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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

And some pix from the katesters partay... and one from Vicki's 18th...
some piccies from the match

Monday, January 30, 2006

YOP Tropical Twist - really not as nice as I thought it was going to be.

Well, I am enjoying living here so far, love being around my boys, although Dug is still in London and will be back in a couple of weeks.

Started my next project today, and more radio. SOooo tired but loads more planning to get through. Two Buster Keaton videos arrived today while I was at work so I am getting up early to go and pick them up tomorrow. I am doing Silent film, so I think it's only fair they HAVE to watch some ;)

I have a good group, it should be good.

KT's and Vicki's parties were ace, pictures to follow.

ComedySportz at the Frog went really well! Well, the show did. We had about 40 in by the end. Lots of fun though. We're looking for a new venue but the manager of the Frog is helping as he loves the show it's just not viable there... which is fair enough. Photos to follow for that too at some point...


Saturday, January 28, 2006

Typing from my new home... :D
COmputer succesfully moved, thanks to Ben. I'm just lacking clothes and general bumpf, and of course Kitty and Binx. But to be honest I'm going to leave all that til Chris and I get a place of our own. Am running around like mad today getting ready for my project that starts on Monday, also the new start of Radio 2, and two party's tonight, and comedysportz tomorrow, plus still moving bits and bobs... phew!
SO I'm getting a bit stressed.
Also have to get a DVD done for tomorrow...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

oh... and... visited Ste tonight, bless him. I did his washing up and lept him company for a bit... silly fragile man.
what a work work...
my gums hurt... and I have mouth ulcers, i think from stress... my hat for KT's 21st birthday party arrived today, it's much bigger than anticipated! lol
I just redyed my hair... rock... but here's my final headshot that my agent is using:

I look like my dad I think, and a rabbit... but there you go

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Well I'm about to set off to manchester again - been asked to film something for someone tonight, for a bit of cash so - groovy...
Radio went well :D
listen to THIS at 3pm my time

Monday, January 23, 2006

Ahhh Ok - I get the tag thing now.... here we go:

Four Jobs You've Had In Your Life
1) Box maker in a plastics factory
2) HR assistant and checkout girl at Safeway
3) Media and Music Technician at KGV College
4) Acting Tutor at Salford University

Four Movies You Could Watch Over And Over
1) Anchorman
2) Brady Bunch the Movie
3) Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
4) anything with a decent commentary

Four Places You've Lived
1) Coppull, Lancashire
2) Withnell, Lancashire
3) Wisconsin, America
4) Farnham, Surrey

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch
1) Neighbours
2) Spaced
3) Friends (only cos it's always on and brainless tv)
4) My Name Is Earl... only seen one ep but it's great!

Four Places You've Been On Holiday/Vacation
1) America - Wisco, Illinois, Minnesota, Texas, CA, Oregon
2) Belgium - Oloke Bolloke! (a sweet shop we found there when I was about 13)
3) France - Bologne, bought a candy floss for a lot of money and couldn't buy anyhting for the rest of the trip
4) Bradford. Oh yes. Bradford.

Four Blogs You Visit Daily (in no particular order, and certainly not including everyone)
1) Technically Rachel
2) Sloth
3) TaxiJill
4) Jer

Four Of Your Favorite Foods
1) Indian
2) Pizza
3) Cheesecake
4) Bread

Four Places You'd Rather Be
1) Manchester
2) America
3) at home
4) in an edit suite

Four Albums You Can't Live Without
1) Any of my Ben Folds Five albums - me too rach!
2) you know what this is actually too hard..

Four Vehicles You've Owned
1) Nissan Sentra
2) Austin Mini
3) Rover AND Austin Metro
4) Vauxhall Corsa

Four People To Be Tagged (do it! do it now!)
1) Jer
2) Marta
3) Taxi Jill
4) Jeeves and Wooster
So. Pretty much all I can do is BLOG and delete emails on this computer... I can't read any emails, I can't write any, I can't even SEE ridiculous!
Soooo, whenever I'm in work I'll probably end up just putting a long frustrated rant on here instead. At least I can now get online for research purposes I suppose, but email was really the biggee for me, I'm pretty lost without it!
I'm doing a LOT of feedback today, some of it a little bit useless as onlt half of the work has been handed in, most of it wasn't SUPPOSED to be handed in just yet anyway, but in general... well in general: RARGH!
My brain is fried. I'm secretly hoping a lot of them don't turn up so I can just rest my poor brain for a minute. I need to get planning the project that I'm doing with them asap... eek.
I think it will be devised to be honest, I was going to do scripted, but i just can't find a script that works, plus it means their pieces can be more their own.

Just had to jump up there and give some feedback - I always feel bad when it's not great feedback. But then again they all seem to take it in their stride, and a lot of them actually work on it, which makes it all the better :D
I am hungry.
I may get a sandwich.
I'm going to try and pop along and see Ste (my ex) tonight who has managed to break his leg playing Badminton!! Aparantly his coach has never seen anyone manage that before, but ste is very accident prone, and if it's breakable he'll break it...
Really could do with a sandwich.
We had curry last night as a treat to cheer up after all that's happened. All in all we had a rather pleasant night. Watched some DVD's, cuddled, chatted, I berated CHris for stealing some of my material (which I'll probably never do anyway so it's not really a problem). But he had a great gig Friday night, one of the best he's had aparantly, and you know why, cos he improvised! He is amazing. I'm biased, but I really think he has a great gift for 'banter' (as they say in the stand up trade), he is so quick and clever. I'm so pleased he's decided to just DO what works for him, so long people have tried to convince him ther's a right and wrong way to do stand up - but as far as I'm concerned there's the FUNNY way and that's it.
I think there's another student lurking outside so I'm going to go.
Am at work ... for some reason any computer I go on (this includes Chris's - well, now Ben's) kills AOL whenever I try and get my email for so if you need to get in touch desperately best to leave a message here or try ... I hate hotmail but I'll check it more regularily til I am sorted with email again


Sunday, January 22, 2006

WEll, aparantly the police took statements and now Chris is trying to get the landlord to sort out the door... only one problem! The landlord is not in the office and has left no emergancy number! So the door will have to stay off the hinges for another night. Grr.
How can someone not feel guilty about taking something off someone else? Especially from their house!! It's crazy.
people are TWATS!
Sorry for my coarseness there but I am heartily pissed off... more for Chris than me.

Chris got back from his gig tonight to his flat where he found that someone had kicked the door in and stolen half of his stuff... they also took my Christmas presant from him, my Nintendo DS. This is the flat I was supposed to be taking all my stuff to tomorrow! Well, as you can imagine I'm not too keen now. His laptop, with all his material is gone, my DS, dread to think what else they took ... and all I can think is WHO THE FUCK left the bloody security gates open... TWO OF THEM! Their next door neighbours are fuckwits and leave them open all the time... I hope they feel heartily guilty... maybe that will stop them waking us all up with their music at 4am!


I am really pissed off and upset for everyone in the house... especially as I can't be there ...
I hope he's called the police, but god knows what they can do. I don't even know if he had insurance... no one needs this at any point, but Chris had just got his finances in order.. he certainly doesnt' need this now!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

I have packed up all my 'visable' videos... I used up all the boxes I have!! Bloody hell. This really is going to take years to move all my stuff out! The videos that I had on display aren't even HALF of the videos I own... what to do... I really can't cope with getting rid of videos! It's not possible! I can't and wont do it!! grrr.
It actually made me feel quite sad, and the living room looks like someone's robbed it. It's all seeming a bit final now, gutted.
I do SO many things wrong... which may explain my horrid back and neck ache that I always constantly seem to have...

Daily Self-care
To lessen mild back or neck pain, sleep on your side with knees bent or on your back with a pillow under your knees. Choose a firm mattress, and a pillow which is not so thick that your neck bends. Stress often causes back and neck pain. Learn relaxation techniques such as deep breathing to relieve the pain. If you work at a desk, make sure your chair is comfortable. Specially designed back cushions can help. Your desk, computer and work surface should be at a comfortable height. Take short stretch breaks every half hour. Learn to lift properly, by bending your knees and not your back. Avoid wearing high heels or keeping your wallet in a hip pocket; both can throw the back out of alignment.
Haha... I forgot I took this at workshop today (we started our new workshops... of the 16 signed up 10 made it, 3 I knew about not being there, the others.. who knows... am going to try and fill the spaces)
This is Chris Tavner... an odd picture anyway... but you may notice his hair is ginger... yes, well his hair isn't ginger, that is Chris's hair draped over his head - hehehe.
Had a weird dream last night where I found one of my exes (not the one you'd THINK) in bed with Chris! Then they started snogging! Made me wake up and feel all strange. Slept the last two nights in Chris's bed without him as he's been in Somerset - all a bit odd. I surprised him with some wild bedsheets when he got back though - that's not a euthamism.
Anyway - randomness:
Your Birthdate: April 26

You lucked out the the skills to succeed in almost any arena.
Put you in almost any business or classroom, and you'll rise to the top.
You're driven and intense, but you also know when to kick back and cooperate.
Your ability to adapt to almost any situation is part of what's going to make you a success.

Your strength: Your attention to detail

Your weakness: You can be a little too proud of your successes

Your power color: Turquoise

Your power symbol: Arrow pointing up

Your power month: August

Thursday, January 19, 2006

What an interesting day.....and it's only half way through!

Got to the set at 7.30am and the first person I walked up to to ask for help was someone I knew!! Andy (Billy), from the theatre. He's now married and with a baby on the way! And a sucessful career too! Anyhoo, I was doing background work, involving walking past Mark Williams (to the left) a few times with a carrier bag and a lovely lady I met on set. It was a fun day but Mark Williams kept looking at me, and when he left for the day he picked me out and waved at me... Chris reckons he fancied me... RESULT ;) Anyhoo... he seemed a lovely chap. I suppose most people are really aren't they. Oh and I saw this bloke too, I thought he was Mark Gatiss for a second... not sure who he is if I'mhonest, but I DID like his sideburns. Anyhoo - lots more work to get through today so I'd better get cracking... i want to watch Neighbours too!!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

phew! OK I'm not a big girl or anything but I do like soaps. Especially Neighbours. I just watched a very touching episode and I cried! I thought the dialogue was wonderful and the way it was delievered is a testiment to the cast. People may mock me, but I'm seriously caught up in it.
Jeez I was in a foul mood last night. Went to XS to film Ben and just got freaked out by the whole thing, sad as it is, I think it was cos Chris wasn't there. Talking of Chris, he was woken up by a phone call this morning, his Dad's Mum had died in the night. He doesn't really know what to do as he's the only one who's so far away. So I think he's heading down to Somerset tonight.
I am filming tomorrow for the new series of Blackpool. I think it's actually called 'Rigby's Gold', or something. I didnt' even watch the FIRST series... anyway, so I am 'woman with car'.. fame at last ;)
I'm going at my career the total wrong way... using acting as a way to make a bit of extra money on the side while I concentrate on my teaching ;)
Moving is going SLOWLY, although my nailvarnish is now in Manchester, as is my knitting. So I'm almost all there, once I get my computer on the move I'll feel a lot better! Although my internet hook up is very shady at the moment, so you'll probably not see me too much for a while.
Anyhoo... off to do some more work.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Chris has tried to get me to do some stand up for ages, last night I actually started to write some.
The ideas so far are based around the wrongness of nuts on cakes, rabbits and carrots in alternate pockets, 'special' children and tigers, Lobsters Rampant (one of our family crests)

Talking family crests this one is ours aparantly

So yeah, I've been doing some thinking, laughing and writing. Had a geat night with Chris last night just hanging out, eating curry and thinking of stuff I could do in a set. If I'm honest it's something I've always wanted to do, but just been wayyyy too scared to do it. So we'll see, I may just bail at some point.


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I am interested in - do tell me about

Friday, January 13, 2006

my blog really IS pants today... for some reason it's gone a bit screwy.

OHHHHHH I had a fun day today with my pal Phil.
Phil is one of my old Youth Theatre kids who is now nearly 20! Yeah... so how OLD does that make me... *sigh*.... anyway, he was back for a few days, and whevener he's back for a few days we usually film something. I got a decent camera from the Uni and we went out and filmed the FINAL FINAL part to a sketch that has been in production for about 3 years!! The best bit of what we filmed was that we visited loads of old haunts! We shot bits of it where we'd shot lots of other sketches... it was a bit weird trying to find all the exact spots.. but also very fun...
Below are some comparison pix :D

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I just made up a song online! lol

Not sure if you can see it if you're not on AOL but try it
The Movie Of Your Life Is A Black Comedy

In your life, things are so twisted that you just have to laugh.
You may end up insane, but you'll have fun on the way to the asylum.

Your best movie matches: Being John Malkovich, The Royal Tenenbaums, American Psycho
phone socket sucessfully moved.
May go back to bed for a while now and get soe sleep I missed out on...
Had a weird dream when i DID go to sleep though. I was in this hospital and I was with Chris. But to get in the hospital we had to climb through a room that was full of random stuff, and it was dark. Then we had to get a ticket to get in. I forgot mine and the Welch went back to get it, she took ages, they were putting everyone through metal detectors and things. We were sat in the waiting room and I went to the desk, for some reason I was there to visit Simon Pegg! But I noticed my friend in LA, Myles, was in for something too, so I thought I'd surprise him. The whole thing was weird though cos it was like the hospital really didn't want anyone there. Got to see Simon Pegg in the end, who had white hair and looked rather old, but then doesn't everyone who you've seen on TV when you see them in real life... tis just the way I think.
Oh I never told you what happened yesterday... i was told at Salford that I will probably only get 6 hours a week (which I can survive on but isn't great) so I was down... then I got a call from my 'agent' sending me on some background work... then a call from the school we're going to in March telling me that I'll be there the next week too as they've booked me as the other school thing I do! THEN i got a call from a place in Yorkshire that I applied to a while ago, they want me to go in and have a meeting to see how we can work together... it's all rather exciting...
Anyhoo... got to post some stuff so I will have a sleep then a post
Well, I had a rotten nights sleep. There is something banging outside that sounds like someone constantly walking up the steps! Annoying. It's been windy and wet all night, and the same outside... har har har... the only upside meant that I was awake when my mum was getting up to go to the airport, so I hung out with her at about 5am for a while. I went back to bed but only got to sleep an hour later then had to get up at 8am to wait for the phone guy to move the phone jack in the hall so we can get a new door fitted! He was supposed to be here half an hour ago! The most annoying thing about that is that I can't be online for the morning while he's doing that. plus I keep thinking he's walking up the steps... oh wauir a s4et

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Here's a picture of my nana and mum from yesterday with the tin foil handbag that the pub made to keep the Liver in that my nana wanted to take home for her cats. lol... today was my nana's birthday meal in a nice pub in Coppull. Chris got on well with my family, and that's pretty much all that's left now, so he's doing well. Can't wait to get our place, looking forward to the freedom of it, and so is Chris. It's going to be fun :D
OK off to do more knitting... back to work tomorrow and I need to relax.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Had a horrid nightmare last night which messed up my sleep. SO I'm a bit grumpy today. Looks like Chris and I are spending the day in Southport with my mum and nana. Should be interesting... hehe.
Look here the Goodies!!


Friday, January 06, 2006

I just made a quiz :D
Not really relevant if you aren't around Manchester but why not do it for the craic anyway?

Which Manchester Comedian are YOU?

brought to you by Quizilla
Windshield Glass finally sorted!
Anyhoo... that rejoice over with.
Looks like I may be moving to Manchester sooner that I thought, I am waiting to see if the circumstances are right, as well as the facts. Can't wait to get out of this house.
I know I have stuff to do today but I can't motivate myself at all! Which is stupid as I'm back at work on Monday and it's a busy day. So I'm a bit down today. Am sorting out some videos I meant to do a while ago. SO at least I'm being a tad productive.
Mum has moved my knitting somewhere and I can't find it! So I can't even do that. I got a new game for my DS but it doesn't have a save function in it!! Which annoys me. And there's nothing but Celebrity Big Brother on TV. Which, if I'm honest, I've been watching, but mainly just to FIGURE OUT WHO THEY ALL ARE! I know MIchael Barrymore, Dennis Rodman and the bloke who looks like a woman, who's name I forget, but I've seen him do some stuff. After that they could all just be randoms off the street. I'm fascinated that MB is in there! I jusdt watched him try to explain to an american called Tracey why he and his wife split up before she died... awkward!
Anyway, going to look for my knitting again!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Today I made a start on the endless task that is


Yes, that is meant to be plural.
I have 4 and a half full to bursting wardrobes. Today I cleared out 4 bin liners worth of clothes, and it still doesn't look like I've even made a dent. All I have to show for it is a huge pile of coathangers and a sad face. I hate getting rid of my clothes, they always have some sort of significance for me. I even got rid of all my Mystery Science Theatre 3000 teeshirts... and I didnt even realise I had 4! However they are going to be given to a MST3K needy couple. I may ebay one or two of them.
So I did two of my wardrobes today.
Heart wrenching
Now I'm going to go through some drawers too.
Am anticipating moving out in a few months so I want to make sure I'm a bit more streamlined by then.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Next lot of CSz workshops start at 2pm - 4pm on Sat January 21st. Space Bar, off Oxford Road, Manchester

There will be a fee this time for the 10 week course ..... but it's only £30 each for the whole 10 weeks. Payable on the first day.

Jan 21st - April 1st

Some quotes from people who did the workshops last time:

"My improvement in banter had almost led me to dating women. Almost."
Chris Tavner

"Chatting with audiences has got easier"
Louise Conran

"Stopped me spending my money on a Saturday"
Carys Kaiser

"More aware of being quikcer in day to day life"
Iain Woodrow

"Helped me improve my standup and general confidence"
Sean Moran

and many many more....

And dont forget at the end of the 10 weeks you then get the chance to take part in Improv shows... either ComedySportz or any other that I come up with in the mean time... but you will have the skillz.

Please email on
Had a very pleasant day with the Katester and the London Hilton yesterday. We sat and reminised and Rachael told us both about her weird goings on in the last few weeks. Aparantly Rach's mum was very very ill a few weeks ago, and I only knew about it yesterday! I felt dreadful, I love Sue to bits and would have visited her... boo to Rach on not letting us know. I showed KT my new Nintendo DS thing that Chris got me for Xmas, and she came last in Mario Kart... Rach then had a go and managed to come first! lol.
Not really much else to write, it was all rather girly.
Some more CSz bookings coming through - which is good, was starting to get a bit worried about all that. The new Manchester workshops to start soon as well... all getting excited. Back to work at the Uni next week, which is great, but also a bit scary with the assesments and all that... should be OK though...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Monday, January 02, 2006

I enjoyed that!
Matthew Broderick was pants though! Seriously! That part was SO written for Gene Wilder, he really should have tried another direction with it - I think some of it was the direction he was given, cos his portrayal just didn't sit well with me.
However I did enjoy it.
A female director too! And the style it was directed in! Yay, old school musical. Was interested to learn that the director was also the broadway director, she must have a passion for old time film musicals. Very interesting.
Mum has just ordered the soundtrack!
as we all know, I can't relax, I have a hard time doing it, so last night when I had nothing else to do I cleaned out my computer, made a stupid amount of food,and started knitting a tank top... here is where I'm up to:

Going to watch The Producers with my mummy today, speak later

Sunday, January 01, 2006

What a lovely New Years. First time I've ever been to a fill out party. Was fun. I brought along the baloon animals kit that Chris's mum gave me and made everyone animals, then got them to try some too :D That was quite fun. I also brought Twister along and played that twice, lost both times, there must have been about 30 people there and most of them enjoyed my arse in the air for about 10 minutes. Chris even has a delightful picture (deary me). Then we discovered one of the hosts 80's vinyl collection, RESULT! 80's tastic. So we listened to Kylie, Jason, Chris De Burgh and the Jam for about an hour, then came midnight and fireworks were set off in the front garden. Myself and a comic called Jonathan Paylor decided to watch the TV ones instead and then watch the ones outside through the window at the same time. We left soon after.
I was really awake still so I stayed up til about 5am when Ben got home, and Beth and Sarah soon after. Got to bed about 6ish I think. Spent most of today snoozing then came home and watched the Goodies thing again with my mum while knitting. I'm making myself another tank top (vest for the americans in the audience).
Watching Chicago now, with the ever present 'can you turn the sound down?'... ugh.. i can't help having shit ears! Or maybe others in the house have over sensitive ones. So I have retired to my room so I can actually hear the TV.
Going to start my search online for flats in Manchester! nothing like grabbing the moment...