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Thursday, May 31, 2007

I had a brilliant nights sleep last night! First night in months where I woke up the next day and felt refreshed! And I even woke up before my alarm.
Got loads to do today, including a sketch show! How mad! Am doing a sketch with Ben and Chris. Only have a few lines (which I have still yet to learn), and some of my old Uni pals are in the show too! So, should be a fun night.
Am going to drop some money off with Rentapad today, and get keya a birthday pressie, and try and get my eyes tested... always loads to do... even on days off... my life.. *sigh* ;)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Look how good I got at Guitar Hero... ;)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Friday, May 25, 2007

Saw this while driving today...

If that's the outcome, probably best to just stay being a git then...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Been a more relaxed few days. Got to feel like a proper boss yesterday which was great! Went to check on the workshops that have been going on without me for the last few months in Leyland. They are doing fiiiiine, as expected. Things are slowing down a bit now, which means I have to catch up with things that I've been putting off for a while... namely marking and PACKING!

Monday, May 21, 2007

What a delightful weekend!

Headed off on Friday, got to London in just over 3 hours ;) and crashed in Welch's new home! Yes a HOME, a HOUSE! She's bought a bloody house! How much more grown up can you get? Next thing she'll be doing is filling it with sprogs...

I don't know...

Saturday we headed out to Brighton to watch Keeping Annabelle and Waking. Pretty good productions of both of these wonderful Welch penned peices. The weather was pretty lovely on sat too, we walked along the beach for a while (returning John to his natural habitat ;) ) and ate ice cream and chips on the beach.

The sea was so lovely and blue/green, not brown like Blackpool! ;)

We also went on the best Waltzer I've ever been on ! (there aren't many rides I will go on but I love spinny ones) It was mega fast and fun -screeching all round, especially from john ;)

I even managed to eat some rock without wrecking my teeth! It's been a weekend of crappy food though, my body is crying out for some veg!

Sunday John and I headed into London and met up with the Wareing! It was an afterthought really, only thought to text her once we arrived in Waterloo! But it was a great idea, as she hung out with us all day and came to the Comedy Store with us in the evening too.

All through this weekend John and I have been filming bits for a Danny Pensive short... so once that's done and online I will whack it on here :D

I have loads of other stuff I should be editing really... but I need some hobbies!

Well, I have to have a shower now and head off to work soon - we got back at 2am, I have to go to the Uni and also to a school today... luckily Ben is running the workshop as it's about Stand Up... but we'll see how it goes, something new for me really, it may all go pants, but it probably wont.




Danny Pensive visits Brighton

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Been a little while since I last wrote.

My second years performed at the comedy store on wednesday and it went fantastically well!

Got the laughs I knew it would, and they all seemed pretty pleased with the result. We started editing it today - it's hard but I have to step back now and let them finish it themselves... I always get too close to stuff...

My boss brought an external examiner to watch it too, who was aparantly 'dead impressed' - rock. Hope I get to do this project again next year :)

Am heading to London shortly to watch Waking in Brighton with the Welch - John is coming too, we are going to film some Danny Pensive stuff :D

Have just had some toast that has made me feel a little queasy :(
Going to go and pack and the like

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Wow busy day yesterday.... started at 9am heading off to Huddersfield for a workshop/show... which turned into just a show for a load of kids. Good fun! We didn't think it was going to happen when we got there initially, but Daisy worked her magic and got a load of kids down for us to make laugh. Tom (one of our workshoppers) joined us as he was in the area and we put him in - he was great! (apart from maybe a couple of inappropriate comments, we will beat that out of him). So we have asked him to join the 'team' so to speak. Excellant. After an hour in the local gym (or something) we headed outside to do some stuff in the square.
Reminded me of the Malthouse Jer! But with people who actually wanted us there ;)
From there I headed to the Comedy Store for the workshops... via barclays bank, which was SHUT! Yes, great, no money for bron! Or my mum, i had a load to put in for her too! Grrr... luckily John has volunteered to put that in for me next week, as I'm not able to at all next week.
After the workshops I then set up three cameras at the store to record the lovely John Warburton's showreel. Cara came to help, she's fab.
Chris came to pick me up at the end of the show as he had borrowed my car to get to a (nightmare) gig.

Anyway - the reason I can't get to a bank next week is the exciting project I am doing at the uni - radio sketch comedy. SO much fun!

If you are in Manchester and free next weds afternoon - 3.30pm - come along to listen to some free sketch comedy at the comedy store!
Also add us as a friend on myspace:


Monday, May 07, 2007

Just 11 more posts and I'll have posted 900 times! Yikes... what started as a way to escape my shitty existance in Surrey has turned into a way to keep in touch with friends and family - rock... oh and somewhere to store photos ;)

Had a nice weekend, lots of work been done but as well as that got to go to a lovely BBQ at Lou's house. It rained, but it was still lovely :D
I played ultra catch with John until a small a child stole it.

Am currently moving stuff around the flat. It's a bit weird now I'm on my own. No one aroundto talk to. I spent last night on the couch in a bid to cheer myself up. Didn't reallywork, I have IKEA couches, they are not designed to sleep on.

Am about to cycle over to Tavners to take some headshots of him. Have to think back in time a bit - been a while since I did that!
Should be fun, he's such a poser.


Friday, May 04, 2007

Had a bit of an intense night with Chris last night, but we ended with a nice atmosphere. He moves out today. I noticed he has taken me off his friends list on myspace though, so I don't know what that's about.

Yesterday at the school went. It went. The workshops I'd planned went really well, the one I planned for myself to deliver I should have spent a lot more time on. The kids just got bored. Some of it was them, some of it was me. So if we were to do another of these days I will sort that section out.

Radio project is going great, finally got in the radio studio today and did a refresh. Good fun and one student said they'd learned a lot more than hey had in two years! So that was good - for me only though really, cos this was stuff they should have been taught already.

On lunch now - back to work shortly... we are going through scripts today - good fun.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'm SURE I have some work I should be doing tonight, but I can't seem to figure it out! Annoying.

Anyhoo, forgot to catch you up with my lovely weekend.
After having two days off to recoup I felt much better by the weekend. Workshop was good fun, Chris's lil bro Kev joined us for the day and joined in for some of the workshops, I ahve already mentioned KT and Daz coming down too... then Sunday myself, John, Ste, Chris, Ben, Tav, Lou, Denise (and boyfriend with kids) gathered in a nearby park and celebrated me not dying.

THere were bikes, and skates and Denise made me a vegan cake which was bloody gorgeous! I was rather impressed. It was a lovely afternoon, my favourite bit had to be though when everyone drove to the pub except for me and john. He rode the bike and I skated... most of the journey hanging onto the bike being towed.

It was lovely and fun!
I love doing fun stuff with that man, he's great :) He makes me smile really big smiles.

Ste brought all his juggling gear too so there was lots of that going on, good fun. It was really sunny too, I think i caught a bit on my face.

We went to the pub that Dug works at, first time I'd seen him in months. Weird how you don't see someone, when you used to see them every day! Madness.
Oh and I wore the tshirt that KT got me for my birthday - I looked HOT!

The radio comedy workshop I'm doing at the moment is taking over my life a little. Which isn't a bad thing, it's just weird. I genuinly didn't realise how different peoples senses of humour could be. And it's such a personal thing, you have to tread carefully so as not to offend anyones opinions. So the writing process (which starts on thursday) will be an interesting, and possibly argumentative one.

I'm sure I should have been doing something tonight, I cannot get my brain into gear at all.
I am just stressing about Thursday and trying not to.

John is at a gig in Preston tonight, and was supposed to be HOME now! Aparantly the gig hasn't even started yet! They are waiting for the football to finish! Very annoying, grr. I am staying there tonight as Toby Hadoke, comic, actor, Dr Who fanatic, you know the guy, is coming to chat to my students tomorrow and I have to pick him up from round the corner from where John lives... so I'm tired and just waiting to leave!
Very annoying.
Anyhoo, I may go and snooze for a little while.

god, Renee looks old...
I am currently sat at work waiting for a 3rd year student production. I am drinking smoothie and eating a yogurt with a fork.
that is all