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Saturday, March 20, 2004

VERY long day... my day started at 9am when I had to drive to get the programmes for the show, then get the wood for the play next week, then at 10am I got to the theatre and folded 200 programmes, then I began working on the set - most of the stuff I did fell to bits so our set guy remade them... then we had rehearsal til5.30pm, then we set off to the leisure centre, set up, show started at 7pm, show ended at 8.25pm, noted til 9pm.. just got here... *sigh* tired
Yeah so ComedySportz went OK... it was weird playing in a sports hall though, very echoey and huge and you could see the whites of the audiences eyes - especially the townie bitch who threw back the fre tshirt we gave her!! I mean how rude is that!?!
I went for a job interview on Fri, didnt' get it.. it was in Liverpool, a directing job - it was ynpaid so it's all good.. and the trip wasn't a complete waste of time - I spent a 10er and came out with 3 pairs of pants, a top and a belt! Nice
I have a job interview next weds for a youth theatre job.. hopefully I'll get that - that'd be good... I can get out of the theatre for good then! Plus I've joined Wigan Little Theatre so hopefully I can get more involved there... yes!

Monday, March 01, 2004

Well, this morning at 3am I arrived home from London.. I'd had a great few days with the Welch where we decided that we were about to write the best sitcom EVER... we just needed an idea.. that soon came to us ... but I'm not going to write it here as anyone could pilfer it! ;)
So we spent all of Saturday coming up with idea's and brainstorming - so much so that Welch forgot to buy her lottery ticket..
Sunday was the most amazing day! I went to the Comedy School for my day of workshops.. and what a day!
It began with a improvisation workshop witht he wonderful Neil Mullarkey of 'Orange Adverts (Hardnosed Businessman)' and 'Austin Powers' fame.. it was one of the best workshops I'd ever been to - I understood everything and really enjoyed myself. Have loads of ideas for workshops that I will do myself...
After that I went to the Stand Up COmedy practical workshop with Ivor Debinen... he was a pretty evil comic! One of those 'put you down cos it's funny' guys... but also very clued in I thought.
So... he began by telling us about the positives of stand up comedy.. then threw us into an exercise. He told us that there was only enough food for 15 out of the 30 of us, we had one minute to convince the rest of the group we were interesting, or at least had an interesting story to tell. He gave us a few minutes... then he said he was going to pick 5 people at random to get up and tel us their stories... dont' ask why but as soon as he said that I KNEW I was going to be one of those 5! Sure enough he picked me third.. and I did what he said, although I was shaking in my shoes...
The only intersting story I could think about was when I went to chose a cat from the cattery and came out with Binx.... that's all I coudl think of... so I went and prepared to tell a room full of strangers about my kitties. The first guy got up. 'Hi, I'm Jake... You may not find this interesting but...' 'Shut up! Boring!'... Ivor started laying into him within seconds! Shouting 'why do we want to know if it's interesting or not!?' ... eek.. he was made to sit down...
the next guy stepped up, he was let to go on a bit longer until he started talking to the audience which was when Ivor piped up again that it was rubbish and a cop out...
But this time I was pooing myself... I was convinced I was going to cry by what he said to me!
So, anyway, god knows how but I managed to get up there and talk about Binx for one minute... I told about how I wanted a tabby cat but was guilt tripped into taking Binx and how she is a wonderful cat now... and at the end of it Ivor said 'that was great'.
Anyhoo.. then he made the audience launch quickfire questions at me.. which I responded to getting the first laughs of the session!! Well, pretty much... I told them that I now have two cats cos I got even more lonely, and that if it was a choice between the cat and the boyfriend I'd probably have to go with the boyfriend cos he tends to buy me things rather than kill things and leave them in my house...
So I was left unscathed... he then proceeded to lay into the following two people after me!! I was beaming after that session!
Then I met up wtih Ian and we both went to the scriptwriting session which unfortunately didn't show me much more than the conference I went to Nov 2002 did really, which was a shame... but I got to see Bill Dare who I'm sure I've seen somewhere before!
We skipped out of the last session as it seemed a bit pointless and left to go to the Comedy Store...
It was a great show! Welch and her CheeseMounger came too which was groovy, Paul merton, Josie Lawrence, Richard Vranch (swoon), Jim Sweeney, Lee Simpson (that's the guy who reminds me of Sean D from the theatre!) and the wonderful Neil Mullarkey were playing...
We waited around for Neil Mullarkey who was lovely and took a comedysportz leaflet off me, and gave me a pen... he also gave ian a pen and a scared look - we're pretty sure Neil now believe's that Ian is stalking him... ahh well... maybe he is....
Right I'm going to bed now.. this is possibly my longest post so I hope you appreciate it! lol