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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Yes dear, there are some delightful insects over here, just check out my arm on this pic!... (see comments to last post)

Tonight and today was fun fun fun!

Met up with birthday girl Michele and we spent the afternoon looking for fun stuff for her 'boys' (ie: the new CSz dance troupe!) found some cool stuff. Then we went to celebrate her birthday in style in a place called Cheesecake Factory! YES I KNOW! Mmmmm....

I had the weirdest Macoroni Cheese I've ever had! It was squeezed into a ball and covered in breadcrumbs! Crazy. Very tasty though. despite my face, the cheesecake was very nice, I could even taste it through my cold! (which has now decended into my chest :( )

After that excitement, we headed to ComedySportz and I got ready for the show. Getting ready there mostly means sitting with a drink and chatting. So this I did. Had a lovely chat with Dick and his wife Jen.

Met some new people in the troupe. They are such a large troupe, whenever I play I get to play with new people! Groovy shoos.
Started with a fun few games, Words at a Time Express, Blind Line... then my memory goes hazy. I was really suffering, I was a bit slurry and just generally not well.

I actually can't remmeber much after climbing into Oscar the Grouch's trash can and telling him it was very big... like a tardis. John would be proud.
I played Da Doo Ron and got down to the last two!

Me and Stacey - we were playing for 24 points! lol.
As we were both number 24 and we wanted to decide who was the TRUE 24!

Hilarious. She's a riot! Someone I've chatted to many times but never played with, so I was pleased I got to tonight :D

After the show met up my mum who had watched it, and figured out a way home, after chatting to my friend Matt. We are going to meet up on Tuesday to watch Weird Al!

OMG yes! I can't wait!!!!

I have never seen him live, and probably never will again, so I can't wait :D

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Yup, I have a cold! Annoying. Sore throat and snot everywhere... mmm. Am hoping it clears up before the love of my life decends on me... ooeerrr

The last couple of days have been nice (apart from the afore mentioned snot). Went up to the cabin with my parents. On the way up I bought my mum a tiny dog, I thought it was cute :D

While at the cabin I saw turtles swimming in the lake, I caught a cold, took lots of pictures, burned my fingers of a kebab (yes, I now have a lovely shiney stripe on my index finger and thumb... i think i turned my brain off for a second there). I spent most of the night waking up cos I was hot, and ing a drink and needing the loo... so I am still tired. I also managed to wake up at about 4am and pick up some water and in my tired and numb limb state, throw it all over the wall and onto some plug sockets! Surprised I don't have a nice shiney stripe all the way up my arms from that!

Erm, yeah, don't know what that was about.

Mum and I also had a girly night (after I'd been shooting dads air rifle for an hour outside) and decided to have face packs... hehe... cleared my nose out a bit, both sides...

THen this morning before we left I found a tick on my leg... lovely... luckily the little bugger hadn't found me properly so I just threw him in the loo.... much better than that time in DC... see back in summer 2004 on my blog.

Tonight was spent wit my old school chum Maria, we went to the capital and sat and listened to classical music with about 5000 other people... was a nice atmosphere, but my snotty nose meant an early return for me.

Annoyingly my mobile phone seems to have stopped registering on any of the networks over here so i can't get texts, call,s call out etc... ARGH!

Annoying and strange.

Monday, June 25, 2007

What a nice day already.... bought some pants and everything!

Been Goodwilling with my mum, wearing a new top a the moment. Driven each of the cars once today too! lol. And then met dad for lunch in Denny's - where I had a pancake (yes just the one) and a veggie burger. Rock!

So I am rather full now, but very thirsty! I've already had a bottle of mtn dew!

We also bought a massive peg, for no other reason than bec
Still makes me laugh!

I mean, it's a MASSIVE peg!

And it's sparkly.

Anyhoo.. I also bought a new hat. Bye for now.

Got here safe and sound. A rather pleasant flight where I read all of Julian Clary's autobiography. Was quite iteresting. It's funny too, the more I read of comedians biogs, the more place names I recognise!
Before I move onto the holiday I wanted to talk about sat nights match - it was brilliant!

Exactly what I needed before going away -had every element of an exciting match. Plus reassured me even more than before that my troupe are fantastic!
We did however have an injury - which we on the blue team milked for the whle show ;) Chris never has been a soft handed lad - so when he slapped Leigh in a jovial manner - this happened!

We all went out for a curry afterwards which I enjoyed, then headed back to watch Dr Who, yes, I suppose I'm enjoying it ;)
Anyhoo... I'm here now. And I'm missing my man :(

Not really done much yet if I'm honest. Had a nightmare last night about my teeth falling out which was horrible.
Today my mum and I are doing the Goodwills... yay! Fave place! Have to find new pants for CSz while I'm here too...

I have had a bagel and an eggo since I got here, and a smoothie - so I'm in my happy place :D
Also had someone contact me today to get on the CSz course in Sept, so that's cool too :D
I also saw a cute tree frog yesterday... I've been taking pictures like mad already and i've only been here half a day! ;)
Yes, I know that doesn't surprise you.

Right am going to get dressed now and get ready for the day
It's good to have nothing that I HAVE to do, but for some reason I still get stressed..

ah me

PS - i didn't really sleep on the plane so my body clock is a bit out of whack - also the film was Music and Lyrics and it was OK, couple of LOL moments if I'm honest... I was tired though ;)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's 4.15am, John is asleep and making the weird snory sound he makes, I am waring a massive jacket that doesn't fit because everything's packed and ready to go.
There's only one thing different. I'm not nervous.
I HATE flying. To the point of making sure I see all my friends before i get on a plane incase I don't see them again... but this time, maybe it's just because I've been so busy, but I'm relitively calm.
My usual pre-flight plan is to just not sleep - then when I get on the plane I'm really spaced out and tired so I just doze off or at least don't have the energy to panic. But right now all I want to do is cuddle john and go to sleep.
I'm going to miss him.
And the snory sound.
Well, not so much that.
I had a weird flash back to once when I was on a plane and there was terrible turbulance. I was so scared. All I could think was, and this is going to sound very morbid now, was how much I loved my fiance of the time, and how if I died at this moment, I'd have had a full life because of him. Strange isn't it? I can't say I feel exactly like that now, I'm older, I have much more to live for, much more left to do I'm sure, lots more people to help, but at the same time I do feel a lot more content and serene, more than I have for years.
That isn't to say I'm ready to die in a plane crash (I'm touching as much wood as I can find while writing all this...), but I do feel like my life's settling again - more than it has since that time. It's a good feeling. It's a little weird too, I never thought I'd feel like this again - at least, I've been stopping myself.
Anyway... where did all this come from...
I am setting off for the airport in 3 1/2 hours.
I think I'm going to cuddle john for a bit.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

righty ho... about to pack up the computer now... boooooooo
will be emailable but not as much as usual... see you all gang
I'm still packing and cleaning and moving and planning a workshop for tomorrow and a show for sat! Yes I'm mad.
THis may keep you entertained for a little while:

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


And I'm packing...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The silent films we did the other day :D

Feeling a bit better now.

Felt rotten yesterday morning, but then the workshops perked me up. Was supposed to meet my mum this morning before she left but I just couldnt' get up. Another rotten nightmare filled sleep. A couple of months of every couple of nights disturbedby nightmares can't be good really can it? Probably just cos of everything that's going on.

However... here are two pictures of the same tree - spring and summer

Friday, June 15, 2007

I am crying.
I can't stop crying.
I've been packing all day, watching old old videos, and went to the theatre tonight.
It was like going back in time for the day. When my mum and dad were in the country all the time and I wasn't rushing to make sure I saw them. When I made a play in 6 weeks for an appreciative audience. When all me and Keya needed to laugh til we cried was a video camera and an evening alone.
All I've done for the last year is look back at my time in Chorley and think bad things, and how glad I am to be out of there - there was a lot of good there that I'd forgotten.
I was driving home, after talking and catching up with people I used to see every week, and I just started crying.
It's like the last 6 months just caught up with me all at once.
I've not written much, if anything, about what happened with me and Chris in this, or any other. blog. Simply out of respect for him. He has written much more in his, but I have risen above all of that. At least, in text form.
I thought about how bad I was to him, I was at no point in any way pleased with how I was towards him. No one deserves that. Things weren't right, but I went about things the completley wrong way. I only hope that one day he can forgive me enough, I dont know if he ever will. But I miss him.
But at the same point, I am happy, very happy, the happiest I have been in many years. It feels more like things are fitting together. The move back to Chorley isn't ideal, by any means, but it wont be for long, and I'll be back to living my life more how I want to - not how I think it will work logically, or for others.
Finally it's stuff like this that really makes me realise how much I miss my parents. Since my dads stroke my sister has been so much closer to them than I have. I think it's because she was there when that happened, and I didn't really see it, so it didn't hit me in the same way. There's just loads of stuff going on in my life that I don't want to bother them with, or I don't think they'll be interested in. I suppose they just see me as 'independant' or 'strong' or just able to look after myself... maybe I am. But I'm probably not, not really. Why do you think I've always got a man in tow. Clever eh? *sarcasm*

I just hate being the person that when I tell people what's going on in my life they roll their eyes as if to say 'that's our Bron', like I'm some sort of wacky neighbour in the sitcom of my life.
I feel like I have to grow up a bit more now and sort everything out.
I don't ever want to be in this situation again - this is the second time I've ended up here.
All my own doing.
I aparantly never learn.
But I have this time.
I hope.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

THE NEW SHIRTS!!! (Ignore the Popular thing at the top - I put it on over another top)

Busy Busy Busy...
Mostly cos I took a day off yesterday, well kind of... went to visit Julian and do some filming.
Was good fun! I will post the final things when they are finished.
I love silent films, and it was good fun to be able to make one with my pals instead of students :D

Today I'm trying desperately to finish a load of editing... and the flat is a tip! Picking up the new CSz teeshirts today too, so I'm excited to see those - I designed them ;)
Right had better get back to all this stuff, or I'll never finish it...
Oh, and this title of some spam I recieved today made me chuckle:
Tired with sexual troubles swede?

Monday, June 11, 2007

i cycled into town and back again today... you should all be mightily proud!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Lovely night last night, was great to be on stage with John - :)

Granted I wasn't actually supposed to get on stage, but something he tried didn't quite go to plan so I was roped in. Love this man.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

a new character is born

Danny's girlfriend, Betty Singleton. (who looks scarily like my mum!)

Where to begin... The weekend was a LOOONNNG one - but in a nice way. Well, mostly a nice way. John and I had our first bust up (aww... ahem). Yeah, wasn't pleasant, but it's all sorted now. As with most relationship issues that people have, it was a miscommunication... so that's good, nothing too major. The only major downside was that it was just before a comedysportz match! But I managed to pull myself out of it enogh to enjoy the match :D

Our show wan't at the comedy store by the way, but we were taking publicity pictures for our new bumpf, which John is designing and Chris is writing! See i CAN delegate!

The match went well, it was Rachel Wareing's first one back in a year! We did a fairly good one. To a very small crowd - I am gutted with this venue it has to be said... they do not promote the night at all... some people even tried to come and watch from Chorley!! But couldn't find the sodding place!

It's a nightmare.

Sunday John and I set off earlyish to see his parents and for him to do a gig in Hartlepool. We stopped off in North Sheilds and Gateshead to do more Danny filming. I love seeing John around his family, his neices love him to bits and aparantly were really excited to learn that he was coming to see them. It's cool to see really close families like that, must get a bit stiffling too though. But I can't remember ever being excited when my uncle was going to come round...

I saw the angel of the north which combined my issues with mannequins and heights all in one ;)
I even saw some Angel of the North poo! Ew.

That evening we went to Hartlepool, which was a bit chav central, so we sat in the car and ate chips so no one glassed us.
I love my camera... can you tell? I took loads of pictures.
Well my mum got into the country yesterday so I'm going to spend time with her and my OLD sister (happy birthday Key) today.. but before that... marking...
nearly done ;)

Danny visits Gateshead

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Friday, June 01, 2007

I have watched both showings of todays neighbours - and both made me cry :( Goodbye Scott 'Stingray' Timmons :(

Come on - give me this one, it's the only soap I'm really in to! I can't believe the BBC are getting rid of it! Good old Channel 5 have picked it up though... i now officially love channel 5.

Last night was a pretty weird/amazing/fun night. Chris, Ben and I went and performed in a Sketch show at Cast Bar, next to the Palace Theatre.

Went down pretty well. What was greatest about it for me though was that two of my friends from Uni were there doing some of their stuff!
They were great - really showed everyone how to do it! Rock on!
And the best part about THEM being there, was that loads of people i went to uni with turned up to watch!

At Uni I shied away from performance, and concentrated on camera and editing (I'm sure they weren't surprised to see me with a camera in my hand), so it must have been a little weird to see me up there performing.
So it became a little bit of a reunion. I am rubbish with names though and spent most of the night listening in to see if people said their names... got them all by the end :D

Talking about camera work... it seems it has been my enemy, and I didn't even know it!
I went for my long over due eye test today. And lo and behold, I need glasses.
Aparantly my right eye is really slack. Best way i can put it - it's crap comepered to my left. Which would explain a hell of a lot of headaches and dizziness over the last few months.
And I can only assume it's due to staring down a lens with that eye for the last 15 years... bah. Well, what doesn't kill you and all that...
So, back to glasses for me - which isn't a massive problem to be honest, I even got my new (£135!) lenses put in my old frames. Geek Chic is back!
Carry On - mark 2

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