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Friday, December 28, 2007

just a quickie as I'm about to head out to Milwaukee - Minnesota was grat fun.

The snow is really bad so we are setting off down to MKE early...

more updates over the weekend :D



Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Xmas day was lovely... we were supposed to be in the cabin - but it was a bit too snowy up there, so we had it here at the house in Cambridge.

Fun was had, snow was sledged on and made into snowmen.

We are heading up to the cabin this morning. THen tomorrow John and I are heading up to Minnesota and playing CSz at the Twin Cities venue... should be good fun :)

I am sad that John isn't here for very long, so I'm trying to make it the best Xmas ever for him... we had great fun yesterday just messing about in the snow... We decided it was great that we can have so much silly fun and both be in our 30's (well, me not quite yet) and not have to have kids around to make it happen... we are still kids at heart. Which is great.

We are also heading to the Mall of America tomorrow to buy pressies. I need pressies for EVERYONE!


Looking forward to my jaunt to Dallas to spend time with the Jill!
I don't think they have snow there ;)
Off I go.. like the wind.... speak soon (ps the cabin has no internet or mobile reception... so catch you on the flip side)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

getting finished packing now... eeeeeeeeeeep.

the card in my camera has just stopped working :( Lucky really that it wasn't half way through my trip, or I'd have lost all my pix!

As it stands I've lost some of my nana's cats :(

Went to watch Char and Wareing in a Karaoke comp tonight... fingers x'd one of them wins - it's a £1000 prize!

Mick was there! Not seen him in ages!

Oh, and the Swan With Two Necks in Chorley appears to the be only place not putting the smoking ban into effect... hope someone reads this and fines them, it was horrible in there!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Had a nice day in Chorley and visiting my nana today... she showed me lots of pictures of relatives that aren't around any more, some that she never even met, was quite interesting.
Just filmed this years Xmas video, enjoy:

If I don't get chance to write again before I go on Monday have a great Xmas and new years peeps.... see you yankie doodles on the other side of the pond


Monday, December 17, 2007

This is my 1000th post :D

anyway, back to the blog

I am not going to let myself get talked out of doing something 'different' for Xmas next year. Hardly anyone came, and it was generally just hanging out at a house. Which we could do anytime. So next year (like last year) I am going to plan something cool. Last year we did bowling and Lazer Quest... so something like that again i think.

Having said that, we still had a great night, played Wii and all that... good fun.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

my back is still sore :(

so bad it knocked me out a bit at the match last night. I was really out of it, didn't make good calls and didn't get the audience going as much as I needed to, stumbled over words etc.
CSz Xmas party tonight.
Am sad actually as none of the Chorley gang are coming :( there'll be about 8 of us there as far as I can make out.. so it will be nice, but would have liked more to come :(
anyhoo... should get ready...
bye for now

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I hate my back!

Today was another day when my back just decided to not play games at all!
I got up, was quite happy, although had niggles in my back(but then, when DON'T I?) went about my business. Sat on the computer, heard the door bell, handed over my camcorder to the man from DHL (put some pants on before I opened the door... it will become aparant why I mention this later...).
I went back to my computer to await Chris and Claire coming round to do some work together.
I put my arms over my head and stretched. And CRUNCH! CRACK! RIP!
Instant agony.
Exactly what I did a year and a half ago at the old flat when Chris had to take the day off to look after me cos I was in agony and couldn't move.
I hobbled into the living room and pretty much collapsed on the floor.
I got comfy, in a stupid position, and lay there for about half an hour... Chris called me and I told him what had happened, but figured I'd still be able to meet up and do some work...
I then began to try and get up.
And kept trying for 20 minutes, tears streaming down my face. My right arm wasn't really working at this point, and any movement was torture.
They arrived and I was still trying to get up.
They must have waited 10 minutes outside while I struggled up.
Answered the door and felt a fool.
Claire gave me some of the medication she's currently taking for her back (naughty but to be honest I'd have probably taken ANYTHING at that point!).
I only found out later it was cocodimol and some sort of ibuprofen. I realised it must have been something like that when i was sat at the computer in much less pain but feeling very very strange while trying to do some work.
Right now I'm in pain again.
I'm supposed to be going to London tomorrow to Visit the Welch and then headed to Milton Keynes the day after to do a School ... right now I don't know if that will be possible :(

Anyway... at least my arm's working again... bah

ps - it was lucky I'd put my pants on or Claire and Chris would have got a shock when they arrived...
Look what I suddenly remembered about today.... that is SO getting updated when i visit Jill in the new year :D
I go to the states in 2 weeks... I need to start getting organised... after this week I have a bit of time off, so, yay!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

i got so frustrated with my hair yesterday... that I cut it off... myself, in the bathroom..

BEFORE.... this was Tuesday at the Frog and Bucket... granted for about a week I've been loving how my hair looked... but Friday walking through town with it hitting my face and goingin my mouth constantly just did it for me....

it's layered, it's big, it's bushy, I can mess it up, I can dye it easier... mmm
short hair :)
It's the way forward people....


Friday, December 07, 2007

MMm mince piiiies.

Well, I just cut my hair... it was driving me INSANE all day today.
I am quite pleased with it, firsly cos it only took me half an hour, secondly because it is EXACTLY how I wanted it to look, and thirdly because now I've stopped EATING IT! That ws the clincher... I'd had enough with it getting in my food and then into my mouth!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I feel better today.
I talked to Chris last night and basically it boils down to the fact that he can't be the friend I want him to be.
Which is fair enough really, we have a lot that's gone on between us.
I suppose I just didn't want to think that was the case. So I just need to get on with it.
I have a shit workshop to do tonight which I have been warned probably will be a nightmare... but 3 1/2 hours and it will be over and I'll be £70 richer... so that's good.
Going Xmas shopping with John tomorrow. His family are all getting me gifts so I have to open my mind to a partners family gift ideas... not really done that much before...
and he has more siblings and children of siblings to think about...

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

It's Bron feeling sorry for herself hour...
I feel really stressed, sad and alone at the moment.
As much as I have loads of cool fun people around me in Manchester, I don't have any close friends.
The more time I spend with Chris and Ben the more I realise I'm surplus to that/those relationships. I've had to close myself off to a lot of what they do, mostly for self preservation. A lot of the things they say in jest really hurt. And the things they don't tell me at all hurt even more. Thing is, they both know me very well - extremely well. And I struggle with letting people get to know me... cos then they can use what they know to hurt me... and they are doing... I'm sure they don't realise they are, but they do... and it's exactly why I wont open up to people...
So it's probably best I just stay away from now on.

Which means - no friends. I've not really connected with anyone else around here. I mean, I get on great with loads of people, but there's no one I'd call up and see if they wanted to hang out for the night. Mind you, there rarely has been in my life anyway... at least, not in this country.
I struggle to ask people if they want to hang out with me cos I assume they would be doing it to be polite, rather than actually wanting to be around me.
I planned a get together next week - and two people were going to come! I actually put myself out there for once... and no one can make it... not that I'm suggesting that everyone got together and decided they wanted to make me feel a bit shit... but that's the outcome... and it will stop me from trying again for a good long while...
People forget I think that even though I come across as a bit of an attention seeker - it's through need, not want... things hurt me very easily and linger for a long time...
I just feel really shit today.
I want to cry.

The worst thing is - I find it hard to talk to anyone about any of this stuff.... so I write it here... and again, i'm not writing it for attention, although in all honesty, I suppose a little bit of me wants the people I'm talking about to read it - cos there's no way I can say any of this stuff....
but in general it's just to get it all out...
reminds me of why I started this blog 4 years ago...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

ComedySportz god Dick Chudnow just wrote this on the forum:

  • A door closes, a door opens.

  • Good will happen from this.

And you know what... he is so right!

It has taken til now for me to realise how true that is.

1) If the Theatre hadn't been d*&ks we wouldn't have found Chorley Football Club

2) If Chorley Football Club hadn't been d*&ks we wouldn't have moved to Manchester.

3) If Space Bar hadn't been expensive d*&ks we wouldn't have tried to find a new venue to do our workhops - and therefore wouldn't have found The Comedy Store

4) If Salford Arts Theatre hadn't been poo we wouldn't have striven to find a new venue

5) IF ALL OF THOSE DOORS HADN'T CLOSED... we would not be playing a regular show at the World Famous Comedy Store... beginning January 12th

Things are pretty good really.

Monday, December 03, 2007

MMmmm, the fire is still going.
Well, not still... I've started it again today... I love it :D
I've burned loads of things :D

I am hungry.