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Friday, October 31, 2003

well... we've had nearly full houses every night, I've aparantly passed my masters, applied for a job at the BBC, possibly got some work at Salford... yet still I don't smile...
Need to work on that
Beenhaving rotten nightmare's this and last week that have been ripping apart my sleep... hopefully it will calm down once the play has finished.
Weds night I thought my nightmare's had come true when one member of the cast was about to be shipped off to hospital just before the show started... but I'll write more about that night when I have more time.. off to the theatre now

Monday, October 27, 2003

Well the opening night of Stags and Hens went OK :) I was rather pleased with it - there were a few hiccups but it was fine. Couple of things I want to tighten up for tomorrows show.
Maybe now I'll sleep better, for the last week I've had nightmares nearly every night, I had one the other night which had possibly every thing that scares me in it, and it ended with a plane crash where I woke up as it hit the ground. I hate dreams like that cos they are always so real! I woke up totally frozen, I coudln't move for at least ten minutes as I tried to calm my heart down.
I am getting my hair cut tomrrow, which is a feat in itself formany reasons. I am getting quite used to my longer hair now, but I am bored with it too... so I am probably going to get it layered and coloured or something....more money I can't afford.
Anyway, it's late, so I shoudl go to bed
peace out

Thursday, October 23, 2003

it's been a while since I posted... mainly due to being VERY busy and my computer being poo. My play opens on Monday, it's pretty much ready... should be a good show. I'm in one of my slumps again though, which is annoying, could do with being just a little more chipper at present.
Some of it due to being told by the Uni that I only got a 2:2 for my film BECAUSE they didn't take the FILM into account!! Stupid (*&(^s... very annoyed about that. I'm just fed up with the whole thing and will be quite happy if i never see the film again. STILL not heard if I've passed the dissertation - which can't be a good sign!
So.... yeah

Monday, October 13, 2003

Just spent the last few hours tidying the kitchen - not a mean feat - will have to get up early and hoover, someone's coming to measure the backdoor tomorrow (depressingly I broke it with the power of my arse).
Also am off to the Job Centre - excitement.
Better go to bed now, although I'm not very tired as i fell asleep for an hour and a half in the bath today :-/

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Forgot to mention last night while I was busy ranting that I have a job interview on Tuesday. For In Flight Entertainment at Manchester Airport. The woman who runs it I went to Uni with! HOW MENTAL! So either way it shoudl be an interesting interview.
Why do people have to make me doubt things!
During rehearsal tonight we had one of the older members of the theatre come in and start spouting about how no-one wants to come to the show becuase of the bad language and all this... and I was just thinking I DON'T NEED THIS IN THE MIDDLE OF A REHEARSAL! Ugh - the thing is, I'm not a big fan of swearing - but to take it out loses all the credibility of the text, so I haven't taken it out, in fact I've added to it in most cases.
So I'm still fujming about that - plus the many problems I've encountered cos no one has a clue about what they're doing at the theatre... RARGH!


Sunday, October 05, 2003

The CSz Match we did in Wales yesterday was GREAT! We had a long trip there and back, but we made enough money to treat the cast to a Maccy D's on the way back, do it was all good.
I am suffering from a nasty cold presently, my throat and ears feel like they are on fire :( Nice.
So not in the mood to write a whole load today.. bye for now

Friday, October 03, 2003

Maybe I should write longer blogs in futre.. they getmore responses. Well I am currently hijacking keya's computer while she's at work as the heffer of my computer is still in pieces.
I moved back on Wednesday.
Rehearsals for Stags and Hens are going great, and we are off to Wales tomorrow for our first ComedySPortz Remote! How exciting!
I missed the first showing of Shaun of the Dead - didn't get to play 'spot the bron'.. shame.. will have to wait til it's out in the cinema's and watch it with all the other plebs! ;)
Being home is weird. I hate my room, I am going to have to turf out a lot of stuff to make it in anyway homey. Have filled two bin bags with unwanted clothes already (believe me - that was HARD! there's 10 years of collected clothes in my room.. and I love them ALL!).
Am currently trying to find somewhere that will make us some ComedySportz Football shirts for a decent price.... harder than I thought it would be!
My parents watched my film and seemed to enjoy it - not sure if they think it was worth £650 of their hard earned cash though.
Anyway... off to tidy somemore