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Monday, March 31, 2003

Got back from work a couple of hours ago - 9-6!!! Ugh....

Tiring day...

anyway, since I got back I applied to go on the Salon! OMG! Lol... not that I'm a fan of the show but it just seems like a good excuse to raise more awareness of Trichotillomania, for those of you who are interested - this is the disorder I have. It's a compulsive disorder, the compulsion to pull out hair... I've had it since I was 15. It's weird that i'm broadcasting this on the internet - but seeing as I have thought about going on national tv to talk about it, i might as well talk here too!

For those of you who are interested in learning more about trich check out



Sunday, March 30, 2003

Well, it's mothers day today. Just a shout out to all you who's mothers are around right now... give them a hug and a kiss and make them breakfast... I'd do that for my mum I think if she were here, but she's too busy being in america, living and all. Actually I probably wouldn't cos I'm lazy. But the thought's there.
Actually today's making me sad, i always get these spurts of really missing my parents. It's so scary to think it's been nearly 6 years I've lived away from them! And not just down the road - it's not like I can just pop in on them... so, yeah it makes me sad. I don't even know if they know I miss them so much... I'll have to make sure they know...
Anyhoo - that miserable thing aside...
Last night (into the earlyhours - 4am!) was fun. Michael Jackson (Welchie) came to visit for the evening. We worked on my script - and now I'm so much more into it again. I want her to come round more often !! I should ask her to be my wriring partner ;)
We also had a good heart to heart which made me think my life through a bit more. I think some major changes are on the horizon by the end of this semester... Possibly good, or maybe even not so good... who knows, that's life though isn't it...
Damn this smelly blog! It's making me miserable! And I bought some Linda McCartney sausages too! So I should be happy!!

OK - I'm off - I just got back from work so I'm knakkered... time and half tho ;)


bron thought for the day: you can lead a horse to water but you can't climb a ladder with a bell in both hands (OK - so I stole that from the wonderful Vic Reeves - sue me! He is)...

Friday, March 28, 2003

i mean, how do I know if anyone's reading this - and how do I get those talk back things? woe is me....
how do I get peoples addresses and links and the like onto my page - I hate HTML!
Well, I'm still struggling to figure this god forsaken beast of a blogger out. I just got some feedback on my script... you know the one that's going to make me a milion? Oh that one you say.
I'm hoping Rachel will pop down to see me this weekend and make me happy... by working on ideas.. basically I just want to rip her off. hehe
Well - i have a scene in this script that I'm very pleased with - and basically I've been told to take it out - I mean, fair enough, it confuses the plot a bit... and there's that whole 'kill your babies' thing - but I just think it was funny! Probably the most funny bit... ahh well... :(
Had a weird night - got some curious texts from S.S. and the same one twice from Deets (who will be in Italy very shortly) - which was odd.
Ranted to Ian a lot about feeling sorry for myself and how I have no friends and no one talks to me any more etc etc... you know how it goes. The usual.

bron deep thought for the day: if a tree falls in the woods when there's no one around, who can save the beaver?

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Especially the ramblings from 1am... :)
I am confused about this process.... do people really want to read what I ramble on about??
Today I awoke at day break to find I was very hot and flustered. It was then I realised that the sun was beaming onto my face - 'sun?' I thought. 'Why, it is but day break'... it was at that moment that I realised that it was actually 10am, I had a meeting at 10.30. I quickly escaped the pit that was my tempting bed, and dressed for the day to come.
I visited my associate. I didn't recieve the welcome I wanted. She mocked me and hurt my mind with tales of postmodernism and coloquial writings... even now my head is spinning.
I went to a seminar and my head spun even more - so much so that I had to sit and take some water. I returned home and had to visit my place of work to purchase some creamed ice refreshment. Discussed daily pleasantries with one of my collegues, discovered i may have to hand in my notice as I will be travelling to the north of england for the easter festivities, this is not allowed in the land of Safeways I have since found out.
Having eaten far too much creamed ice, and also thinly sliced potato chips, I worked on my most recent cinematic piece. That finished I now sit and eat dry crackers while writing on this small electronic piece of machinery (with a brain I'm sure of it).
Pretty crap day really!!

Goodnight kind people
Brainne Edge (Ms)