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Monday, June 23, 2003

Well, what an interesting weekend... well an interesting Saturday anyway. Took part in a channel 4 documentary called 'The Rise and Rise of Celebrity'... twas a fun day. Met a nice girl from Bolton who I'm hoping will audition for Stags and Hens. I am sending them some stuf I directed (TeenTV Stuff) that they may use.... unlikely but at least they'll see some of it :D YAY...
Got a meeting with my tutor today :( grrrrrr
it's all going rather shit

Friday, June 20, 2003

well I'm trying to rack my brains to think of what I should be doing today... I just can't get my brain in gear - I have a 6 hour shift at Safeways :( Ugh... so I should try and be productive before then
I had a well weird dream last night - I was going out with Greg Proops! And he had blond fuzzy hair! It was weeeeeird! ;) Maybe I'm forseeing the future for when I meet him in August ;) lol
Getting nervous about tomorrow now! But it'll be reet.... have to get through work before then.... ugh
See ya later
bron thought for the day: if the world was flat would the salmon manage to swim upstream?

Thursday, June 19, 2003

OKkkkk, well, I'm not sure how impresed I am with this new layout - we'll see how long it lasts.

Turns out this Saturday as my mum is flying into Manchester Airport I will be in London taking part in a documentary about Fame! My take is that I don't necessarily want to be famous, just sucessful, but nowadays one equals the other ...
It's going to be interesting... I refuse to get up and sing or something... if they make me do anything I'm going to drag three people out and play Doctor Know It All and be like 'Look, this is why I should be famous, I can make other people seem funny' ;)
I was chatting to the producer on the phone and she seemed a bit confused about why I'd applied for it, as did I! lol... ah it'l be an experience... and my third paid tv/film appearance (technically,,, £1 a time! ;)) so I can get my equity! lol... oh deary me...

Well.. my life is getting interesting - but at the expense of my MA really... but then again the tutors still aint got me anyone to supervise my Dissertation, so I aint started on it yet! 4 weeks till it needs to be completed to stay in line with my summer plans... grrrr them grrrr!

BVut if you thinkMY life is interesting (maybe you dont... ;) ) then check out my new pal Jason's site... (may be he's a regular media whore!


Wednesday, June 18, 2003

OK - the talk backs are back.... HOWEVER they look really ugly and I can't figure out how to change th font.... I will keep trying...
OK - my archives are working now anyway, if any of you actually want to read back? lol....

bron thought for the day: this thing needs fixin' and we hate Richard Nixon...
Yeah still no news on why my smelly log aint working with the lovely talk backs :(

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

HI, I've tried to make my blogger look better, but it's all gone pear shaped... my talk backs are gone :( hopefully I'll sort it out... I also have a new blog to do with my script if anyone's intersted... it's my alter ego Denise Chiles....

ps - hi to Sophie who found my site cos she's a Simon Pegg fan! lol... i replied to your talk back, but see above! I will try and see if the League of Gentlemen are in it ;)

Monday, June 16, 2003

OK now my KNEES are playing up ... grrrrrrrr nearly fell down some stairs today cos they locked... silly me trying to walk. All I ever do on this blog is moan. Well it's all your faults, you never call to hear me moan! ;)
Completed another (YES ANOTHER) draft of the script today. This is a more fleshed out version - which added another page and a bit! Ahh well.
It's really hot again today, I'm going mental. i think i'll go back to the house and have some fruit salad - mmmm... it better still be good, it cost me enough to make! grrrrrrr
Anywayyyyy... can't think of anything else to write, will be getting ready to go home for a week this time tomorrow.... YAY!
bron thought for the day: what the world needs now is rain sweet rain

Friday, June 13, 2003

Well, everyting managed to get worse.... but I'm not bothering talking about that cos I've depressed myself enough.

So -happy things... i once again MET SIMON PEGG! Actually I chatted to him a couple of times and even made him, and JESSICA STEVENSON laugh! Twas a good night. They are such nice people! Anyway, here are the pictures to prove it ;)


Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Well, it's all going pear shaped still. My tutor is far too busy to talk to me today to help me decide on my dissertation topic - so that's another week wasted. i think I'm going to focus on improvisation if they'll let me, but there's no tutors here who specialise in it. Like everything else, it's crap.
Anyhoo. Off to film Shaun of the Dead tonight - as I managed to sort out my hours at work - yay :D Will be sleeping on Rachs sofa all day tomorrow... :-/ be reet :D
Anyway - cheerio

Friday, June 06, 2003

Well.. I wanted to enjoy my post essay rest but it has not been happening.... i had a meeting with my tutor this morning which ended with me in tears and her trying to make me feel better. Then I left for work and fought back tears for most of the morning.
I'm working every day until Tuesday now, and my uniform desperately needs a wash :-/
I may not be able to do the Shaun of the Dead shoot as I a) need to meet my tutor and b) am scheduled to work :(
So I'm going mental
And my exthma is back with avengance :( (spelling mistake there)
Yeh - so I'm moaning,

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

IT'S IN! I handed the essay in this morning... a matter of minutes after hand in I get a call from lovely Ian who informs me of a new Improvisation show coming to tv...
picture this: my essay talks about how there are no improv shows on tv in the UK and we never make them, they never last, no ones making them......
yeah... so... hmmm
Apart from that had a good day - got a lot sorted... went to work for 3 hours cos no one had turned up! lol hahahahaaa... which is good cos I need to save up to survive over the summer :(
Keya';s birthday tomorrow... now she can only mock me slightly less about me being older ;) DAMN HER! ;)
Right... i'm hogging a certain yankees computer so I'd better get off

bron thought for the day: if a dog could hum, what would he sing?

Monday, June 02, 2003

Lah de dah... yes I KNOW! OK? I have an essay due in tomorrow and I'm writing my blog... well so what...
I'm half way through right now and I think it's going OK... but who cares anyway.
I can't wait til I've handed this in and I can have a few hours relaxation before it all starts again... :-/
I've not got much to write really... I may be on a 'So You Want To Be Famous' type programme in a couple of weeks - God knows why I applied for that... it was in a fit of madness... no doubt they will deem I am indeed UNworthy of being famous. I think I'm going to take my skates - maybe I can pass for one of those really shite people who always make the 'these were the crap ones' section.
I am still waiting to see if I'm called for the HUGE zombie shoot for the film... hope so it should be a laugh.
Well.. should get back to this essay... see you when I resurface
bron thought for the day: when in doubt, vomit