an hour or so with the cool kids. Got to catch up with Milwaukee hotteee Brian Allman, who'd driven in to hang out with me and his MKE pals. It was great, Brian and I get on so well, we both seem to have the same passion for things, great talking to him. I walked him to his hotel room as he was knakkered, then went back to the pool for more chat and to watch the sun come up.
At about 6am I decided to get half an hours sleep as my shuttle to the airport was at 7am.
It was so strange - tournament really did go by so fast!
I remembered why I never want to sleep at tourney, and cursed the horrid illness that was still inside me.
I said goodbye to all my good friends, all the friends I wish were in the UK so I could just hang out with them normally. It felt really unfair, it really did all go so fast.
Next year I will NOT SLEEP AT ALL...
But for now...
Home I go.

ps... forgot about this... Myles sang a rather intersting song at karaoke:


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