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Sunday, July 31, 2005


we were shooting Keya's MA thingy today and took some pictures too... fun.

ANYHOO... last night of the play! What a lot to talk about! Becky, who was playing Scarlett called me at 10am to tell me that she was too ill to be in the show that evening! Argh! Now I would have been really stressed if I hadn't already woken up in the middle of the night in a random stress... and all I could think of was Becky! It was like a mini premenition about everything.
So anyway, I called Rachael Hilton and she stepped up and learned the part and did it on the night and was AMAZING! She rocks!

Becky... and Rachael

Saturday, July 30, 2005

another good night.... lost it near the end though, bit strange, it was like everyone stopped trying a bit.
Hopefully tomorrow will blow the roof off!


Thursday, July 28, 2005

Show went well... tired... busy day tomorrow... blah
I'm major busy but just wanted to make sure I got this story down before I forgot...
Went to Crewe last night with Chris, he was comparing a gig there. We arrived and noticed a tour bus in the car park... i looked in the direction of it to see if it was anyone special, and stood behind it there was someone who looked really familiar, nothing to do with the tour bus. I said to Chris 'Haha, look, it's Peter Kay'... Chris got out of the car.... 'Yes. It is'...
Turns out Peter Kay was there last night to watch his friend Jason M (something, cant' remember his surname right now)... It was a bit mad. Mike (my business partner) called me to try and get me to give him a business card... but I couldn't. I always think that I'm pestering, and most probably would have been. So I just left him to it... the funniest part of the evening for me was when I over heard him being told about the delicacy of the venue - Curly Fries... to which he replied 'Curly? Fries?'.... OK maybe he didnt' say it quite like that but in my mind that's how it sounded... made me laugh anyway...
Right off for my busy day now

undercover peter kay shot

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Spent the day rehearsing and the like.. tired.. snotty.. stressed..

Saturday, July 23, 2005

A friend of mine wrote on her blog today 'I love My Life'

I'm such a miserable sod...even if life were going great I dont think I could ever document it that way. As soon as I start thinking like that another part of my brain creeps in and tells me about all the other stuff that's not great about my life.. so it knocks me back again...


But I'm pleased her life she loves :D

Friday, July 22, 2005

I have a cough!
And a few busy week ahead.
TOmorrow I have an all day rehearsal, the same on Sunday... the mOnday is an all day and all night one, as is tuesday!
Why do I do this to myself?
Becuase I love it?
Well, yes, and because if a job's worth doing it's worth doing well.
SO there ;)
I may not be around so much the next few days

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I ALWAYS end up hurting people don't I? Even when I'm trying so desperately hard not to! What's my problem? God, I thought I was down the other day, now I'm just down and sick.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

What an odd day... spent the first part of it rehearsing (which went well... for some reason I'm quietly confident for once... strange), then at an audition... we'll see. Then the second part talking to my texan (evan) and then just kind of feeling down. I dozed off at about half 6 and didn't wake up til half 9. So now I'm all disorientated, and I have work tomorrow.
Just sorting out more stuff for the webpage for the play. Got a better picture, and this Thursday will be taking press pictures too, so it'll get better and snazzier. The Welch has put a lot of work into it while I've been busy rehearsing and just generally feeling sorry for myself, and for that I'm immensley grateful.
Chris has relented and is heading over to cheer me up before I go to bed... it sucks that he lives an hours drive away. But, hey, I've done PROPER long distance before this, so this is small fries.

Me at that wedding... a candid shot that I rather liked

Joe leading the way at the YT party

Saturday, July 16, 2005

just a quick post... managed to get a little something online about my next play... not much blurb yet, but that's to come
Emotional night last night.

I was busy last night. I was first in Manchester to say happy birthday to my friend Denise who I'd not seen for ages. And she looked relaly good! She was singing that night too so I really wanted to stick around to hear her, her songs are beautiful! Only had chance to hear one song then had to shoot off to the Youth Theatre last night party as both directors weren't going to be there.
I was really resenting having to go, right up to the moment that I walked in the door. But when I walked in, all the shouts of 'Bron!' cheered me up. It was an odd night, cos I'd not been part of the show at all really, and not ben able to be around too much it was strange that these kids even still knew me. I brought them a load of food too though which helped.
The highlights of the evening were; the kids all walking round the auditorium to Amirillo, and Joe saying thanks to me for being there so they could have this party. That really touched me. I went up to the sound box and watched them all dancing about and I just started to cry. I'm going to miss the kids so much. All the way back last night I was crying. I'd forgotten why I loved it so much, and it's because of the kids. It's not an ego thing, I just love to see them enjoy themselves, gain confidence, grow etc... it's mad really. I didn't realise how many of them I knew. Strange.
It made me want to just go 'OK I'll stay a bit longer'... but I really can't... I know it's a lot of what's holding me back... but I really am going to miss those kids... the outside work that I get PAID for doesn't come anywhere close to the satisfaction I get from Youth Theatre... madness again.
Anyway, I'm sure I have things to do today, I have a rehearsal later so I should plan for that a bit.

Myself and Denise :) (taken with Chris's new camera phone that he is obsessed with, yes even more than I was with mine

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Ugh what an odd day.
For some reason my jealousies and insecurities are coming into play all over the place at the moment.
I always dwell and revisit, which isn't healthy. All this in the middle of a stress time too. Great.
I really am one of those people who just dwells and dwells. On the ifs, the might have beens, the should have beens, the could have beens, why I dont like beans... i dunno.
Every so often I sit back and look at my life and it's very rare I like what I see. At the moment everything 'career' wise seems to be going great. But yet it's still worrying me... but that's not the main thing that's screwing with my head... as usual it's that 'what if'... i have many of those swimming around my brain on many topics. One day it'll probably be the death of me.
I've wrecked so many people... I'm selfish, and I know it... but it comes from my own insecurities... I recently said to someone ... if I was that sure of myself and liked myself more then I wouldn't keep hurting people. I take love where I can get it...
so there...
Things were easier to write when no one read my blog...
For some reason I got popular recently... odd.
I'm so hot - I hate hot!
My face is greasy too
I need a bath
i need a splash
then I can be faced with you

random poem

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

went to the Frog and Bucket last night after work to try and relax... it was OK - but very very warm.
Didnt' stay for long. Looked manic on this pic that managed to end up on

Me and Jo Dakin... she doesn't like me much

Should at this point catch you all up a bit.
Last Thursday Andre arrived and it all got a bit manic. I also picked up the new teeshirts that we're taking to the states with us:

the new vests!

But Friday night I went to watch Chris do his first weekend at the Frog. Which aparantly is a good thing? I dunno.. I'm still learning all this... it didnt' go great, it didnt' go bad either, but he did it, and kept the audience's attention for the whole time. Aparantly the second night went better. He did some new material about his dad catching him with come cigarettes and being made to smoke them all as a punishment... then being caught with some porn... and you can guess the punchline ;) was funny.. I suggested a rule of three thing where he built up to the porn (as you always do) but I'm not sure what happened with that.

Forgot my camera and had to take a tiny pic on my phone instead!

Then saturday we had the match, which went great, scrimmage was a bit haphazzard, then Sunday I had a meeting with the Frog and Bucket for the Manchester Comedy FEstival - all getting a bit exciting...
Today I'm still trying to catch up on stuff I should have done ages ago!

Monday, July 11, 2005

what a stressful day! Woke up with panics. managed to get a lot done though by the end of it.
just got an email from my sister... basically the email is telling me I scuffed some of her shoes... OK, fair enough but a) I iddn't know I'd done it, b) I didnt' do it on purpose, c) i didnt' even know they COULD be scuffed, them being sandals d) i hardly walked anywhere in them e) I'm not at home so what can I do about it and f) what can i do about that at all?? very frustrating... all that on top of a stressful day and then a stressed phone call from one of the directors of the YT play that goes on on Wednesday... and I can't do anything to help!
There's nothing I can do.
I've pretty much watched the YT slowly get worse and worse over the last year and not done ANYTHING to stop it... I need to get out, quick... let someone take over who will give it the attention it needs and deserves.
So as of the end of the summer I will no longer be running it.. it's a very hard decision but it needs to be.
I feel really stressed, and now rather down.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

well... I'm still a bit rushed to write much... but here are some pix from the last few days:

Bron and Paul Tate backstage at the concert in Astley Park... it was a bit warm!..

Yes me singing... I messed it up actually, but it's all good..

Andre playing with us the other nigt... fun fun fun..

While seeing Andre off after his visit..
Last night's match was great... loads of fun.
Was great to be shook up a bit by playing with someone we didn't know that well. Andre (as I actually mentioned in the match) has now become CSzCUK's favourite player! lol... Let's hope he comes back again! ;)
The scrimmage afterwards was blatantly not throught through which was a shame... it's easier to play random stuff at the football club cos you can get to things easier... I like to play with the sound and stuff but it's a 30 second walk to the sound equipment in the theatre and both Mr Voice and our lighting guy went!
Anyhoo.. the last few days have been manic, I will write again later and post some pictures too

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

well well well... good spread in the C.G about the match this saturday...
Only problem
7th JULY?!?!?!?!!??!?!
Must go home and check my press release but I can't imagine I put the wrong date myself! How annoying.
Have to also make posters for the foyer now before the 7th so that people dont go on the wrong day.
How silly.
Not checked the C.C. yet.... hopefully they've not got it wrong too.

I've eaten way too much crap/indian food in the last few weeks.. my digestion is awful... blergh.

Hey July 9th person, if you know Julian and are therefore in Glossop check out the comedy show at the Globe on Thursday.. should be fun.

Currently listening to 'Afternoon Delight'.. nwo if you dont think that is the greatest song ever then I will fight you... that's no lie... ;)

Well have lots of stuff to trawl throguh today so I'm off to get a start on it... be well

Monday, July 04, 2005

Got back from London at 3am this morning... was a fun and busy weekend... here are a few snapshots.

Bron and Rachael next to a big clock... as you can see we were rather excited as then we knew the time..

Trapped on a big metal container underground..

Tom at the Comedy Store... not sure he knew what was going on..

Some of the comedy store players..

Andy Smart and Paul Merton..

Bron and Rach filming the end for 'Libby the Vampire Steaker'..

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Well I'm currently in good old London town. Had a rather productive day of rehearsal with Rach and Tom, although I was shattered more than usual for some reason and dropped off a couple of times in the rehearsal!
We also finished off some filming for another project we started two years ago! So that was quite fun.
Everything's just getting so busy again, and I have such little energy so therefore it's all stressing me out cos I've got loads to do and can't do it! Am also nervous about Andre's visit next week, as I dont know him that well, but hopefully it'll be all groovy shoos.
The Welch is watching Big Brother behind me... I haven't watched ANY of it this year, dont know anyone, and have little interest really... what is that illure nowadays? At first I loved the novelty and the social experiment side to it... but now it jsut seems boring really.
Anyway, going to go and try and do more stuff...