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Friday, August 04, 2006

SAN JOSE - Day Four

Had a stupidly small amount of sleep -Shannon kept trying to get everyone to go to Denny's - and she got her wish at 8.45am the next day (after about 4 hours sleep)... oh and Shannon didn't go!
I had Andre's pancakes then rushed back to the hotel to catch the meeting just starting. Walked in just in time to see the DVD that contained the video of our appearance on NBC news! The whole segment appeared to begin with a shot of me running around like a horse! Ahh well, fame at last eh?
I actually dont' have a great deal to sat about this day. I did a cool workshop with Andre and then had a managers meeting. We then had an impromtu scrimmage with the Milwaukee team, and a few others which was great fun.
Ate some food, went to the evenings show and left early cos I felt so ill :( Missed a lot of cool stuff, but really needed sleep! I was hot and cold and tender to the touch... as soon as I got back to the hotel I moaned to Chris about the water he got me and fell straight asleep!


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