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Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's Fathers day.

I'm rubbish at showing my family how I feel, but hopefully they know anyway.

This week I went skiing for the first time in years... as I was getting the hang of it again it occurred to me that this is one of the many things in my life I would not be able to do without my Dad teaching me. It was our 'thing' when I was little. We would go to Scotland, or ski in America, and it was fun, and I started to get good at it! He would encourage me by being really good and making me want to be good too :D

This week I fell over twice, the first time was a small fall sideways, no biggie, the second was a KO! I didn't hurt myself and I got up (found my skiis) and carried on... but as I was getting up it reminded me of skiing behind my dad in Scotland years ago... he was going like the clappers, and I was trying to keep up. Then all of a sudden it looked like Dad jumped out of his skiis and face planted on the floor! It didn't just look like that, that was what actually happened... he hit a rock! It was hilarious! Dad always had the best falls. The one in Colorado was EPIC and we have it on video somewhere... just a big cloud of snow dust for half of the mountain!

This is me skiing this week:

A few years ago Dad had a stroke and he can't ski anymore. A lot of the things we would do together were rather physical things, and I know it frustates and upsets him that he can't do them anymore. But the way he's coped is admirable, he's just filled in the gaps with other stuff. We tend to play golf now.

Happy Fathers Day x
Something that just occurred to me...

People are very important to me. They always have been. Also, I am usually over bogged down with What Ifs...
Today it's got me thinking... what if I didn't meet some of these people?
So... ComedySportz.

If I hadn't met Dieter, I wouldn't have been in Milwaukee and got involved in ComedySportz, if I hadn't caught back up with Beth Horsley, I wouldn't have met Chris Brooker who helped keep CSz going and moved to Manchester, if I hadn't met Chris Brooker I wouldn't have met John Cooper who orgaised our second Venue at Sale Waterside and suggested we get in touch with the Comedy Store in the first place...
And if I hadn't met ANY of those people I would have left the USA and probably never really gone back. Therefore not meeting some of my best friends!


It occurred to me that I owe a great deal of my current life to one person. Beth Horsley. She put me on a track I never expected. One where I got out of Chorley, moved to Manchester (a few times) and met the man I am going to marry.
It's a funny old world!