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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Well, I'm in smelly farnham right now... yippeee.... I had a long drive down, but I only managed to get lost twice so yay me. I also saw three dead foxes next to each other which made me sad, I think there was some sort of suicide pact going on or something. Last night I didn't get to sleep from talking to the Yank... turns out he's changed a lot since I left... let's just say, he has a wardrobe in his room and last night he told me he'd walked through it....
So I'm feeling rather odd today... and I have to meet with my tutor very shortly which is scary!! I was going to see Welchie in London today but I think that may not happen now... *sigh*

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Rargh! I just can't start this work for my dissertation... yesterday I didn't crawl outof bed til 2pm!! For those of you who know me know that that is unheard of! I got up at 10 this morning to start work... and I've not done anything excpet read 10 pages of a book... luckily this book has some great quotes that condradict what I am saying so i finally have some argument... yay.
I got a text this morning saying that the powers that be at CADOS want to talk to me about the YT's productions... I'm so fed up with this... I know if they give me shit I'm going to snap ... I just want to be left alone to do what I do best... so I'm not in the mood to do anything except just get angry really... ahh well.
I'm going to go now and try and get some work done... not watch Cheers...

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

REVOLVER: Not just a brilliant life altering album for the Beatles... also a BRILLIANT new comedy sketch showfrom the BBC! It takes all the old comedians who have fallen by the way side and puts them into a new styled sketch show... it was brilliant! Leslie Philips... heeeellllooo.... did I ever tell you i wrote to him once, and he replied!

Well, the Parklands workshop went interestingly... we, me Darryl and Stef, turned up at 2pm to be met by deputy head girl Vicki (who also happens to be a member of CSz) and was taken to the hall.
There we saw 100 seats all set up in front of where we were going to do the workshop... I suddenly began to panic.... and my panics came true when 100 kids arrived to fill those seats.... they thought we were going to do a show. EEk... sooo what we did instead was a few different scenes, then a few games... managed to pad out an hour of us prancing around doing some scenes... tough crowd but we broke through eventually ...
I'm knakkered now
I just got back from a pre-audition rehearsal for 'Oliver', as I'm sure most of you know... thereis pretty much only ONE female part in this show... and so you can imagine that in amateur theatre, a field mainly dominated by the female population, this is a popular part. But I sang my heart out and I think I did OK. If I was directing I'd pickme anyway... I have a different voice and look and am not afraid to work hard and look ugly... we'll see... :)
hi, long time no blog.. since I last wrote my space key has begun to falter... exciting stuff.
I finally got my dissertation wre-write extension through... I now have until the 18th Feb... only took them 5 WEEKS! to get that through for me.. and they've not found me a tutor so my co-ordinator (who I'm pretty sure now hates me) has had to step in. Great. So tomorrow I'm getting up bright and early to make a good start on that little evil thing.
I had an odd dream last night, I dreamt I was in Pop Idol and I'd got down tothe last three. I was performing and it was great. I went back to my hotel room and there were loads of presants outside on the floor... I didn't pick any of them up, but then I thought I saw a digital camcorder so I went back ouside but it had gone and I was really upset... ispent the whole night looking for it.
I have to go back to my old high school today to do a improvisation workshop... it's all a bit scary - luckily the teacher who's class we're going into isnew there so I wont have to answer and questions about where my life has gone wrong...
Well, my room is officially finished. It's all blue. Ialso have a couch and everything so I'm all excited about that... I can sit and knit and watch TV all in the comfort of my own room... groovy.
I have my new years resolution finally - it's to try and stop feeling so sorry for myself. It's a hard one to stop, but I'm going to try.
Iwas supposed to go for an interview with Pontins this Friday, but I bailed as they'd have wanted me to live there... which I'm not up for, Idon't think they'd appreciate me turning up with two little kitty cats in tow.
The Shaun of the Dead trailer is up on ithink that's the website... I can't see it as my computer is smelly. No doubt there's going to be a clip and I'll be like 'oh wait a sec, I'm coming up', and then, no, it cuts away... *sigh* ;)
I'm off back down to Surrey not next week but the week after, so that should be intersting... a horrid trip down crap memory lane..... yay
Speak soon
ps - we have a YT show on the 17th Jan at 2,30pm if any of you are bored enough to come and see...

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Happy New Year people! I'm sorry I've not written much recently .. it's basically a combination of trying to motivate myself to do work (dissertation rewrite) and this shite computer that crashes more than ever.
So not much to say really anyway... am still doing my poems so check those out