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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

SAN JOSE - Day Two

We started the morning with a mass meeting where we got to say hi to everyone, some of Chicago still hadn't arrived due to weather issues... I am glad we set off early now. Next came the New Games Workshop! Always a delight. Saw some hilarious new games that we really want to so - one called 'Awkward Moment' just completely stole the show! The game is exactly as the title suggests! And hilarious, especially with the wonderful Chris Tallman playing.
I unfortunately didnt' get to participate in the afternoon workshops as I had a managers meeting, as is the way. But it was a nice meeting, and it finished promptly as most of the gang were heading off to a 'ball game' to throw the first pitch (I don't pretend to understand). Rachel went too as seemed to enjoy herself, I stayed, as did Chris and a couple of others, and headed to the pool. Chris and I then attached ourselves to Dan, from San jose, who took us to a Target so we could buy some cheap food and the like. I bought more crap really. And some weeeeeeeee cans of Mountain Dew. We also went to an In and Out Burger - where I asked for a veggie burger. I was excited to hear they had one. I got to my table, sat down, took the lettuce and tomato off as usual, looked down and saw.... NOTHING. TUrns out a veggie burger there is just bread and salad! Yum.
We then headed back and found our way to the karaoke! It was PACKED, and mostly with our guys! The stag party in the corner weren't too pleased. PLUS it was
a dollar to sing! Chris bought a song for us each only to then find out that they weren't taking any more requests! how very annoying. We stumbled out of there with LA manager James who gave us a lift back to the hotel, where we slept... until Rachel came back... at about 3am... ;)


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