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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Well the bite is still there and I have a horrible cold and lots of work stacked up for my business and my acting classes (which I am now NOT MAKING ANY MONEY FROM!!!!!!!!! bloody job seekers!)....
My birthday was nice- as nice as it can be with a stinking cold, hacking up lumps of phlem, with a boyfriend doing the same! But we made the most of it and went to watch '50 1st Dates' - which i LOVED! But i just love Adam Sandler! But i thought it was a sweet film - and he and Drew Barrymore work so well together! I know it got a slating from the critics - but i can't see why - unless they all just dont' appreciate the humour of Adam Sandler. There were a couple of references to past films - the most blatant being Happy Gilmore, but I let it go (the other being the Wedding Singer - see if you can spot it though, it's subtle!). Got multiple DVD's which is cool, I dont' own many. the Present from my mum and dad arrived this morning - Powerpuff Girls galore! Only downside - the DVD player doesn't play USA DVDS :( I will have to watch them at Ians or wait til I can fianlyl buy my new computer!
Had a sucessful weekend at boot sales - found keya a nice Tigger, and bought 3 pairs of skates for the July show for only a total of £7! Nice!
Anyway - I have a lot of work to get through... including writing my business plan for tomorrow..

Friday, April 23, 2004

Well what an interesting week at the theatre!
Monday- guy playing Fagin is sacked! New Fagin is found
Tuesday- guy playing Bill Sykes accidently hangs himself from the rafters while trying to 'pretend' to hang himself... finally comes round, no harm done
Thursday- i get bitten by Bullseye! NO SHIT! I was making my merry way through the auditorium when this dog attacked me! Fair enough if I'd have provked it in some way, but I hadn't! All of a sudden I was attached to this mutt by the ancle. At first I didn't think anything was wrong, I looked it my 'wound' and passed it off. Later on I decided to show it to someone to get a bit of sympathy and saw that it was bleeding! Of course once that had been seen the obligatory 'get to casualty' and 'tetanus shot' was said. I just freaked. The whole show was 2 1/2 hours of panic for me. THen I got home and called my mum and she was adamant that I go to casualty, even Ste tried to make me go. So I locked myself in the bathroom. I was in there til 1am. I still couldn't bring myself to go. And I know how silly it all is, and earlier I mentioned I'm not going to go into my needle phobia (and I'm still not), but I just couldn't make that decision to go and get this done.
I am looking into hypnotherapy to get over my phobias. Or at least the more life/lifestyle threatening ones.
I've still not gone to the dentist.


Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Well, I start my new job tonight! It should be good, I am looking forward to it - my hours have been cut however already! So less to do, which is good, but also less mullah. Got three bills through the post yesterday! Al which at the present time I cannot pay! Me thinks an e-mail to the 'rents is in the pipeline :(
It's so frustrating! Especially now I am becoming my own boss (ComedySportz is becoming a business through the Job Centre! So I have to do what they say) I am not allowed to get a job anyway! So I can't imagine I will get any money for a good while! ComedySportz I imagine is going to be a slow burner on the business front, it's hard to explain what IMprovisation is to come people, let alone ComedySportz itself! I just have to keep thinking positiviley! First thing I need is a steady ground base for it, so we can have show regularily and build up a following... then I need to spread the word to education places and businesses for team building stuff like that... it's all scary and exciting at the same time ... I am only worried about the money side of things!
Talking about money... YT is screaming at me now! Aparantly I've spent £2000 in the last few months! I say #apparantly# as I have no clue where that's gone, and I can only acocunt for £1200 of it! Annoying! Especially as I'm trying to convince myself I'll be good at managing expensis and all that... rargh! All the stuff I spent money on was necessary so what's the problem with that?
I dunno...
Went to visit my nana last night which was nice... had a lovely chat about things, talked about the play I'm doing Sept 2005, 'Blythe Spirit' by Noel Coward - the Welch is jelous already ;). I am hoping my mum will be over to audition and be in it! It's a play I grew up with! It was the first play I was ever in at the tender age of 6. There is a very small part for a young girl - it's just a voice really, but for some reason the director allowed me, a young annoying brat, to wear a costume for the role (the role that made me stand backstage for the whole show!)... bless! My nana suggested making it a real family event and getting my young cousin Lauren to do the voice.. hehe.. aprantly she's a total 'Brainne'... interesting term of phrase. I've not seen her for a while, she's 8 now. Sad how you lose touch with family when your own life takes over.
Anyway - I should probably head off home and get my lesson plans in some sort of order.
BYe for now

Thursday, April 15, 2004

What a weird and, in a bizarre way, wonderful week!
Tuesday morning I got up all ready to work at Croston and was called and told not to bother! Not enough kids had signed up...
NOW - this is either due to the fact that kids are away, or they wanted another ComedySPortz workshop (about 25 kids came to that!) rather than a drama workshop OR they DIDN'T enjoy the CSz workshop and knew it was me running the workshop (unlikely)... i dunno... anyway....
Tuesday was a cool day apart from that...
I went to my Job Centre Self Employment interview, which went well - they are backing me on ComedySportz becoming a business...
Tuesday night was also good, Eccles peeps are fun and are all keen and excited about the work that actually begins next Tuesday - scary stuff!
I can't believe I am 25 in two weeks! How crazy is that?! 25!! 25!!! if I'm clever then I suceeded in a bit of html there... probably not though. Forgetting things in my old age...
anyway - got to go...

Friday, April 09, 2004

Update... following the Easter Egg incident... afterwards to clean my teeth (as I always do) I popped in some chewing gum and managed, in one bite, to chew out a filling I never knew I had! So now I have a gaping hole in a back tooth (that surprisingly doesn't hurt.... yet) and a intense fear of dentists. I have had this fear since a very young age when I ran away from home to avoid them... then once caught, and after having a huge needle stuck in my gums, I ran away again - at least I got as far as the surgery door before my mum and a nurse caught me... and that's not even as traumatic as why I have a phobia of injections... but i wont go into that cos it still upsets me today...
So I have a phobia facing week ahead of me next week - what with that and starting my job (ish) and doing a drama workshop ALONE! (which I very rarely do)..
off to London very shortly
I am not used to easter eggs but my lovely boyfriend gave me one this morning... and an easter egg (ho ho)... and I feel really sick having eaten it all in one go through being so excited about the fact that I'd been given one.
So now - blergh..
I am off to Twickenham tonight to visit the Welch, with Ste. I am trying to get Dan and Ste to have a juggling comp - should be fun! They are both excellant jugglers aparantly so we should get a show :)
Off to see SHaun of the Dead tomorrow... eek... really want to be able to spot me but no doubt I wont be able to.
ComedySPortz next sat, but before that I have three days of workshops in Croston ... groovy


Thursday, April 01, 2004

Blergh! I am soooo ill! I feel like my head is going to explode - and without going into too much graphic detail, it has...
It woudlnt' be so bad, a cold I can put up with, but combined with my back seizing up randomly too I am pretty useless...
Mynlovely boyfriend bought me some Angel Cake to make me feel better, and even though I can't taste it (the texture is divine though) I do feel a bit better.
The Yank arrives tomorrow for a weekend visit, shoudl be interesting - as so does the Welch! Busy Busy Busy - must get well soon!
The Last Laugh ended well ( it was fun - and we even had a whole evening on Monday night to give out awards and stuff - fun :)
Things are hotting up for my jobin Eccles - I have to write lesson plans! EEk! So I am getting on with that asap...
I passed my Masters - did I tell you all that? Probably not - it was rather a non-event - and I've still not recieved official word of that!