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Thursday, June 17, 2004

well look at me, posting on my new swanky computer...
It's soooo sexy... apart from the juddering during playback on my video editing - must sort that out.
All ready whacked on 3 gb of music ;) ohhh yes.
Well, I have to get up mega early tomorrow becuase I am working once again in a Primary school.
I'm less nervous this time, but I'm sure it'll hit me in the middle of the nightlike it did last time. I hardly had any sleep I was so scared about what could happen. As long as the kids aren't annoying crazy children it should all be OK.
So my room now looks like I amobsessed with silver. I mean it's true that I've always prefered silver over gold, but this is ridiculous. My bed, lamps, computer desk, cd player, phone and now computer (all of it, including scanner and digi cam) are all silver! My room is still looking rather teenage boyish... eh, whatever...
CSz on sat, as well as my parents coming over.. I will be knakkered and busy for at least the first two days they are here which is very annoying! I have a load of filming to do for technically speaking (oh, the website now has a message board as per welchies instructions!) so I will be stressing - it's a longer day than the last few shoots too :-/

Anyway - got to go to beddy byes now...


Monday, June 14, 2004

Well... MOnday... what to do... I WANT to go out but there's a slight change my comptuer may actually arrive today (5 days late!)... who knows.
I may just spend the day tidying and posting more CSz letters...
we got a few responses last week from schools interested.. none today though.. I was all excited too! AM supposed to be going to LIPA soon though to do a workshop, so that should be fun :D
I keep forgetting I have to write two scripts for tomorrow night! Ugh... I will have to get on with that later tonight, cos I can't do it on Keyas comp and I cant go to Ste's as my computer may arrive! RARGH!
Well, on with the day of tidying

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Well... am I tired or WHAT?

I had to turn down a £15 an hour job so I could keep doing CSz PRactice.. I hope they realise this! Not to mention the money we're laying out every week to hire the venue to practice in... suppose I'm feeling a little taken for granted right now. Next week hardly anyone is going cos of rehearsals for the CYT July show... grr.
The sooner I can distance myself from the theatre and the youth Theatre the better really... sounds relaly sad but I am starting to resnt being there, and it's mostly because of money! If I were getting paid I'd stick it a bit more, but all this shit when I now KNOW I can do this proffesionally... grr..
Anyway... what a huge blog (oo-err missus)... I am off to post a load of CSz letters to schools...
Speak soon

Friday, June 04, 2004

If there is one person you can't stop thinking about, post this same exact sentence in your journal.

courtesy of steelblues blog

Well it's Keya's birthday today, she is 24 and I mock her for that MUAHAAA!
She also just got her hair cut and for the first time in 20 years her hair is shorter than mine!! REsult! haha... old cuts run deep (is that even a phrase)
I am getting more an more nervous about my little job next week.. 35 5 year olds!! YIKES!
Also my new computer STILL hasn't arrived, what's that about? AND my phone! My phone has been replaced and I am STILL waiting for that to arrive.. that's a bit annoying really cos it means all my numbers and photos are erased :( poo.

Anyway, think I'm going to try and tidy...