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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

SAN JOSE - Day One

Ah, old friends... and new friends!
It took us about 6 hours to drive to San Jose, it was a fun drive full of lots of intersting scenery and chat.
It seriously is like turning up to a family reunion going to tournament... only there are no black sheep, and everyone likes everyone! So... maybe not like a family reunion at all!
We got to the hotel and checked in easily enough, some people were already congrigating near the pool (yes another pool! there will be more pool talk later), chatting, shmoozing, drinking.
Soon it was time for dinner, although I don't remember eating. Then we headed to the new San Jose space (it used to be a cinema, now they do CSz there, it's gorgeous). There was more shmoozing and the like to be had there, then the scrimmage began.
As with previous years this was so much fun - just getting up and playing games and making scenes with people you have only just met, or have been longing to do scenes with for ages ( in my case - Myles).
Chris was in one of the first scenes, a scene all about TOAST. He totally stole the scene, along with my friend Nate. They were just so funny.
Below is the video:

I got to do a scene where I played a young girl who committed sobuku (sp?). Rachel played multiple parts, and we all did our country proud.
I didn't hold out too long afterwards and caught a lift back to the hotel with someone. Rachel stumbled in at about 3am... which turned out to be a regular occurrance ;)


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