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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Is it completely unhealthy of me to be sad that I've found out that Richard Vranch has a 24 year old girlfriend (who he appears to have been seeing for a couple of years)... is that worrying? Am I a stalker and I didn't even know it?!
I dunno - thing with this guy is I admire him a whole lot, think he's cute, and see him on stage every so often... and we do the same job! So it's like I have this link with him that he doesn't even know exists...
I suppose that's the way it is with people in the public eye. You just think you know them so well, when really, you don't know them at all - and they certainly don't know you..
I do sound like a stalker.
I'm not really upset or anything! thank god - if I was THEN I'd be worried... I suppose it just hit me a bit... just cos I want to know these people, these more famous people, the ones who do the same thing i do...
Right - back to work... I'm still mad busy...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I'm not ashamed to say I've felt a little bit lost this evening... I had a load or work to get through, most of which I did, then I have just watched Ross Noble and played Guitar Hero 2...and I'm still missing john.
I'm not tired either so I may plunge head first into some more work actually... got some bits to sort out...
Tomorrow is my last day off for a few weeks... why do I manage to take on so much bloody stuff... I am a fool.
Pancake day was nice - spent the evening with Ste. He made me some pancakes that were divine.... while I sat and sniffed.

I've been rather ill this week - but have had no time to sit and get well... so i have battled through... tomorrow will be filled with rest and making storyboards. The picture to the left here looks gross but is possibly the nicest thing ever - a pancake with a marsbar inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YES!

Had a fun workshop today. I was a bit out of it if I'm honest... still recovering, my brain is slowly catching up.

Picture to the right is of a new game we made up today called "Sit down and shut up" ... my favourite part being that when the guesser guesses what they have to guess, the rest have to Sit down and shut up... in the middle of the stage... hehehehehe

Not quite sure why both James and Chris have their hands in their pockets in this pic.

Well I'm going to get on with this editing now... and need to sleep, as I'm popping over to Chorley in the morning to say cheerio to my daddy.

We start shooting the sitcom next week... storyboarding really needs to be done... luckily I have this handsome creature to the left on hand ... seeing as he's a designer and all.

Nighty night.



Friday, February 23, 2007

Yesterday i was just writing a blog, at about 10am, and I was just about to run a bath (I had a short meeting at 11.30am - but then I'd planned to just spend the day getting well)... at 10.30am I got a phone call asking where I was!
I had been given duff information about when I was working... so I had to rush into work, to a group of students who didn't look impressed... and basically didn't leave work til 6pm!
I am just so dead. Then last night I spent most of the evening trying to stay awake as I was going to John's (he's in Glasgow this weekend) at midnight to see him, and Ben. He didn't get back til 1am!
SO I am knakkered... and ill... and my brain wont work :(
Anyway. Just got back from a fun show at a hospital in Garstang. Steven , Darryl and Daisy did it and it was just great to get one of the manchester people up and doing some 'extra curricular' stuff :D
I am going to sleeeeeep before I delve into some of this stuff I need to get done... blah... 17 things left on the list


Monday, February 19, 2007

Hello all.. I've just switched to New Blogger... so hopefully that has all gone OK.

I am ill... but have already had a busy day - I have crossed 3 things of my list of 22 to do! ;)

I was walking through salford today (yes, I like to take my life into my own hands) and a church bell tolled 18 times for midday! Freaked me out a bit.

Keya and I went to Emily's 18th birthday party sat night, it was good fun, nice to see people (and pay them the money I owed them... gah... being a boss sucks sometimes ;) )... John came too and felt rather old so he sulked in the corner a bit.

I am shattered... have been since I started the last project really... today is my 'day off'... but I still have things I need to do (see comment about 22 item list).
Heading over to the theatre tonight to return costumes that I borrowed for the shoot. Then going to eat with Keya and dad.
Going to go and maybe have a bath and/or snooze...


Thursday, February 15, 2007

OMG I'm soooooooo tired!
Things are really catching up with me.
The silent films went down really well - got some excellant praise from my collegues and bosses... here's one of the four that we did:

Good fun.
Afterwards one of my bosses approached me with an idea to get me to assistant direct a sitcom he's directing! How exciting!
Just hope I have enough time to do it... CSz is getting busy again, as are the school things I do... I just need sleep right now though! lol
We have a corporate wkshop tomorrow, then I am filming on Saturday someone's birthday party for mullah....

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy valentines.
Weird feelings today.
Not bad, not great, not sad, not amazing... just... weird.
Living with your recent ex, and seeing a new guy ... just creates conflicting feelings.

Monday, February 12, 2007

And not a moment too soon - they even fixed the dent I already had. Rock on.
Two students were missing from today's shoot, which was rather annoying! I don't think the message is getting through about absences and filming... but we pulled together and had a great day.
I even played a part ;) Watching the footage back - I was totally my mum! Lol... not a bad thing ;)
Back to editing now....
and I need a bath big style

Friday, February 09, 2007

God I'm tired - and so ANGRY! I've STILL not got my car back - and have had a load of hassle with Direct Line!
AND am just mad busy... and have to plan everything I do hours or days ahead of schedule cos I don't have a car!!!!!!
Having said that, had a lovely evening with John tonight and then ate a ridiculously massive bap.
Have to get up early tomorrow to edit todays filming. Check out the picture of me working :D Not a staged one for once...
Going to bed now...
oh ps - Seanie got into Artsed in london! SO PROUD :D

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Just watched a very interesting documentary on BBC 4 about Madalyn Murray O'Hair. She was a woman in teh 60's, 70's 80's and the beginning of the 90's who led the American Atheists. She campaigned for many things like the removal of prayer from the classroom (which happened) and the removal of "one nation Under God" from the pledge of alegiance (which probably will never happen)...
She seemed like a mighty woman.
Now, I am not religious, neither am I an atheiest, so I feel I can look at this with a fairly open mind.
I think the things she was striving for were good, there are so many cultures and beliefs in the states, people shoudln't be MADE to feel outcast for not believing these things. Cos that's the key word isn't it - belief.
HOWEVER, I do think some of the ways she went about it seemed just nasty. Ripping up bibles etc... I was hoping she'd have been more about just changing the Religion/State part of things - not just infuriating people. That made me a little annoyed. It seemed like she'd tainted her own movement.
However again, seeing how she met her end was pretty horrible... and strangely reminiscant of an episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit I saw recently... hmmm....
Anyway... I'm knakkered...
Just another quick one as I'm about to dash out the door.
Things are mad busy still.. start filming the first year projects tomorrow, meeting with the store went very well, confirmed playing in Leicester in March, confirmed some filming next week, confirmed the corporate workshop... things are going well. Can't relax though, far too much to do... you know when you need a break? But then you have one and don't use it... or you have one and go mental cos you're not doing anything?
that's me

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Things are mental mad busy at the moment... sat down this morning just long enough to spill yogurt all over my pants and have had to dig out some old ones I've not worn for years.... at least they fit me, but they always were baggy...
Have a meeting with the Comedy Store i have to head off.
Still no car! Should be Thursday - am calling them today to give them shit, not in a great mood at the moment.
So there.
Bye for now

Friday, February 02, 2007

one of my best friends gets famous in Australia (The Welch - 2 minutes in)

Keeping Annabelle
I hate it when one part of your life is wonderful, happy, exciting, profitable, relaxing... and the other side is horrible, tearful, upsetting, gut wrenching, sad.... and you know you've made them both happen because of each other.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

oh god, I just ate a Tunnocks Caramel for breakfast... it's my slow descent into madness!
and I ate Some gourmet Pringles for dinner last night.. what am I doing...
I need to get my car back... this will stop the maddness!!!!!!