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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Been a while loyal readers... been soo busy and ill :(

Having said that life is still good (apart from swimming in snot) John and I grow closer every day, and my seedlings are growing!

To the left is a pic from when the just started to sprout.

Keya, as a home warming pressie, got me a 'grow your own herb garden' kit... and I've been doing just that... the rocket was first to sprout, then the basil, and then the corriander... now they are all about the same size (three weeks on) and I've just planted them into a larger pot so they can all be happy and spacious.

To the right is a pic of them nice and all growing... yay

and below is them in their new home


Sunday, September 23, 2007

CSz Match and Doron Leaving...
The match was OK, not great, not crap, just OK. Not a great deal in (but, hey, we've played to less) and there seemed to be some newbies in the crowd so hopefully we've won them over :D

Played some new games too - two that we came up with ourselves. The whole night got a little self indulgent I think, but overall was nice atmosphere and great to try out this new stuff - rock!

Plus Julian was there to take some pictures for us - so we got some nice ones.
After that, most of us went to join Welch, and her pals at Doron's leaving do... It was rammed! And very loud, we stayed long enough to have a drink and take some wacky photos... that was about it, we couldn't hear ourselves talk, let alone each other!

He's off to Bristol to be a student again ;) this time in Drama (he's a lawyer right now).
This morning I set up shop with my new housemates for the evening and got all y CSz leaflets done and put into envelopes... yay. So I have to post them - nearly at the end of a very big pile of stuff! But only nearly... not quite there yet... blah... wish me luck that I don't die first...

Work at Uni starts again tomorrow - looking forward to it. Lots of fun ahoy!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

what a mind altering day! I love imrpov! I love it so much, I really feel at home with it - I truly understand how it works... but still, someone can come along and make it even clearer. Today that person was Keith Johnstone, the legend!
Was the first day of a two day course I am on with him. SO much fun and so much new realisation, and also just self afirming stuff!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Back to my past again tonight, went back to the theatre to watch and film Run For Your Wife, really enjoyed the show, very glad I went. Things felt strange though, as they do when people move on... but got a nice chat in with KT and Hilton... and said hi to some people... including one who reads my blog! ;) She's a total stalker i think...

I suppose you forget that you put stuff up here online and then ANYONE can read it... I always just thought me and my mum read it! lol

Anyhoo - for any potential stalkers out there, I'm not worth it.. plus I put far too much of my own stuff out on the internet I'm far too easy - choose someone who's a challenge...

Talking about my past - look what I dredged up when converting some vids to DVD:

A school concert in the States from 1996!

Monday, September 10, 2007


My neck has gone all doolally... I went to work today to start my stint at editing the sitcom and an hour and a half in I stretched - my neck went crunch and I was in agony.... all I could think was how much work there was to do on it! So I got comfy(ish) in the chair and did another hour... then I couldn't bare it any more and came home.
Taken some paracetamol and it's a bit better - managed to put some more things away and get on with more work for CSz... i love my new chair!!!
Plus it's good I was here as the man came round to fix the overflow... so thats all done now.
Mum left this morning, I hope I can get to the states in Dec to see my parents... we'll see...

Saturday, September 08, 2007

What a fun and hardworking day... finally getting the flat in gear!
Bought a new table and chairs and Ibought myself a Workstation for my computer (so I will do more work!) Spent about £400 in 2 days - but it feels good! Our new sofa bed arrives tomorrow along with the last of our shelving units!
Things to do with work makes me want to work more, which is great cos I've got a little lazy over the last couple of weeks - I need to get back into my editing before it all piles in on top of me.
Life is good :)
I love John, and I love stuff! ;)
Probably a bit too much (the stuff, not John)
John's big sister gave us a voucher for IKEA, it arrived this morning just as we were heading out to BUY STUFF... effectively she bought us this table - so I am chuffed. We can have people over and eat civilly!
I am also now on wireless on my computer! First time since I bought it back in 2004 (I think - it is documented on here when I bought this beast).
Right - am going to catch up online a bit then have a bath then beddy byes.
My mum leaves on Monday so I am heading over to see her and my Aunt tomorrow :)

oh almost forgot - we had a practice today and I totally freaked out Tom Roche (

Friday, September 07, 2007

I am still buying and bringing things for the flat at the moment, plus I have a tonne of work I should be getting through... but cool things: new matress cover and chair for computer are sorting my back out it seems!
And I saw some weird and wacky signs recently...

Well, I didn't think he was THAT bad...

This floor protector is shit!

Choose something you know, none of that Foriegn muck!

Oh and another couple of things....

I think you'll find we were there first (circa 1998)

Wowzer.... i called BT today and now we're online! It was that quick (I say quick, I was on the phone to them for 2 hours!)... but that's pretty cool... I'm not cut off from the world... yay!
I found this video on my phone from this summer... made me giggle...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Yesterday was one of the longest in my life! But in a good way (not in a bad 'Extra work' sitting around for 12 hours way, listening to a student moan about how long the day is... you know, like monday! - oh yes, look out for me in Waterloo Road ;) )... me and my mum got up at 4am and headed to Liverpool to get a plane to Dublin!

A couple of years ago (see pic - oh how thin!) me and my mum went over there to retrace my grandad's past and all that... it was a great day - but that's pretty much ALL we did... so last week we decided it would be cool to just go there for a day and 'experience' Dublin.
We arrived at about 8am and got the bus into the City. The city was just waking up really, which was nice to see. Looked like it was going to be a nice day too. So we wandered around for a couple of hours, got a bagel each, and then headed to the coach trip we had booked to the southern coast of Dublin... well a bit... it was a great trip! The Tour Guide was hilarious. Everyone seemed to remind mum of Grandad - and I can see it too. There were loads of Scottish and American people on the bus too... which we found strange - not so much the americans, but there were Scottish people everywhere we turned yesterday! There must be a deal on. We saw Dun Laogharie, which was where my Great Grandfather lived. It seemed really nice, but I can't imagine it was that nice back in the late 1800's.

The drive took us further down where we saw some lovely views and ended for a break in some Gardens or other... can't remember the name of them, Powershot or something... anyway, they were lovely. We had some food (soup and weird looking cheese) and headed out into the gardens for a wander.
It was really peaceful and pleasant. I enjoyed taking lots of pictures, as I do. It was actually getting rather warm at that point... aparantly (according to our guide) we are very lucky cos from the middle of June Dublin had had 60 continuous days of rain! Deary me.

Once we got back from this lovely trip (and a few minutes of snatched shut eye on the coach) we decided to go shopping. Actually, I tell a lie, we did a bit of that before we got on the coach ;)
And then headed over to the Liffy River to get a boat to take us on a ride up and down the River...
Mum doesnt' like water at all so I was pleased she plucked up the courage to get on. She was fine too, it was a lovely slow jaunt up and down and we found out some interesting facts about the place.

It's possible that Grandad was brought up just round the corner to where Oscar Wilde lived. That's quite cool.

We then wearily toddled off the boat and headed towards the cinema - once we got to the cinema we realised we were IN DUBLIN! Why are we going to watch a film! We can do that ANY DAY!

So we headed over to Temple Bar and sat ourselves down in a pub to listen to some music and have a drink (diet coke and OJ)... we heard 3 songs! After every song the lead singer seemed to get up and go outside for a fag!

That was a nice sit down anyway, we then slowly made our way back to the coach to take us back to the airport. Our flight wasn't for another three hours but we were seriously knakkered by this point. So we went back and had some food at the airport and headed to the gate - at this point we were really pleased we'd set off so early - as it took us nearly quarter of an hour to WALK to the gate!

Mum had a sleep then we got on the plane back - rather funny moment when we'd both fallen asleep and didn't realise we were landing, until we did and both woke up with a jump!

Anyhoo -I am still in the middle of moving right now... I have no internet at the flat so I'm poppin on and off at home...back to work now... x

Sunday, September 02, 2007

I may be offline for a while as I'm moving... I will be popping on to check for work and stuff.. but in general I'll probably be out of bounds :(
Hope everyone's well

Saturday, September 01, 2007