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Thursday, April 24, 2008

more bingo excitement....

spent: £100
won: £270

profit: £170

;) nice

don't worry - I'm going to stop soon..........

Sunday, April 20, 2008

£150 won at bingo so far.... £60 put in.... £90 in profit...


All be proud of me - four days this week I rode the bike into town and back!! Hail me and my fitness ;)


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Now - I know i have an addictive personality... and gambling is my self confessed only vice and therefore I should stay clear of this temptation...
but i recently discovered online bingo and I have to say I'm hooked.
So far I've put £30 in and I've won £90 - giving me a lead of £60! Now... we all know I should stop there... and maybe I will, but I probably wont... i don't want to go mad though so I've told myself if I put another £60 and aint won any back then I stop there and then - having not lost any money, but not winning any technically either...
interesting.... good fun though

Monday, April 14, 2008

show on saturday went well - was in a lot of tummy pain though so I rushed through most of the first half - the second half was better... john has really come on the last couple of matches, this match he was definately man of the match - so proud :D

He went on the radio yesterday and Andy Crane told him to marry me... so maybe that may happen... lol

Friday, April 11, 2008

realised I never filled in on Easter!

Well - instead of writing how the show at the Scouts went - I shall pinch John's description and say only this: If this is how it DID happen then it would have been a better night...

The crowd were lovely, we were all set and ready to go. Then another group of
improvisers stormed into the room looking really angry. It was weird, they
looked like us but different. Pale skinned, wide eyed and malnourished.
Deggsy walked up to one and spotted they were wearing comedysportz shirts
which said 'Comedysportz Underbarrow - 1986'.

Deggsy asked them where they'd come from, then they just went wild and
started tearing the place apart with their bare hands like feral bears. One of
them started ripping the heads of scouts off and putting them in brown bags
(which I noticed had the words 'prestos' written on them) shouting 'foul' as he
did so. Chris managed to take out a few with some well placed wrestling moves,
they were so frail their bones broke instantly.

I knew the word Underbarrow, but couldn't remember where from, it was a small
village in the lake district. Then I remembered.Last year when we stayed at
Dick Chudnow's house, Bron was upstairs and I was in Dick's kitchen, he was
chatting to his dog, as he does, I was asking him about the history of CSZ.
He looked up at me straight and in a low voice said, "You know, I hate to
say this but you guys aren't actually the first UK team. Back in '85 a group set up in, er, where do you call it 'the lakes?'" "Yes" I replied, a little shocked."They were doing pretty ok, but then one night they disappered without a trace. The whole damn team.""..but!" I chirped."Hush," said dick, "We'll speak of this no more".They
must have been either trapped in a cave, imprisoned by the locals (their skills
seen as some kind of black magic by local residents) or wandered lost on the high fells without a venue to call home, feeding grass and shrubs. Whatever had happened, it had driven them mad.

Daisy hypothesised that our big booty warm up exercise must have resonated
across the valley like a beacon in the darkness.There was no reasoning with
them, the remaining scouts fleed for their lives leaving just us and them, our
evil twins of improv. We had had to fight for our survival. Manchester vs the
crazed improv zombies of 85!Rachel twatted one really had and it went down like
a sack of shit.Ross used a judo move he'd seen on the sportswear hour on
QVC.Daisy Shouted at one of the sub human beasts which startled it, then DereK
blew the back of it's head off with a shotgun he'd found behind the mobile pool

Bron said 'No' at one, and it died.

I wrestled one over the burger bar and slammed it's head in the fridge until
its' skull popped open, showering me with a mixture of brains, chopped
onions and brie. Ben was unscathed having popped out for a tab.In the
distance I could hear the whirr of a chopper and police sirens.

The last of the mad twisted members of comedysportz underbarrow groaned and
slumped down into the now quiet bloodbath, then all the lights went out. "Must
be the generator" said Ross. We found our way to the camp exit using a glow
stick shaped like mickey mouse ears, we were nearly at the gates when the a
police spotlight cut through the darkness and illuminated us seven figures,
approaching in line, casting long shadows behind.

"Who are you?" asked a police officer. Bron pulled out a business card, wiping off the blood which was also in her hair, redder than usual, and handed it over."all seven of you? Who are comedysportz?" the officer questioned."Magnificent" quipped Chris."Magnificent seven!" retorted Ben. Chris looked at Ben. I did a little
dance. We all got into the comedysportzmobile and sped off into the
night.Windermere 2008, YOU WEREN'T THERE, MAN!

Friday, April 04, 2008

A couple of days aho John started getting tooth ache... i gave him the stuff I used to put on my teeth when they hurt... yesterday he went in to a local dentists and they had a look at it... they offered him a root canal or an extraction...
My first thing was go for the extraction... he wanted a root canal - well, he wanted to keep the tooth... after a think he decided to go with the extraction. Woke up this morning, called them, they said they could fit him in in 20 minutes! So he went over, got it pulled then came home...!
He is very brave, I could never even contemplate any of that.. I'm having enough trouble making myself go for a filling!
Right now he's snoozing after being pampered :D

Did some filming yesterday in Glossop with Dan and Julian, good fun, if not a little rushed at the end as I had to be in Chorley for half 6 to do a drama workshop.
Julian managed to leave his camera in my car so I've just had to pop to Piccadilly to give it back to him! lol


One my way there I got a phone call from T Shirt Xpress, my hoodies were done!

This was a impulse buy on the day I went to get a shirt re done there... i popped into Primark and they had some hoodies in there for only £3... so I bought 10 and took them down to T Shirt Xpress and got them to whack our logos on them :D

They look hot :D
hot in hoodies :D

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Is it wrong to look at photos of people you went to school with who still only pretty much hang out with the people you went to school with and think "I'm so glad I'm not them!"

Not that I'm mocking the people i was at school with, there are still a small handfull of them I socialise with, actually, now I think of it.. there's only three, and out of those three only one I really still see on a regular basis!

I didn't really like myself at school - actually, that's a lie, I loved myself, but in hindsight I don't like what I was. I was picked on savagely, given death threats, countless offers of fights, mocked, kicked, stolen from, etc... but at the time it really didn't bother me. All that bothered me was did I get told off from the teachers... that was the worst thing. I wasn't a swot at all, but I did like to be thought of as all knowing (not much changed there) and 'good'.
I annoyed people at school, sometimes for being just different, sometimes for being a know it all, sometimes for just trying my best...

I suppose what I'm trying to say is - I'm glad I'm so far away from all that now. I'm still in the process of liking myself, but it's hard when I think of what I used to be like when I did...