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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

anyone who wants to know more about Jerry Springer the Opera check out this link:

OK - I have a bit more time now to write (although I really should be doing work :( ) ..
Jerry Springer the Opera... It really was aceness on a stick! I was pleased that Jerry didn't sing (this is someone acting as Jerry, it's not really Jerry), and the doubling up of the principles was interesting... especially in the sec ond half. I don't want to give too much away as it'll spoil it for anyone that wants to go - but the ending of the first half was one of the funniest ironic pieces of theatre I have ever witnessed,,,, if the bloke next to me was enjoying it then I'd have laughed more, but he was very stony faced and made me feel guilty for laughing, i was surprised he was there for the second half. Well, I was bound to enjoy it anyway, it was written and direccted by comedy god Stewart Lee, who I'm pleased to say has a photo of me in his collection ;)
Teechers - yeah, all my actors from that show are up for region 6 acting awards! Yeehaw - so hopefully that'll mean Teechers itself will be up for a Best Play award. It's groovy - that means every show I've directed that NODA have seen has been nominated for something!! HAR HAR!! In your faces!! ;) hehe... sorry... ahem.
I have to hold onto something right now.

OK I'm off to do this smelly work and listen to the beautiful south
bron thought for the day - a tidy house is an unlived in house

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

RARGH!! I just printed off three pages in the library in colour by accident!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Apart from that things are going well today - Teechers may be up for a noda award (my third... yeehaw!).
I went to see Jerry Springer the Opera last night - it was BRILLIANT!! You much ALL see it!

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Weellll... Last night was lovely.. the show went great and there was just a tiny mention of my birthday from Tom at the end which I thought was nice... I was glad there was nothing more, so all is groovy... AND he and Rach got me a BADGE MAKER!!! It's BRILLIANT!
I've spent today trying to put everything together to be going back on MOnday with. I have just written Paul's reference for his uni application :-/ hope it's OK. And I've just fitted a new catflap - the cats will be pleased (cat flap, why do cats get all the flaps? ...)
I'm off now to star the packing process

Saturday, April 26, 2003

Happy birthday to me - oh yes it's my merry bday - and to celebrate I'm doing ComedySportz ;)
24 seems like such an odd age - I'm pretty sure I'll go into some sort of slump next year when I'm 25 :-/
Well just a quick note really cos I've not typed for soooo long but I'm busy right now... Also a quick note to say I found a new article on Trich which seemed to explain it all, if anyone's interested
bron thought for the day: metal guru... is it you?

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Well I'm off to London soon to watch the Comedy Store Players complete with guest Greg Proops! How groovy.
I have jut pretty much completed my script... I added a bit of symbolism to it ;) oh yeah baby.
I feel really odd today :( but that's showbusiness

bron thought for the day: when the going gets tough, the tough hide under the table
HI... well, I'm getting obbsessive over Mystery Science Theater 3000 once again, it's either that or Whose Line Is It Anyway at the moment... my life is being over taken by Improvised comedy... anyhoo...
Turns out Welchie's boyf will be at the same audition as me on sat! so that will be interesting... (actually wrote insestresting... odd). I am looking forward to it just to see Ealing Studios... i really think the actual filming will clash with my deadlines unfortunately. BUT ANYWAY....
I should be tidying up my script but I can't stop watching the little robots!

good night
bron thought for the night: he's been hit in the little pants!

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

OMG today has been a weirdy - and it's only 1pm!
Well... it started with a visit to my tutor - it waas a good meeting, nothing amazing but she was pleased with what I did with the script and accepted my reasons for keeping in bits that I liked (I'm not adverse to 'killing my babies' but i really think these bits work). So I came out of that with a smile on my face - even though she told me I needed to do more work! If only she knew!!
Anyway... so then I come into the MA room (where I am now) and sit down and get a phone call from the Extra casting guy, James, from the movie Sean Of The Dead (a movie that Welchie told me about) it's by the Spaced people - how exciting! So yeah, they want me to go for an audition! How excting! woohooo... anyway, so I'm doing that at Ealing Studios!!
Then as soon as I put the phone down the BBC called me!! Sounds more exciting than it really is but, hey, the BBC (basically I'd asked for some tickets to a show and they'd not sent them but the show's tonight and they were wondering if I was going to go)... so yeah, then I put the phone down and Steven Speilburg walked in and said 'I heard about the nomination for your last play, I really think a lot of NODA you must be good, come and work for me'... ok - the last bit wasn't real... ahh well..
I feel in a really good mood today - but then I hate being in a good mood, cos then you get knocked down :(
I'll make myself miserable again soon.

bron thought for the day: You get what you pay for... I have £2.73

Monday, April 07, 2003

woohoo I now have talk backs! how exciting!!

Anyhoo -
I just got a call back (I think) for Sean of the Dead the Zombie movie. As an extra - only thing is the audition is on the same day as Noises Off.... what to do... :-/ I have replied and asked if there's any way I can do both - I will probably go to Noises Off rather than the aud.
It's all a bit exciting.

night night
Well it's monday and I should be doing some work so I'll say goodbye already...
We may be doing another date for CSz on the 25th... I'll keep ya posted

bron thought for the day: stop draggin my, stop draggin my, stop draggin my heart around

Sunday, April 06, 2003

Only 20 days til I'm 24!! That seems soooo old! Mind you, every year has felt old since I was about 19. That'll teach me to hang around with teenagers...
I didn't really finish my post yesterday cos I got a phone call from Steven, telling me that aparantly a load of people had called up and turned up at the theatre last night for ComedySportz ( ) cos it said on a web page somewhere that that was when the next match was.... hmmm... well is doesn't say that on any of MY pages! Or the ones I've posted on... so I don't know where that's come from. But at least it shows that people are keen... I'm getting a bit overwhelmed by the people who are coming back! it's amazing! I may try and get us an extra date over easter somewhere - that'd be good. Actually I should get onto that...
Still no luck on the camera - some cleaner from SouthEast Trains is probably trying to see how they can get the film out or something ;) (it's a digi one)
Well I only had a 10.30 - 1.30 at work today - phew. My neck hurts :(
Well I aint got much else to say today really..


bron thought for the day: if music be the food of love, I'm listening to the Cheeky Girls

Saturday, April 05, 2003

Saturday saturday satirday nights alright.... aparantly...
Friday night was pants - fell out with a friend... it seriously hasn't been since primary school since that's happened - at least not for more than a few minutes. I always think falling out's so foolish, and childish. There's nothing you can't talk through if you're really friends is there? Sillyness...anyway - not wasting too much of my time on that, doesn't seem much point.
Work today was uneventful but went quick as I was asleep.

Thursday, April 03, 2003

Well, it's Thursday already! Wow, where did the week go? Well, last night went to the Comedy Store! What an ace show - building bridges with me and Jim S! ;) for those of you who know about that.
I feel so silly though - I really want to speak to them all but what could I say apart from 'Hey... you're all great.... I do this too... but I'm not as good...bye'. hmmm
Twas a good night though - apart from I think I've lost my camera! My new one that Keya gave me!!! It was in Dieters pocket (trust me to let him look after it) on the train but now I can't find it... scared it's been left on the train. Called lost property but no luck there. Dieter's convinced it's not lost... :-/
Well, I'm in the middle of writing my locations letters for my shoot this august... thoguht I'd get in quick. I should book my editing time soon too... hopefully the script will be finished soon too! hmmm

Anyway - enough from me...
bron thought for the day: See a penny pick it up, put it in some coke, it's amazing!