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Sunday, December 28, 2008

am currently sat in the living room typing on my lovely new mini laptop, it's cute!!
Christmas was nice, it gets less and less christmassy every year though... possibly because we spent most of the actual day driving.
I am tired... I am slowly getting things done, but I am just tired.
I am feeling a little taken for granted at work, money we were promised before Xmas has not arrived (and therefore a number of peoples xmasses were a bit leaner)
John and I have agreed that this january we are, again, going to start looking after ourselves.
I am over 3 stone over weight and feel very sluggish, John feels the same.

Here are my new years resolutions:

Lose weight and get fitter
See this therapy through
Sort out work for the summer that is not in Chorley
Be less afraid with new things
Go to Chicago and have some Improv Training action!
Push myself forward more at work
Read more (text books especially)
Get my PGCE started
Ride my bike more
And following Danny Wallace's message - Say Yes More!

I may add more to that at some point... when I'm less tired... ;)

Monday, December 22, 2008

I have felt so much love this weekend...
From my troupe, one of my best friends and her new husband, and of course the man... and to top it off just had my bi weekly phone convo with the lovely Jill Headen which always makes me happy :D
Got one day of work left then I'm giving up for Xmas :D x

Friday, December 19, 2008

wow - been a while since I wrote on here..
I've been so busy!
Work is hectic, but good (apart from some nightmare first years!)...
I felt compelled to write today as I had my first taste of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy... it was hard.
Within 2 minutes I was crying, and that didn't really stop for the 45 minutes I was there... it was really hard not to cry... everything I talked about upset me so much. The therapy is to combat my dentist and needle phobias, but it became so much more than that. It became about my whole outlook on life... within 45 minutes she seemed to know me so well!
The main thing that struck a chord was when she told me I look for the worst possible outcome for every situation... this is something I have always done, and I hate it - it means I never look forward to anything!
So my thinking process will be realigned hopefully. We will see - it will probably start properly in the summer.
Welch's wedding this Sunday... which I'm nervous about. Me and John are taking the photos... i hope they are good :-/
Weight wise - I'm up to 13st 8lbs! Really let that slip... even started buying cheese again :(
Something will be done in the new has to be... it's making me very miserable.