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Thursday, August 31, 2006

oh it doesn't end there it seems!
We also got a electric bill today for £150 saying they were going to cut us off!

our landlords are PRICKS!
Woke up again with water in my face, then when Chris got up the ceiling in the bathroom had opened up to chuck a tonne of water into the room... the bin is under as much of it as possible. My phone somehow managed to find a nice spot under the leaking roof and is now almost dead. The laptop luckily had been moved the night before. I am NOT happy!
I do however have insurance on my phone so will get that sorted soon.
Aparantly they can't do anything until it's dry.
Heard that before.
AND we have been complaining all through summer to get this stuff fixed AND it's been like this since before I moved in... even since before I knew Chris!

Fucking ridiculous!
I hate people today.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

OMG! Northwest tonight just can't keep away!!!
Check out this
Darryl just called to say that he'd heard a rumour that we were on the telly... he was right, I tracked down the clip!

PS - I don't think they knew that it was a joke........
OMG I am way too into this experiment on MySpace! So much fun, Sean and Emily are in on it now too and are joining in big style... at some point I'll put more about it on here, but I want to leave it annoymous for a bit longer.
Finished editing the silent movies today! Now all I have to do is send them to the composer to add music to them :D
So all in all a productive day... am still waiting on payment from that job so I'm a bit short... have enough money to pay my car loan and phone bill but not my rent... so am hoping the cheque will speed up :D
Anyhoo... back to myspace ;)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Brainne --


A level headed person who always makes the wrong decision

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

What a fun day :)
Rach H and KT came up to Manc to visit me :D We sat and watched some sketches, started an interesting experiment on MySpace, then went into town to enjoy food, chat and cheap clothes.
I was sad when they left, I need more friends around here... or just more of my good ones to come and visit more often!

Monday, August 28, 2006

We leave this morning.
I'ts been a fun and intense time. I nearly met Richard Herring last night (he was looking at me and everything) but I chickened out... I always thnk it's a bit unfair to pester people on their nights off and the like.

Celeb watch (in the street):
Richard Herring
Gail Porter (while stood chatting to...)
Seymour Mace
Armando Innucci
Steve Coogan
That old guy from Alf Weidersein Pet
His wife, Denise Welch
Julian Barratt
Julia Davis

that's it I think.... probably many more who I just didn't know, or cared.

Shows I saw:

Pear Shaped - 3 *'s
The Improvability Drive - 3 *'s
Jeremy Sherwood - 5 *'s
Die Clatters - 2 *'s
Richard Herring - 5 *'s
VHS: Death to DVD - 2 *'s
Comedy For Kids - 5 *'s! I will write more about this show later...
TOby Hadoke - Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf - 5 *'s
Pat Monahan - 4 *'s (only just cos it was a bit long... but what a brilliant guy)

We head back today, which is a shame cos I bumped into some folks from California on my way back last night who were doing a long-form improv show which I would have really liked to see... bit expensive though and also on after I leave... DOH.
All in all a lovely weekend and have made me want to get CSz up here even more....
Watch this space...

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Drew this while sat on the hill that I couldn't get all the way up...
This is why I don't do art any more... Plus it rained a bit so I was sad... an there was no wireless internet connection...
Was heartily disapointed today when I ordered An American! Breakfast that is...
Look at what I got:


Met up with Liz and her friend Mary near the Castle today too which was nice. Although a bit awkward. Not really got much to talk about anymore and Liz just seemed embarrased about us to be honest... whatever.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

In Edinburgh!
GOt here last night, about 9.30pm... went straight into the hub bub and wandered around a bit. John took us to a cool hang out spot called The Pleasance where I pretty literally bumped into Steve Coogan - woohoo, lovely hair.
We left there to head over to the Holyrood Tavern where Chris and John were going to do a bit of stand up, I was shattered by this point, glad I stayed to watch Chris though, he always amazes me a little more each time I see him recently, he's really coming into his own. Then the Welch met us and we toddled back to the flat where I slept very quickly.
Today was long and fruitful, saw an improv troupe who did some very VERY familiar games... must find out their source, seemed like they had the CSz manual! Then saw a very funny man, James Sherwood I think he was, after that Die Clatters, not a great show by them I felt, they;ve never really gelled for me to be honest, then finally after tea with the Welch, on to Richard Herring who was a delight :D
Just got back, rather early for Edinburgh times, but want to make the best of tomorrow, and I'm shattered...
Oh we found a delightful pie shop too!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Shattered and heading to Edinburgh any second.
The last day was good fun, we finished shooting on Thursday so today was our wrap party, got to play pass the parcel (possibly my favourite party game EVER!) and just had a good laugh. We all piled into the Astley Park Cafe at lunch time to discover that in a couple of weeks it would be closed! I was sad, that has been there as long as I can remember :( booo.
Got some choccys and took some pictures... tired, loved the experience... now onto the editing....

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I think the picture left shows how the last few days have been.... sheesh!
No not too bad really, I messed up yesterday with a schoolboy error though! I forgot to charge the camera batteries!! What was I THINKING? Or not thinking... anyway, today went really well, and we're not behind or anything so that's all good news. The only thing that bugs me is the camera. Even though I've used the same camera before I can't figure out hte manual F/stop so all my shots have auto exposure! Annoying... plus there seems to be a back focus problem that I can't correct - I have managed to find the piece of dirt on the lens that plagued me even back in 2003! No one must have cleaned the sodding thing!
Tomorrow is the last day of filming, I've already started the editing process, it's looking rather good, even if I do say so myself ;)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

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did I ever tell you that this was online?

Get this video and more at
Look at me! How much do i rock!
I just did all my taxes AND tax credits in just over an hour!!!!!!!
I kept much better records than last year so it was pretty simple really. I htought I'd be doing that til the early hours so now I'm a bit lost for what to do for the weekend.
I may call my parents shortly for a natter.
Looks like Kitty has another bloody infection! I hate that cat. I'm sorry but this time I'm not paying for it to be looked at. His immune system will just have to look after him. He's technically Ben's cat now anyway as he's agreed to keep him when I move out. HAHAH... fool.
I actually feel good today! Go me. Am trying not to think of ComedySportz though cos lack of space and all that is making me sad. Apart from that things are going good. Just applied for a good paying job in Yorkshire (only a couple of days a week) so I'm really hoping I get that! Fingers crossed for me, it's right up my alley!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

And with all the oo-ing and ahh-ing over Vicki and Sean I forgot I was on the BBC last night:

AND talking about the BBC, there's an audition tomorrow... but I@m not going for it... AND I've been shortlisted for a BBC creative team competition!

Check us out and vote if you can

OMG. I don't know if I've ever been so proud! Last night was the NODA region 6 awards. I was nominated for two - Best Play and Best Actress in a Musical... I already knew I hadn't won either. So I was a bit grumpy for going to be honest, plus we had a right to do getting there! The food was pants, although aparantly the meat option was very good (vegetarian option equalled a plate full of every vegetable I HATED... courgettes, egg plant, peppers, parsnips... seriously... I was saved by the guy going round with the brocolli and roast potatoes).
So I was tired and grumpy by the time we got to the Caberet.
Boy was I NOT once it started! It was a section from Les Mis, the one that Sean and Vicki were in in Adlington. I missed it last summer as I was in America. The section they did was brilliant! Vicki and Sean stood out a mile as really knowing what they were on about! They were truly amazing. Vicki's voice in particular is so mature and gorgeous to listen to.
I started bawling and found it so hard to stop, not cos of the song, but their performances and the fact that I have known them so long and seen them grow up and learn all this stuff. I'm welling up now just thinking about it again.
They have worked so hard, and really deserved the Best Actress in a youth production and Best Actor in a youth production awards they recieved...
I was so proud again.
As I was leaving they both came over to me, hugged me, kissed me and told me that everything they do they learned from me. I was a wreck again.
So this is why I do this job...

I was so tired when I got back, but still beaming... I was not at all bitter about not winning... see pic

Friday, August 18, 2006

well, the week is finally nearly over... hello just as busy weekend.
I am looking forward to in a weeks time when I can just REST... a bit more.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Just been sent the website for our new improv troupe!
Check it out
(guess which is me ;) )

The Grinventors


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Look what I made tonight! I needed to sort my room out, granted I'll only be here for another 4 months or so, but this rooms was driving me insane! I've managed to clear out 4 boxes! And hopefully it will mean clumsy housemates will stop breaking my things.
sooooo tiiiiiiiiired

Been writing so much recently it's affected my desire to blog.
Written a script nearly every night the last 3 or 4 days... we start filming next week.
The BBC were down today to film us 'filming' (even though we're a week away!), we had to mock up the filming. And it was raining so that meant we had to film the TRAIN SCENE INDOORS!!!!
More of the same on Thursday...
We will film it all PROPERLY next week.
I wore my lovely new Indianapolis CSz teeshirt so it was nice and prominant ;)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

wow I've gotten up late...
Just found an old clip on youtube... this is the first time I ever saw the lovely Chris Tallman (CSz MKE, then LA... and still LA... oh and he's done shows like Crossballs and the like), and didn't even know it!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Well, now I've caught everyone up on my wonderful trip, back to reality... STRAIGH BACK!
Since getting back on Monday I've gone head first into a three week project. This week has been both great and hard, mainly cos my temper is a little frayed due to jet lag. however we are all ready to write the script and shoot in a week! Can't wait. I already know it's going to be good. It's been great being able to hire in ComedySportz too and not having to run the workshop myself MUAHAHAAAA.
Looking forward to the weekend. I may redye my hair as it's all coming out and going poo now. I also have to check out the space I'm hiring for the festival - looks like I'm doing another improv show too that week - how cool!
I also have to sort out my tex credits and the like too! Ugh. All this finance stuff, annoying.
Anyway going to go and try and get some rest, maybe watch neightbours! I have a lot to catch up on!
Also check out Northwest Tonight on Monday if you can, aparantly I will be on there in the evening! ROCK!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

*sigh* Brian Allman....
more to write about the evening later...
Anyhoo - sat here about to head to the airport and to home....

Saturday, August 05, 2006

SAN JOSE - Day Five

Wow the week went SO FAST! DOn't let the picture to the left fool you - we didn't go back to LA! We went to Great America for the day! It was, great. Actually for me it was a bit lame, just cos it was hot, and sweaty, and I don't go on any rides. PLus I got a blister on my toe, so I left early. Before I left though some cool stuff that happened:
I went on the dodgems with Jill Bernard
I bought a teeshirt with the word 'bugger' on it
I ate pizza (oh wait, I did that nearly every day)
Chris was taken off a ride for being too fat
I discovered I'd been bitten on the legs
Kosta won a tiger cos the woman there guessed he was thinner than he was
I saw someones phone fall out of their pocket on an upside down ride - muahhaaa

I left early on my own, bumping into the family I'd already bumped into twice in the park! Small world.
When I got back I had another sleep, as I was still feeling a bit ill from the day before, and my throat wrecked! I woke up and headed to the pool i think, I know I was at the pool at some point. I think when Chris came back we both went to the pool before the show.
The shows were awesome! I'm so glad I went home early the night before so I could experience them! Dick Chudnow is a gem! Well, you'd expect that really. But it was fab to see him play, he does it so rarely.
After the matches we all headed back to the theatre for one last time. They had set up a screen to show Family Guy (great idea! It's just that Karaoke won out)... and Karaoke in the larger theatre. It was a slow burn but once the booze flowed everyone got up!
Such fun.
Rach and I did Take Me Or Leave Me from Rent (hear me sing it on my own there), then I sang something with Luke, a TMBG song, then I sang Do-Re-Mi !! We ended up all over the theatre with that one... Rach and I even filled in the en
ding that wasn't on the track ;) Finally before I caught a lift back to the hotel me and Matt Hartman sang If I Had $1,000,000 Dollars by BNL, which was great fun :D
Back at the hotel I hung out at the pool for an hour or so with the cool kids. Got to catch up with Milwaukee hotteee Brian Allman, who'd driven in to hang out with me and his MKE pals. It was great, Brian and I get on so well, we both seem to have the same passion for things, great talking to him. I walked him to his hotel room as he was knakkered, then went back to the pool for more chat and to watch the sun come up.
At about 6am I decided to get half an hours sleep as my shuttle to the airport was at 7am.
It was so strange - tournament really did go by so fast!
I remembered why I never want to sleep at tourney, and cursed the horrid illness that was still inside me.
I said goodbye to all my good friends, all the friends I wish were in the UK so I could just hang out with them normally. It felt really unfair, it really did all go so fast.
Next year I will NOT SLEEP AT ALL...
But for now...
Home I go.

ps... forgot about this... Myles sang a rather intersting song at karaoke:

Friday, August 04, 2006

SAN JOSE - Day Four

Had a stupidly small amount of sleep -Shannon kept trying to get everyone to go to Denny's - and she got her wish at 8.45am the next day (after about 4 hours sleep)... oh and Shannon didn't go!
I had Andre's pancakes then rushed back to the hotel to catch the meeting just starting. Walked in just in time to see the DVD that contained the video of our appearance on NBC news! The whole segment appeared to begin with a shot of me running around like a horse! Ahh well, fame at last eh?
I actually dont' have a great deal to sat about this day. I did a cool workshop with Andre and then had a managers meeting. We then had an impromtu scrimmage with the Milwaukee team, and a few others which was great fun.
Ate some food, went to the evenings show and left early cos I felt so ill :( Missed a lot of cool stuff, but really needed sleep! I was hot and cold and tender to the touch... as soon as I got back to the hotel I moaned to Chris about the water he got me and fell straight asleep!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

SAN JOSE - Day Three

This was the first night of the shows at Tourney (including our own). We had workshops in the morining - I took "Have a Relationship with James Bailey", which was really nice, got a few new warm up games to play with there, and a good revisit into scene work.
Then I went to a Managers meeting. I think this may have been the day I sneaked out with Christine to get icecream - but it may have been the next day, or it may have actually happened both days, or even all three... there was a Ben and Jerry's right next to the theatre :D ROCK! After this we went to the theatre where the main matches were being held and got into our kit. We spent a lot of time stood about in what could only be described as the basement of the theatre, so we all spent a stupid amount of time taking photos :)

The opening ceremony was amazing! I was actually a bit teary almost, it's such an amazing thing I am part of!

The show was a nice start to the festivities as it were, and then off we headed to the San jose space to get ready for our match.
We had a hard time getting ready as we were all stressing our heads off, well maybe I was the only one doing that, but we were all tired and tempers flared minutes before we went on... we sorted it out in the end but it did mean that Chris's toilet break was delayed and therefore he managed to miss the start of the show! Something to do with lack of toilet roll.
Our match went well! We started with a new game called 'Word at a Time Express', which went well, then played a combo which we'd done once, but wanted to challenge ourselves to again - 'SuperHero Sing It!'... it worked OK, we got Shannon out of the audience to help us out. Next we played Blind Line which was good fun (Fanny Pack! Oh dear) and we also helped out San jose with a game they invented on the night which was similar to I Couldn't Disagree More from the If I Ruled the World show... I love Graeme Garden...anyway.... Finally (after a much needed brown bag for an extreme profanity on the San jose team) we played Last Action Joke and won. yay.
That brought our total up to 3 wins 2 losses for the tour...
But of course we're all winners really.
We then spent a lot of the evening by the pool I think. I know I didn't get to bed til late but we did get a ride back with James...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

SAN JOSE - Day Two

We started the morning with a mass meeting where we got to say hi to everyone, some of Chicago still hadn't arrived due to weather issues... I am glad we set off early now. Next came the New Games Workshop! Always a delight. Saw some hilarious new games that we really want to so - one called 'Awkward Moment' just completely stole the show! The game is exactly as the title suggests! And hilarious, especially with the wonderful Chris Tallman playing.
I unfortunately didnt' get to participate in the afternoon workshops as I had a managers meeting, as is the way. But it was a nice meeting, and it finished promptly as most of the gang were heading off to a 'ball game' to throw the first pitch (I don't pretend to understand). Rachel went too as seemed to enjoy herself, I stayed, as did Chris and a couple of others, and headed to the pool. Chris and I then attached ourselves to Dan, from San jose, who took us to a Target so we could buy some cheap food and the like. I bought more crap really. And some weeeeeeeee cans of Mountain Dew. We also went to an In and Out Burger - where I asked for a veggie burger. I was excited to hear they had one. I got to my table, sat down, took the lettuce and tomato off as usual, looked down and saw.... NOTHING. TUrns out a veggie burger there is just bread and salad! Yum.
We then headed back and found our way to the karaoke! It was PACKED, and mostly with our guys! The stag party in the corner weren't too pleased. PLUS it was
a dollar to sing! Chris bought a song for us each only to then find out that they weren't taking any more requests! how very annoying. We stumbled out of there with LA manager James who gave us a lift back to the hotel, where we slept... until Rachel came back... at about 3am... ;)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

SAN JOSE - Day One

Ah, old friends... and new friends!
It took us about 6 hours to drive to San Jose, it was a fun drive full of lots of intersting scenery and chat.
It seriously is like turning up to a family reunion going to tournament... only there are no black sheep, and everyone likes everyone! So... maybe not like a family reunion at all!
We got to the hotel and checked in easily enough, some people were already congrigating near the pool (yes another pool! there will be more pool talk later), chatting, shmoozing, drinking.
Soon it was time for dinner, although I don't remember eating. Then we headed to the new San Jose space (it used to be a cinema, now they do CSz there, it's gorgeous). There was more shmoozing and the like to be had there, then the scrimmage began.
As with previous years this was so much fun - just getting up and playing games and making scenes with people you have only just met, or have been longing to do scenes with for ages ( in my case - Myles).
Chris was in one of the first scenes, a scene all about TOAST. He totally stole the scene, along with my friend Nate. They were just so funny.
Below is the video:

I got to do a scene where I played a young girl who committed sobuku (sp?). Rachel played multiple parts, and we all did our country proud.
I didn't hold out too long afterwards and caught a lift back to the hotel with someone. Rachel stumbled in at about 3am... which turned out to be a regular occurrance ;)