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Thursday, August 03, 2006

SAN JOSE - Day Three

This was the first night of the shows at Tourney (including our own). We had workshops in the morining - I took "Have a Relationship with James Bailey", which was really nice, got a few new warm up games to play with there, and a good revisit into scene work.
Then I went to a Managers meeting. I think this may have been the day I sneaked out with Christine to get icecream - but it may have been the next day, or it may have actually happened both days, or even all three... there was a Ben and Jerry's right next to the theatre :D ROCK! After this we went to the theatre where the main matches were being held and got into our kit. We spent a lot of time stood about in what could only be described as the basement of the theatre, so we all spent a stupid amount of time taking photos :)

The opening ceremony was amazing! I was actually a bit teary almost, it's such an amazing thing I am part of!

The show was a nice start to the festivities as it were, and then off we headed to the San jose space to get ready for our match.
We had a hard time getting ready as we were all stressing our heads off, well maybe I was the only one doing that, but we were all tired and tempers flared minutes before we went on... we sorted it out in the end but it did mean that Chris's toilet break was delayed and therefore he managed to miss the start of the show! Something to do with lack of toilet roll.
Our match went well! We started with a new game called 'Word at a Time Express', which went well, then played a combo which we'd done once, but wanted to challenge ourselves to again - 'SuperHero Sing It!'... it worked OK, we got Shannon out of the audience to help us out. Next we played Blind Line which was good fun (Fanny Pack! Oh dear) and we also helped out San jose with a game they invented on the night which was similar to I Couldn't Disagree More from the If I Ruled the World show... I love Graeme Garden...anyway.... Finally (after a much needed brown bag for an extreme profanity on the San jose team) we played Last Action Joke and won. yay.
That brought our total up to 3 wins 2 losses for the tour...
But of course we're all winners really.
We then spent a lot of the evening by the pool I think. I know I didn't get to bed til late but we did get a ride back with James...


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