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Friday, May 28, 2004

What 6 1/2 Hours of Driving does to a person

Hour 1 Set off from Twikenham... sun was shining, birds were cherping! No they really were! It was idylic, this is the moment I should have realised the trek that was to follow. For when the sun shines people want to sit in cars for hours and visit other places in the UK to see the sun that they could see just the same at their house... but ahh well I am not here to judge. So... managed to find my way to the M3, then the M25, then the fun begins.

Hour 2 It seems that partridges come to motorways to die down south. By hour 2 I'd seen about 6. If I were a meat eating gal maybe I'd have considered picking them up and having a slap up meal? Or just a slap. Anyway, on the M25 and things are slowing down. But only every so often. Not too bad, still sunny. Pull off for a ginsters pastie (shit), a Mars Delight (gorgeous!) and some water (water), and to fill up for the journey ahead.

Hour 3 On the M40 by now. And things are looking bleak.. the weather is changing and I see more people with suitcases and boats and caravans. At this point I decide to turn on the radio... 'congestion on the M6 from junction 6 to 21' ... !!!!!!!!!!! right where I was headed...

Hour 4 and Hour 5 Did I mention the congestion?!?! Yeah well I hit it and became a part of it pretty quickly. I became frustrated friends with all the people around me who were also moving at a snails page... now I told you before about my hatred for Manual cars.. well today just took the biscuit!... After singing through my musicals CD twice and hardly moving I turn the radio back on just to catch the end of the traffic where the woman reading it said, and I quote, 'traffic's the worst I've ever seen'... Of course I was delighted by this and toyed with the idea of abandoning the car and making a run for it. Decided not to and remained rather calm... put on CD again... maybe there was a light at the end of the tunnel .. oh no there wasnt, it was now peeing it down! But STILL people wanted to be other places... it took me these two hours to get from Junction 6 (outside brum) to Junction 14 (Stafford I think)... and we were STILL crawling...

Hour 6 (and a half) I was almost beginning to lose hope at this point... we'd reached about junction 19 and then.. no traffic!!! Marvelous, a clear run ish until Wigan when it started to get choppy again.. so I came off at Standish and drove through Chorley which seemed deserted.. I'm sure it bloody was - everyone's going away for the weekend!! Finalyl reached Ste's when he'd NOT made food! So I was grumpy and collapsed in a heap of Eastenders... I am achy and grumpy now and I have to be at the theatre from 11-5 tomorrow... ugh...

Speak soon peeps

Thursday, May 27, 2004

I STIL hate manual cards.. I am curerntly in Welchie and Cheese's apartmant all on my loansome after a shitty drive from Kent to Twikenham in rush hour! AND making Cheese late for his train cos he had to wait for me so I could get into the apartment... which I am still feeling bad about :( I hate being a burden...
Spent yesterday in SUrrey helping Dieter move house... which was cool, what made the day even cooler was that I visited the Katester in Oxford on my way down... which was fun, we caught up and chatted.
Today was mostly spent at a Primary School in Kent - which was rather small and cute, and the kids were pretty good... am not looking forward to tomorrow though as I have to perform my first workshop - with the staf in the office!!
Am chatting to Ste on MSN and he's challenged me to a game.. so I will have to goi and kick his ass now..

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Sooooo exhausted! I HATE manual cars! Took Jer (my lovely american CSz visiter) to Wales today for a pleasant day trip. It was a really lovely day both company and weather wise but NOT traffic wise! I am exhausted! I really missed my automatic.. traffic jams are a doddle in those things! I've never stalled so much in my life! And I had a mad moment parking in Llandudno which was embarrassing to say the least! But Conwy, Llandudno and the Orme were as lovely as ever. I very rarely visit in the summer, I'd forgotten how busy it can get! I looked at rock but didn't buy any - seems I should have as the first thing Keya asked as I got through the door was has I bought any! lol...
I am hoping to get started on deciding which computer to get next week... then probably buy it the week after! We'll see.
I may get another job with the Primary school visiting company thing, doing a film in a day! So that'll be cool.. more mullah and fun.
Anyway, as I'm tired I'm going to have a v early night I think - have a LOT to do tomorrow

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Oh so TIRED!
Spent the last two days in London being interviewed for a job then going training at a primary school! Now you all know my feelings on kids right? Well... I am putting that to one side for money! To be honest as long as I can keep my cool I think I can do this! We will see when the beginning of June gets here! ;) Have to head back next week too for more training. Gonna help the yank move too.
Went to watch 'Anything Goes' with Welchie Thursday night, was a good show, was expecially good as I used the theatre tokens Lizzie B got me for Xmas to pay so for me it was free! The show took a long while to get going but once the tap dancing started I was as happy as a dance teacher... lol - I'm not a fan of dance - it bores me rigid if it's not done well, tap dancing I LOVE, i love to watch and hear it, and it was good to watch in this show! Especially as it was all to COle Porters wonderful music... 'You're the TOP!'...
Well a busy day today, and I still feel awful.. I may even have to go to the doctors at some point.. I've not felt well since the end of the Last Laugh, then it was a nasty cold, which went a bit, then returned, then since then I've just felt rather queasy and blergh... I think the 3 hour walk in London may have helped thanks Rachel!! ;)
Went to the Theatre Museum in Covent Garden to kill time before my train home yesterday. A very small museum (and full of manequins - for those of you who know me! ugh... I was twitching and panicing all over the place! Annoying being on your own, all the people around me must have thought I was a mental), full of interesting things, but the best was the video show which had loads of clips from musicals and plays going on around London... I am always excited about videos of shows and to see how people have done it as this is one of my hobbies too - recording shows. So I was even more excited to find hidden downstairs the National Theatre Video Archive where they had LOADS of shows on tape! AND you can watch any of them you want! I must spend a day or so there at some point.. I'd find it fascinating - it's all free too from what I could gather.
Anyway... I am off now I have a very busy day... blergh

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Well, 'Technically Speaking' is now under rehearsal... first read through was today.
It went great... am getting excited about it.
My little mo-mo is working out fine.. I am a little concerned as there's no alarm though...
Found out yesterday that my October 2004 play has been nominated a shed load for the Region 6 NODA Awards!! Best Actor x 2, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Play, Best Staging, Best Director! WE ROCK :) yeah baby!
Just mad I can't be there!
Have just cut Ste's hair... think I may have cut a bit too much off at the front he is moaning it wont go in his pony tail.. oops
speak soon

Thursday, May 13, 2004

ARGH! Blogger is confusing me with science!
Anyway... the Corsa is MINE! Muahhaaa... I pick it up tomorrow... although I may not be able to if my neck doesn't get any better! Since yesterday my neck has been agony! I ge4t this every so oftn, but usally it'll ease off thenext day, today it's just as bad as the day before! grrrr
First read through of Tech Speak this sun... exciyting stuff - ALMOST a full cast for it... newly polished script and all.. excellant
ugh - I'm in so much nagging pain right now I feel sick.. I should probably eat something.
CSz practice was good last night.. it's fun with all our newbies.. am excited for them - they seem to be enjoying themselves.. i think I'll get them together ontheir own on weds and give everyone else the nihgt off...
anyway.. gonna try and eat now

Sunday, May 09, 2004

well today has been interesting.... had our last batch of auditionees for Technically Speaking... it was SOOOOOOOOO hard as per usual to pick people. We had 6 lads going for 3 parts! And 4 girls for 3 parts... hard work!
Everyone's just far too talented! I hate turning people down! Grrrrrrrrr
Anyway cast list is: Louise: Rachael Hilton, Sarah: Charlotte Knowles, Samantha: Zoe Duffin, Julian: Tom Cohen, Peter: Tony (Don't know his second name - he's new), Paul: Mike Wignall...
So an excellant cast for an excellant script!
After the auditions were over and the phones calls of death were made.. I went to Makro and suddenly was plummeted into a stinking bad mood which I am still in now! I thinkit's cos I'm going mental living between two houses with no way out really! That's the problem - if I had my own car I'd be able to just leave when I wanted, or needed to! Very frustrating... I have a meeting in Chorley at 10am tomorrow and then one in Preston at 2pm! But between those I have to come back for Ste so he can go home for lunch... :-/ going crazy!
I think I've decided to buy that Corsa - assuming it's still there. I've had some very good reports about Corsa's since I mentioned possibly buying one, so it's all good.
Better go and get on with all this stuff I have to do for tomorrow

Friday, May 07, 2004

well i had a fun morning... i went to University of Central Lancs and was an actor in a 3 camera shoot for Pij and his pals... loads of fun! Boosted my confidence, the girl I played against (Jeni) was great too! I am going to try and poach her me thinks. Who knows...
Anyway... I am tried as me and ste were chatting til like 2.30am or something... he's more awake than me today which is unusual... wow there are a lot of u's in that word!
Barenaked Ladies was fun - spent far too much on a teeshirt! Did i write all this already? I feel like I have...
Well I'm off now, we have our auditions for Tech Speak tomorrow so I'm going to read the script a few times :)

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

weeeelllll... I'm off today to look at a Corsa - keya doesn't like them but I think I do. I am going mental being all stranded and destitute! I've had a car since I was 16 1/2 (driving in the states and all that), and it really sends me doolally when I can't go and do what I want when I want and have to rely on other people... talking of that, Ste is coming home for lunch soon and I am making him a big dinner so I can borrow his car for the afternoon.
I didn't win any awards at the Awards Ceremony but was chatting to our rep afterwards and he said he was sorry we didnt' win as he really wanted us to.. and I said that three of my plays have been nominated now and none have won.. he said it was very impressive that three have been nominated! there are 299 societies in the North West! 6 were chosen for best play and mine was one of them!
So that cheered me up... I think we will do very well in the regionals - but I can't be there unfortunately.
Work ws OK last night... I am still struggling with what to do with the little 'uns... I have no clue about little kids, and I'm not really that fussed about figuring them out, the show a lot of potential though... the older group are lots of fun. Having to get the train to Salford at night is not a pleasant experience so hopefully next week I can wangle a car or something.

If anyone's interested in what I got up to on May Day check out this link:


Sunday, May 02, 2004

in the last few days lots of big things have happened!
Firstly my car died! Like really died! I drive an automatic and the gear box has gone.. it was like trying to set off in 4th gear! Scary and annoying for people around me... anyway buggered gearbox = expense.. more expense than the car is worth so therefore I am looking to buy a new one... all very complicated, especially with limited funds - computer will have to take back seat for a while!
Secondly i got tetanus! No I didn't really... but I've had a horrible cold since the 'dog' incident and am still coughing horribly.
Thirdly I heard on the grapevine that my play, Stags and Hens (, may win the North West Best Play award from NODA! I didnt' think we were in with a chance - but I can't go to the regional awards so I scraped around and managed to afford a ticket for tonights award ceremony. Ste bought me a new dress from Aflecks Palace for my birthday... v nice ...
Fourthly I got a lettr through, and a certificate from Surrey to tell me that I passed and my graduation is the 24th June!! I didn't even KNOW there WAS a graudation!!! As every time I bloody asked no one would tell me!!!! So my parents think it's just another thing I forgot to mention! grrrrrr

Anyway - got to get ready to go out... ste and I are looking for cars this morning then I have to start getting ready for the awards! Proper big do - scary