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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

just found out that my friend Jill's cat is on this site

Aww... cute kitty

Monday, September 26, 2005

I am currently sat in the Part Time Office at Salford passing a bit of time.
This computer I swear must be a 486 or something, but with Broadband... it wont even let me email! Grr.
Today was my first day back teaching here, and it was fun. Mostly cos the majority of my students were students I had last year... best bit was when I turned up with the key and they asked me if I was taking them this year, when I said 'yes', they all went 'YEAH!' hhehee... aww.

Played them some Round the Horne and did some 'getting back into it' excerises. Fun.

Am tired now.

Wish this computer wasn't so shite or I'd write more, it's at the wrong height too so my back is hurting...

Speak soon

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ahhh Achievement...
In the last two days I've put together packs for places that I've been dreading doing. My mind was having trouble clikcing into gear. My new plan for getting my brain in the right place: have a bath! Seriosuly! It's been working a treat. The only downside (apart from my hair dye disapearing and my roots coming through big time) is that now my brain's buzzing!
Got a long day tomorrow, meeting up with Ste, heading into town to poster and publicise the next CSz match, going to Manchester for a meeting, hanging around Manchester, another meeting at Salford.

Stupid cat.. has she forgotten where she is or something? Odd.

So I'm not really in a sleeping mood, but neither am I ready to start on my Self Assmessment (only a week to go before that has to be in!) or the other two packages taht I need to put together. Blah. Finished one scarf tonight too and made a significant start on another....

I think I shall relax, watch TV and go to bed.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The interview is here

Check it out.

I am so stupidly busy today with work.. I have a large number of workshop packages to put together... busy busy busy


Monday, September 19, 2005


Woohoo. Well chuffed.

(Rob Newman is a comedian I've loved since the first time I saw him in the early 90's, I got the chance to do an email interview with him, which will appear on soon, this week, and he loved my questions :) he even said that good quesitons like mine were a rareity... I'm chuffed :D chuffed chuffed YAY!)


Sunday, September 18, 2005

My favourite picture of my entire trip to america this summer!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

From Jer's blog

The Describe Yourself in Song Meme:

Rules are as follows: Choose one band and answer the following questions about yourself only using titles from that band's catalog of songs...without repeating songs OR the band of the person who did this ahead of you...

Here's mine:

Artist/band: They Might Be Giants
Are you male or female: How Can I Sing Like A Girl
Describe yourself: Boss Of Me
How do some people feel about you: Unforgotten
How do you feel about yourself: Your Own Worst Enemy
Describe where you want to be: The End Of The Tour
Describe what you want to be: Sleeping In The Flowers
Describe how you live: Till My Head Falls Off
Describe how you love: Another First Kiss
Share a few words of wisdom: See the Constellation

The hardest part for me was finding things that were true to me... I failed a bit there and went for the funny... ahh well...
We got the venue… it was more a case of just asking. Mike sorted it out really, and it was one of those things that I should have pursued myself (having had the idea myself a while ago, and also it being suggested to me a few times since, I just thought I knew better). Our next match now is Sunday the 2nd October! Am looking forward to it, just hope we get an audience! May see if the local papers (who STILL haven’t run the LA story yet) will do a ticket winning comp or something.
Had a few meetings today for CSz workshops, ended up in my old high school! A tad scary, but also just really cool. Always feel tiny again when I meet people who knew me when I was younger, it’s strange. First comment ‘what happened to all that long blonde hair?’ … my response ‘oh, that went as soon as I left school pretty much’. Should have thought of something a little more witty like ‘a gypsy stole it’ or something… I dunno… or maybe ‘I was cast in the new film version of Little Women and took the part to heart.’
But we got a confirmed workshop out of it! (mates rates though ;) ) was exciting, and I’m looking forward to that workshop. I am getting so busy I need to pull my head out of my bum and get working. Have slacked off since I got back, just mostly going through the motions, but I have some workshops and a project for Salford to plan, also I have two classes at the same time as the project! Good money, little time!
I have so many DIFFERENT things going on right now it’s hard to multitask. I really need to start making more lists, I make lots of them already, I just need to separate it all a bit more I think.
I am writing this blog in word right now as AOL is being really shite. Don’t know if I’ll ever get online tonight! Which is a nightmare, as all of you will know me… I’m online whenever I’m at home usually!
I’ve been knitting again, nearly finished a lovely long scarf for my friend Myles, who lives in LA, so I can’t see when he’ll ever need it.
October is going to be ridiculously busy, but it may buy me my ticket to Houston in February for the CSz managers meeting, I’d really like to go, but it would HAVE to be cheap… we’ll see
Right, now, to bed.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Just a quick note... am heading out to view a possible new venue for CSz... I mentioned briefly on my comments that we've lost our usual venue, at some point I'll tell you more (maybe I have I can't remember) anyhoo, it was very upsetting and annoying so I've kept my head in the sand about it a bit... luckily Mike hasn't and asked about this venue so I am off to see it now... will check back in a bit.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Just a short post as I'm rather tired now.
I've spent a lot of the evening knitting and most of the day working! Been a bit mad and busy recently...
However, it is my late Grandad's birthday today, so I went to visit my Nana, which was fun. My Nana is a comedy god! And she gave me a load of wool, so BONUS!
ON the way there I passed by our old house, I lived there from birth to age 8 (we moved into the house I'm in now on my 8th birthday!).

in all it's newly modersnised glory...

The tree is still there, despite me being convinced it was gone, the tree belonged to my sister, knowing her I'm surprised she didn't dig it up and take it with her. It's weird to see the house I was so young in, I have very few memories of it. I do remember that wall though, and trying to sell stones with daisies on them to passers by for 1p! I think some old lady actually bought one! SUCKER! It was a STONE! With a Daisy on it! I WIN!
Anyway... I am going to sleep now

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

THe weekend was pretty fun, Chris's famiy are mad, and so am I, so it all worked out pretty well. Was nice to see where he grew up, and the CHEDDAR GORGE!>........... ARGH!
Actually, it freaked me out in all seriousness being there. I have a very vivid memory of being dragged into one of the caves by my dad, insisting that I'd enjoy it! I was surprised at how much I actually recognised, from it being etched in my memory... strange.
There were some lovely views though.

In the Cheddar Gorge... looking impressed...

Another thing I saw on the way back was the Severn Bridge! Now... some of you may have read earlier that I confused it with the Golden Gate bridge but I feel justified now!

The Severn and the Golden Gate... but which is which??


Friday, September 09, 2005

Chris didn't get through to the final, but he certainly was no where near the worst in the evening! Yikes.
I really want to know what the criteria is to enter those things. You can speak? I dunno.
Didn't agree with the final choice, but that's the way it goes. Especially when by the last section the judges were drunk and mostly just chatting! Ignorant sods.
Glad I'm finally caught up with my blog. Can actually start writing about what's going on day to day again.
Well today I called teh Guardian and they DO want to run the story on us... (that' the Chorley Guardian btw). May try and go a bit wider with this story though. We'll see.
I just had a yohgurt that I don't think sat well with me, I'm going to go and have a lovely bath now.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

It's Chris's heat in the City Life Comedian of the Year tonight, I'm going along to support. Saw his preview gig on tuesday night, was pretty good, helped him tweak the end a bit, I think he's going to do pretty well. At least he should, he's put a lot of work in recently!
talking of a lot of work... i was 'commissioned' to put together the website and logos for his next venture, 3 Minute Warning, a gong type show where the acts get three minutes before the audience can do anything, once three minutes have gone though the audience get to decide if they will let them last the final two minutes. I was rather chuffed with the Logo, based off some wrestling logo that Chris wanted to copy or something... anyhoo...

Back to my updating... I've got as far as the end of LA now..


The drive was long, but as with the last long drive, I slept a fair amount. Also slowly got to know Pat and Ruths lovely kids, Cowan (who for some reason I keep calling Connor) and Fiona.
We took a detour over the big bridge in San Fransisco who's name escapes me right now. I want to say the Severn, but I'm pretty sure that's in Scotland. Ah well it'll come to me. Got some pix, but they are still on my proper camera so I aint got them developed yet. We also stopped on Pismo beach for a short spell, and it was cold! I had to go and get my jacket! We stayed in a motel thing on the way up, shared a room with Steven, a bit strange, but to be honest I was too tired for it to be THAT strange. Next morning we were off again up the west coast. Some beautiful scenery! Lots of mountains and ear popping.
Most of the week kind of melves into one, mostly workshops and hanging out with people. Got to go to a British shop! First piece of chocolate in over 4 weeks!! mmmmm... probably shoudl have left it though! Ahh well.
One major thing that happened, that I have literally only just got over, was Jenny trying to kill me! We went to a pizza resturant and sat inside. Straight away someone sat on the table next to us, outside. So Jenny commented that it was like sitting with them. We made a few hilarious comments about them through our meal, and just as we were getting to the end I noticed the woman was staring at Jenny eating her pizza. When I mentioned this to Jenny she gave looked up from her pizza and gave the woman the strangest look ever! I was drinking my lemonade at this point and started to laugh... so much that my lemonade shot up my nose! In an instant something in my brain decided it would be better to get the lemonade out of my nose and send it straight into my lungs! The most horrible feeling ever! I honestly thought I was going to drown! I couldn't breathe. I was coughing and crying and couging and laughing and coughing... after about 10 minutes of coughing I was finally OK to breathe again. My throat however hurt for days. So stay away from Jenny!
Lots of fun people, lots of groovy workshops, then that gets us to the...

Steven and I were captins of opposite teams in this match. I knew from the start that he would win.
We began with Video Dating, which is basically a guessing game. We won this game, although I messed up and started using noises, I forgot that it's only mime... DOH!
Next we played Household Olympics, that didnt' go too great either, we didn't really get into our stride, but fair enough the game was called short as it wasn't really getting much of a response. Steven then chose to play Illiteration (a new game) and it was hilarious! A much deserved win by the blue team to start. Next they played again and I challenged them to erm.. to be honest I can't remember. They did pretty well though I'm sure. Then we played Sing It! This was my 'take one for the team' (as Pat would say) moment. Someone needed to doa singing game and there was no way Steven was going to, I dont like playing them myself (scary) but I sucked it up and we played it. It wasn't great, but we won that round. We were winning so Stevens team played 5 Things. They did pretty well, Steven suffered a bit, as I have this trip, from just not knowing the ins and outs of the game. To be honest though I was pleased not to play it again!
We started with another new game Catchy Tune. This went really well until we hit ONE word that just no one could get. BUt once again, we won that. Then came Four Rooms. Which is basically what we call Columns! Yes, we've really messed up with game names it woudl seem! That was quite fun if not a little messy. Steven and John Breen were hilaroius as two very affectionate people... lol. Finally we played Waiter Waiter... basically a 185 style groaner walk forward game. My biggest laugh was 'Waiter Waiter, there's a toenail in my soup'... where I just stood there while chewing my shoe (as we have discovered earlier in this tour, I can stand up and put my foot in my mouth) looking a bit sheepish.
Soooo... the blue team won by one point and it was a fun show. I said to Pat in hindsight what I shoudl have done is set up some fake plane tickets for the slo mo ending so that if Steven won I could have slow motion torn them up in his face! Har har.

Me and Steven with the Portland guys

Me and Steven with Pat and Ruth

After the CSz match there was another show that Portland perform: Possaluma County. Was great fun to be a special guest in the show. Steven played a doddering old fogey called Gerald Fonteroy and I pinched my mum's character name Mary Warren. Muahaaa. I played Steven's nurse. Steven was part of the hilarious ending that saw he and John Breen have a old man fight. Fun.
After THAT we all disapeared to the same bar we visited the day before. Or maybe it was two days before. This is where I got to hang out more with Jenny and Marta and Amy and Luke... and obviously others who were there. Hadn't really had a chance to talk to Marta before then so it was nice to get to know her and her DB. After food (my 17th veggie burger of the trip) Myself, Jenny and Luke took ourselves off to search out somewhere we could hang out a bit longer. I wanted to stay awake for as long as possible. I had a smoothie ( that I thought tasted odd but Luke said tasted fine) and then Luke went to work and Jenny and I made our slow way back to Pat and Ruth's where I had one hours sleep before my long trek home.

Actually it was kind of cool on my way home I had an hour in Dallas and Evan came to visit me. We said our goodbyes and I was instantly searched by the security! Evan just stood at a distance, watched, and laughed. My life is such a soap opera.
I finally got home
Now my blog is caught up!

Jenny and me :)

Me and Luke and Mustard

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Just got back from a workshop- phewweee hard work. But not as hard as others I've had so it went pretty well. Teacher seemed pleased with it and the kids had fun so that's all I can ask for... Sean was a Diva though, he demanded crisps before he'd do the second workshop... something about fainting if he didn't get them, probably from holding his breath and stamping his little camp foot ;) love you seanie.

OK... so I can catch you up some more again now... I've got as far as LA.


Arrived on Sunday and stressed about Steven and Ste getting there OK from the airport. Rachel was already there and I met up with her and Jer in the lounge which was, to be honest, just really surreal. Rach had already met Jill by this stage, which was cool, everything was coming together. Steven and Ste arrived safely and then we all went bowling (after we'd avoided the pool, too many boobs, both fake and real, knocking (haha, knocking) around). It was great fun bowling, I either won or came second in our team (I can't remember who was on my team... except Jeremy..

Jeremy with me and Matt Wheeler, bowling

I suck). I ate some random food, which wasn't great, and then toddled off to meet Evan. As Evan and I were chatting we both dozed off and the next thing we knew it was 10pm! Turned out that Jer had been into the room, tlaked to us, got no response, tried to shake me awake, no response, and then took a shower and left! Very very strange. Found out that Steven and Ste were pretty much dead to the world too so I went to bed myself.

We got up earlyish and headed out on mass to take on the world! We went to Mo's Diner and had food. I filmed the experience. It was tasty. We then headed out to Hollywood Blvd and checked out some of the groovy shops. Ste, Steven and Rachel decided to buy Hawaiian costumes... (to this day I still dont know why), so that they did. Ste decided to try his on in the street:

Ste trying on the bra while Evan and I watch

Suits him yes? Next port of call was the opening night shindig at the ComedySportz LA Arena. A lovely place! The backyard area - patio thingy - was all laid out with tables and food, and there was a Mariachi (sp) Band. Was lots of fun. Many people got drunk, I and Ste of course did not, for different reasons. Hung out mostly with Jill and Evan this evening.

Jill and I talk, but we can't help feeling like we're being watched.

Best thing about the LA outside area was that they had a photo booth! Now I've never seen one of these in the states before! No joke! I've seen novelty ones, but never just a normal one, surprised me. So we made the most of it and spent a gazillion dollars in there... here is just a small selection:

Jill and I probably paid for LA's tourney costs ourselves by using their machine!

So then we all headed off to a pub called The Pig and Whistle. It was a bit weird cos we'd got a good vibe going at the CSz building, so it was like starting again once we got there. Was a bit strange, I kind of got squeezed into a boothwith a couple of people, that then became about 7 people! Got to chat to Vlad (who I met a couple of years ago, and saw again last year) and meet new people including Myles, who seemed a bit too interested in my bag full of personal belongings... but that was OK cos I was a bit too interested in his hair. Fun night, just ended weird.

FINALLY some CSz stuff to get my teeth into. New Games Workshop in the morning which was fun. Saw the lovely Brian Allman for the first time in a year, we've been corresponding since last year, and he looked good. There were a few new games that I wanted to bring home, and it was fun to see EVERYONE in the room

yay for us!

This was the first day with workshops. Got to hang out more with new pal Myles in Larry Arrick's acting/impro workshop. Was pretty good, felt rather self concious though, but then, I usually do.
In the evening: Scrimm - age SCRIMMAGE! Sat on the front row and in slid next to me Brian Allman. Yay, got to chat some more. Also sat with Evan and Jill, turned round to see where my guys where and was confronted with this:

oh dear

The scrimmage was great fun, Brian and I kept shouting out to get more scenes going though, rather than games, although one game did allow us to see Von (6'6'' Black guy) slow dancing with Luke (5'5'' Ginger pasty white guy)... cute and funny.
The first scene was just genius, and two of my players (Ste and Rach) were in it! PLus I got to see my new curly haired pal Myles perform, which was great fun. So fun, Rach at the end almost made me cry laughing! Great... I mean , how was anyone going to top that scene? But Brian and I ran up for the next scene. I managed to become The Tab Ghost, while Brian was PacMan! It was all rather odd, and funny... especially when I suggested that someone was trying to poison me by feeding me 'Diet Tab'... aparantly, the huge laugh I got for that came from the fact that Tab IS Diet, and is famously the first american diet drink! Ahh well.
After the scrimmage there was the U-sical, the LA team performed an improvised Musical, and it was hilarious - I wish I'd have filmed it. Sat next to new pal myles who let me touch his hair some more.
I can't remember what happened afterwards, this may have been the night we played elevator hide and seek... not sure.

I'm a bit hazy on this day, maybe Evan can fill it in a bit as I spent most of the day with him. We saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,had a smoothie and then walked down sunset blvd.
Pretty sure this picture was from that day too:

although I may be wrong... does this place do films?
Later in the evening we went to Improv Olympic and I met up with my pal Jen (an online friend that I'd not met before)... I dont have a picture online with her yet, maybe she'll send me one ;)
Then I ran around to try and find the place that everyone was meeting up in. Bordiers or something... aparantly it was down one street, so I walked down there, it was late, and very dark, and I was on my own... I coudlnt' find it so I started to freak out a little, I gave up and headed back to the hotel, and that's when I saw it. So I walked in... and realised i didn't like it.. so left anyway.

Tonights the niiiiiiiight....... this was the day we played!
The day was filled with workshops. Had my first with lovely BA, we laughed a lot, mosstly at the way the instructor delivered the class, it was fun... naughty childish fun. Then, I said goodbye and that was the last time I saw him for the trip :( Anyhoo life goes on. My second was with Evan and Jill and Myles... and was FUN FUN FUN! I felt like I was on fire, I seemed to get laughs for everything, I felt great, and all I could think was I hope I manage to pull this off tonight! Got to do scenes with Evan and Jill, was sad I never got a chance with Myles.
Half way through the workshop my parents turned up! Which was a lovely surprise. Well, not THAT much of a surprise, I knew they were coming to LA! So i finished at the workshop, went back to the hotel, (via Myles' hair) and grabbed the teeshirts and made my way back to the theatre for the match.

NOLA warmed up for like an hour, we're not used to such intense warm up, so we kind of sat around and chatted for a while. We tried to join in but just seemed crap so we stopped.
We began with What Are You Doing. Where I got NOLA to dig up Walt Disney and Ste made them try and do Rudolph Clouse! Hmm... but they did it, whatever that was.
Next we played Group Therapy. Which was interesting. I've never been much good at this game really, if anything I'd normally guess, not saying that that goes too well either. Steven is our tournament guesser anyway ;) Ste got Grey Puopon (or however that's spelled) as you will know, we dont have that in the UK so Ste had to have that explained... and bless him he managed to get Steven to guess it!! I was amazed, I didnt' think Steven would have heard of it!
NOLA then played Four Corners and after that we played Oscar Winning Moment, which turned into a new game we like to call Silioquey (again - spelling)... basically for some reason we stepped forward to deliver a monologue instead of just intensifying the scene! Bit strange, dont think we've done that before. Actually, tell a lie, for some reason that's what I did in Minneapolis! I think it's cos they put a spot on the stage for it... I dunno.. it was strange, but still funny.
Then NOLA played 3 Way Dub (hard HARD game) and we went into the final game, continuation. And the greatest thing about that was that we didn't have to resort to accent copying for the laughs! It was very physical and fun, and Ste was BB'd during it, so we had to lead him around the stage on the switches. Near the end he ended up in the audience! Funny.
We won, and we rocked, as did NOLA, was a great feeling. Still didnt' quite top the year before for me somehow... but it was good :)

That evening we celebrated somewhere that I can't remember, actually this may be the elavator hide and seek night, who knows... it all grows hazy

pix from the match

More workshops this day. I did Shakespeare second, for some reason I cannot remember what I did first! It may come to me. Learned a fair bit in Shakespeare workshop, some that I actually remembered from school! It was rahter indepth and interesting. I bet I know why I've forgotten the first one, becuase I'd forgotten my notebook for this day and had to borrow paper and a pen at the managers meeting! I dont know if I even wrote notes for the first workshop... grr. OH WAIT! How could I forget! It was the Team Building workshop! And it was my favourite of the whole week!! Loved it! SO many games and trust excersises and the teacher was amazing! Really envied her.
So, the matches that evening I didn't see too much of. For some reason I couldnt' sit still for most of the matches this year, I dont know why. I just needed to move around. Steven and Ste were selling teeshirts again. I think this was the night we went to the hilaroiusly titled BIG WANGS... Ste managed to get in! As did Matt Wheeler (btoh who are under age) and I saw Rip Taylor there.

Managers meeting at 8.30am!! Ugh. I was tired, I think I only got to bed about 3am. But that's the fun of tournament. We spent a fair chunk of the afternoon doing 'tourist' photos that we could use for publicity (if any sodding newspaper gives a shit) over here.

us with Burt Reynolds hand prints! Oh yeah.

Chorley Chaplins meet Charlie Chaplin.


It was a hot and sweaty day. At the match that evening we were given bogus information that there were no seats left! Steven and Ste sat outside with the teeshirts again while I escaped with Myles to watch him tap dance (amazing btw!). Got back for the party, which was over far too soon in my opinion! I think it started wrapping up about 3ish. I got a lovely massage from Matt and lots of hugs from lots of people, chatted to Chris Tallman (of Crossballs and Reno 911 fame) about Doctor Who, Shaun of the Dead and Spaced, ate ridiculous sized pizza, watched lots of drinking games, saw Dick in an amusing wig, ate an apple, helped clean up. Said goodbye to so many people, made me really sad :(
ps - thanks to Evan for most of these photos!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

OK more updates....

The trip to LA from Dallas

We (Me, Eric and Evan) finally managed to get going from Dallas at about 2am Saturday morning. I was loaded up into the back seat of Eric's jeep, and off we went. I will point out now that I slept the most on this trip, and didn't drive once, so GO ERIC, GO EVAN! Woohooo! We headed off in search of our first stop, and at this point I would like to stress that i DO know the way, so direct Tony Christie over to me... Our first scheduled stop was Amarillo, Texas.

Sorry, I couldn't resist!

The most exciting part of this photo was that Eric pulled over in the MIDDLE OF THE FREEWAY so I could take it! That bloke's got balls! lol.
We also saw some cars stuck in the ground in Amarillo, and Evan acted really gay around them for some reason I can't remember. It may have been because they were pink.
We left Amarillo and then headed to our next stop which was the New Mexico border, I think, to be honest from this point my memory gets hazy... oh so soon into the blurb.

Me being impressed by their border

The thing that I remember most about New Mexico and Arizona were the bugs! Big big bugs. When we got out onto the forecourt of a petrol station I set my feet down and all I heard was *crunch crunch*... beetles!
Ah yes, I just looked at my map. Next we turned left at Alberquerque (sp?), and kept going on highway 40. (some of it was part of the old Route 66 dont you know). This part of the journey seemed to mostly be scenery.

One of the most dangerous pictures of the trip, Evan took this while driving... can't remember what mountains these are.

SO off we toddled towards Arizona. Their border wasn't quite as interesting so we dont have any picutres of it. I did see lots of teepees at that point though.our next planned stop was The Grand Canyon... this was when it all went a bit wrong, we were under the impression that the Grand Canyon was a tiny detour... turned out it was a 140 mile round trip to get there. By the time we reached it, it was midnight. And beautiful. It really was, once I got over the height, to see it in moonlight was pretty amazing. Only downside were the British tourists! 30 of them! Noisy noisy noisy. But it was still beautiful. Only problem with seeing it so late was the photos:

Evan and I at the Grand Canyon

The canyon in all it's glory

One other thing I saw at a national park in Arizona was my first ever real live tumbleweed!

Me and a REAL tumbleweed!

Sooo... Hover Dam was a lovely sight. I took a picture but it didnt come out :( Boo hiss. We actually got stopped on the Nevada side (yes, it stretches two states! Wowee!) and asked to move on... so I didn't get a pic of that either. Next stop was Las Vegas (we were into Sunday by this time). Eric was right, the sight as you came over the hill to Las Vegas was a sight to behold. So many lights it's a wonder the rest of the world didn't have a power cut. We went round from about 4am - 7am. I wont $1.50! That officially makes me a Las Vegas WINNER baby yeah!

Me with my $1.50 winnings!

After that I dozed until we were in California then we stopped for Greek food and saw lots of hills and the like. It didnt' seem to long til we were on Hollywood Blvd, for half an hour! The traffic was dreadful! Once there we dragged our sorry asses into the rooms and slept.. I think.. again my memory is apauling! lol.

So there you have it


Monday, September 05, 2005

Well.. thought while I was sat here a bit jetlagged I may as well catch you up with the matches that I aint written about yet.

DALLAS - 19th August

I was the DJ for this match. It started with vending where I managed to get rid of 4 out of 5 of the programmes I set off with. All to people who already had programmes... aww. Maybe they pitied me... or just couldn't understand the accent?
The first game I didn't play, it was Playground Insults. I sat and watched on the blue bench. Then came the first (controversial) scene game - Rewind. Evan, Jill and I hung out on the first night I was there and I taught them that game, it was suggested we play it... so we did... we checked with the manager first (although it was rather aparanent he was p-d off, in our defence, we asked, he said yes... moving on). The game went OK, rather fun, not amazing, but to be honest, this match was so low energy it felt strange to me. Evan and I both did australian accents in this game, and his was much better than mine!! Damn him. Next I was traded to the red team and we played chaning emotions and styles. Nothing to write home about really. Then I was back to the blue team for Interrogation. I didn't really know what was going on with this game, and had nothing for most of it. Eric and Evan were hilarious however. Then back to the red team for Dinner At Joes. Again, just ambled through that one. Made a quip asking the audience volunteer when they chose me to play their friend.... 'does your friend have a British accent?' ' No'... 'well she does now.'. After that was 5 things I think... which I failed at again.
Second half opened with Freeze Tag, I was on the red team and didn't jump up once. Just coudlnt' do it, by this time my confidence was on the floor. I just felt so detached from everything that was going on. Then came Da Do Rap... one of the few times I wasn't out straight away. This was the game of the match for me, only because I made Evan laugh so much, it was lovely. After that we ended with 185, dont think I jumped forward once for that either.
All in all, a strange match for me. Followed by a debilitating notes session and more shit afterwards. But, some nice pictures from it.

Me playing with the Blue team in Dallas!!

also before I leave the Dallas section... here is a pic from my friend Jill's blog:

on a horse!!
Well... I'm back.
I'm really not in the mood to blog to be honest... there's so much to get through that it's putting me off.
I am rather down, as expected, so much has gone on in the last week that's just making me feel poo. I shall get my arse in gear soon and blog to catch you all up