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Friday, June 30, 2006

Now it ALL makes sense...
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sat at the house right now.
bit weird.
everyone's gone to bed! I'm used to a never ending night nowadays. I miss my lamb and my kitty cats. ANd my boys. BUt they woulnd't be there tonight anyway, everyone's busy.
Feelng a bit sorry for myself.
I'll get over it

Thursday, June 29, 2006

well, an interesting day.
All started annoyingly with a large yorkshire man who kept me waiting AGAIN, at least he got out of bed this time...
anyway, headed into town to afflecks, bought a nice top, Ben bought a shirt then went to the gym, ate some healthy sstuff now eating ice cream!
My mummy gets here tomorrow, really excited. But also sad cos I'm not living at home I wont get to see her much no doubt. Here's hoping she'll want to spend a few days in manc.
Just found out that my Jenny Rebbecca may be in Indianapolis when I AM!!! YAY!!!!!!! I hope so, I miss her, she tried to kill me last summer, but I'll let her off.
Everything's calming down now workwise (at least the sort that gets me out of the flat) before my trip... so that's good...
Feeling rather perky.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

just found this online

It's a bit conspriracy theory, but if you're interested in the whole 9/11 thing and want to learn more, and have an hour and a half to spare... watch.
The Welch and I are officially international playwrights!
We both submitted one page plays to a show taking place in Wisconsin, USA, and they were accepted. I submitted three, well, it was one but in three parts... and they did them all! Rach sent a one page version of keeping annabelle which went down well :D
Here's what my mum said about it all:

Went to the Short Shorts thing last night.They LOVED yours, I think it got the most laughs,,,and Rachel's got great laughs too.

I had worked with the boy who played 'Dave'..he met me as I arrived and we had a little chat,though at that time I didn't know he was going to be Dave..There wasn't a programme and it was all done in the Bar.. so it was very VERY informal. The girl who wrote to you played Tanya..The reference to Friends got a huge laugh and they were so into it that when she stabbed him there was a great guffaw , so much so that he had to really wait to get the last line in...this then got an even bigger laugh!.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Still felt a bit pooey today, but the lovely Julian (seen to the left back in 1998 with me) visited today which cheered me up, he always makes me laugh. We even filmed some stuff for my ongoing "Where are they now" sketch (6 months in the making and counting...). Work was tiring and made me feel even iller annoyingly.

I stuck this online today:

Hehe. Good times. We had a giggle watching back on some old stuff.... oh to be that thin again, cried us both! We realised we'd known each other nearly 10 years! Madness! It's strange how you realise how old you're getting when you only see someone every couple of years! Yes Julian 2 YEARS IS A LONG TIME! We need to hang out more you poo head!

Anyway, Chris has gone to bed so I may join him.

Monday, June 26, 2006

i am knakkered. and ill
that is all

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Farndale - LAST NIGHT

What fun! I enjoyed this show every night, as was told to me by my stagemanager. But he's right. I couldn't stop giggling at some bits every night. The lighting guys said they hadn't seen a director laugh at their own play so much. Haha. Ahh well. Brian took some fabulous pictures for me, which I will put on here I think, a couple of there (there are a hundred and fifty!).. Shows how much I've grown up, I used to not let anyone take pictures unless I was doing it ;) Such the perfectionist that I am. My boys enjoyed it. Which was good. In fact, I've not heard any negative things at all! Even from over hearing! I still stand by my suggestion to the artistic committee that they do one a year - the June spot would be ideal as they get crappy audiences then anyway, we could probably get a cult following! Ahh well... their loss. Another fab thing about last night... I may have got some work out of it! There is a group in Leyland after a director for a youth show, and I should get paid! I have to name my price aparantly... hmmm... AND I get to chose my show... can you all guess what I want to do ;) I'll give you a clue:

The picture from last night was just as scary as all the others... it actually looked like he was going for some sort of Titanic lady on a couch thing.

Sooooooo, fairwell Farndale, Hello Godspell? Who knows, I hope I can do it, it would be my dreeeeeeam. Already texted Sean to say he should go for it if it happens ;) He's the little guy in blue in that vid, he's nearly 18 now! He's a gem.
I'm a bit lost today, but I wont be for long I'm sure! I will shortly invent something to do while Chris is on the radio (

ps... here is a review that my pal Derek wrote:

by Leonard Pinth-Garnell, theatre critic for the Farndale Farmer’s Gazette

One cannot expect flawless, seamless productions within amateur dramatics. Thusly, when one does come across such a production, both you and those you come across won’t soon forget. Such was my experience last night, with our own Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Murder Mystery. Rarely have we been treated to such a riveting, entertaining evening!
The direction was by one BRAINNE EDGE, whom I later learned to my considerable surprise was a young slip of a girl, and I was amazed that the little woman could maintain such a strong hold on such a stellar company as ours. But hold she did, and hold well, in the true spirit of the English Rose, and I look forward to the day when she’s called back once more from the kitchen into the man’s world for another shot.
The mood was set beforehand by a showing of our beloved Mrs Beasley’s holiday film of the Isle of Man, an intriguing piece of cinema verite that illustrated the beauty and, dare I say it, raw passion of the Manx lifestyle, before ending with the mysterious question, “Has anyone got any cellotape?” How often have we asked ourselves this in our own lives? So when we enter the play proper, we are already moist, indeed wet, with anticipation and intrigue, And who among us doesn’t want to be wet as we watch thespians at it on stage?
The set was a minimalist mélange, a marvellous nudge to let us focus on the story, but still possessing unforgettable attention to detail, such as the fallen curtains and the upside-down fireplace, both representing the topsy-turvy state of the household following the unseen father’s death. And the replacement of the traditional sounds of the telephone and doorbell with the barking dog was clearly symbolising the unleashing of the Dogs of War, heralding the intense conflict to come. In addition, the mixture of contemporary and modern props lent a timeless quality to the play, reminding us that such horrific events can and do occur in today’s world.
But the true music of a play is made by the players, and such is the quality of our Society’s cast that we could happily watch them on a bare stage playing with themselves alone. Our own PHOEBE REECE was a cavalcade of character, putting the likes of DeNiro to shame with a seamless series of scenes as Clarissa, Patricia, Leticia, and Mr Goodbody. Of particular note was her buxom French maid Regine, giving us dollops of savaloy-faire and heapings of Frenchicity. Why has she not been snatched and carried off to the West End, or even Broadway? Modern theatre is in dire need of more snatches!
FELICITY JOHNSON juggled the important twin roles of Pawn the Butler and Colonel King with the adroitability of a six-armed puppet master, the deliberate mixing of the characters during the play a subtle swipe at the breaking down of the class barriers in the 20th Century, and her Pawn appearing and disappearing at will and adding non-sequitors representing a Pandora’s Piñata, ready to burst open and shower chaos upon us all.
The estimable AUDREY PHILPOTT was like an acting Colossus, striding the twin columns of Pepsicacity and Genius with her roles as Doreen Bishop, Violet, Mrs King and Joan, moving from Mother Figure to Femme Fatale with chameleonic acumen. She invested each and every role with a verisimilitudinal verve, offering forgotten lines and stumblings with a touch of authenticity worthy of Stanislavsky.
Sweet THELMA GREENWOOD brought an intensity to her roles of Daphne Bishop and Rose, an intensity that rivets one to the seat and pins your eyelids open, forcing you to watch and be blinded by the brilliance of her performance. But, like a nitrous oxide-suffused Icarus, one cannot help but happily fly too close to this star in our midst, and be burned away.
The pivotal role of Inspector O’Reilly was to be taken by SYLVIA FROBISHER, but due to unforeseen circumstances was replaced at the last minute by our own GORDON PUGH, in his first stage appearance. And what a diamond in the rough we have found here! He filled Sylvia’s shoes with all the spunk he could muster, and muster he did, providing O’Neill’s character with a befuddled, distracted demóis in keeping with the breakneck disorder that the story clearly demanded, his many losses of what to say a neo-Fraudian nuance one rarely sees outside of a professional theatre production. The moment when he deductioned the killer made me skip a heartbeat!
Topped with a wonderful mid-play fashion show and a riveting quiz, the evening was an outstanding success, and I cannot shower the cast and crew with enough kudos! (Oh, and a special thanks for the recipe for crab balls, which I tried out as soon as I got home, receiving a standing ovation from my palate. It’s those moments when we’re touched unexpectedly that we remember forever)

Leonard Pinth-Garnell

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Farndale - DAY FIVE

Last night went REALLY REALLY WELL! Was about half full with an audience that seemed to appreciate every tiny bit of it! AND I got my video camera working again so I managed to capture it. The NODA man seemed to like it, but you never can tell. He also seemed to confess to not liking the Farndale plays at all, but then again he said that about Stags and Hens and gave us an award for that... so who knows. The only thing about last night that was poop was that the table didnt' collapse the second time... boooo... but it's just a minor thing really. I took a pic of the picture from the day before which I have added to my previous blog.
The Welch is here now, we are off to finish buying pressies for my cast :D
Here is last nights scary scary insight into Johns mind:

Thursday, June 22, 2006

WHEE! am posting frm my new phone!
damn damn damn I've been so tired today I forgot to take a picture of the paiting! Annoying.
I had a really long day today, and tomorrow will be no different :(


Farndale - DAY FOUR

Random incident before the play started with a group of random Chavs who barged in and sat down, Roy (housemanager) getting some crap off them, then they finally left just as the show was starting. Very annoying. Luckily none of it caught and ruined on the camera. A good show, chair bit got a bit messed up, but everything else - spot on!
Keya popped in and filmed it tonight as I managed to break my camera again! ARGH!

EDIT.... here is the picture that was created on this night:

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Farndale - DAY THREE

More in again. A good show, some nice little touch's being added in now everyone's getting comfy in their roles. I didn't actually give any notes tonight as it all seemed to run smoothly. Keya is filming it tomorrow.
Only one thing was disapointing, John's painting! You could actually tell what it was today!

Farndale - DAY TWO
Last night was a surprise for me to be honest. We had more in, and they made lots of noise, especially a few in the front row. JOhn at the beginning of the play gets to paint a picture. The story is - I was suposed to finish off the set on Monday by putting a picture on the back wall, on my way to the theatre I had a brain wave - why not get John to do it... every night! Here are his last two attempts:

First we see what appears to be some sort of dragon attacking a tree from the opening night. Next to that, last nights masterpiece, where aparantly he ran out of paint.... we don't know what it is we can only speculate. From the box myself and the lighting crew thought it was a giraffe trying to eat a bush. On closer inspection it looked more like a plane going into a green block of flats! I dunno. But i will post the pictures from every night ;) He even got a round of applause last night when he'd finished it! Hehe. I hope it just keeps getting better and better now!
Right I'm off to the gym. Was going to do something with Ben today but I can't imagine he'll bother to get up. So I will busy myself.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Off to the show in a second... with the help of my ginger lamb I bleached my hair today.


Hmmmm... the lowest turn out of any CADOS play I've ever done... not that I'm being precious about it, but it's a shame for the cast.
The lack of audience , and first night nerves, seemed to really freak the cast out and the first half was sloooooooow. Not time wise, just cue wise. No one seemed to be on their game at all. Second half picked up though. One good thing about having a small opening night was we could use it as a test to see what worked and what didn't... some of the stuff we put in worked, some of the stuff in the script didn't. We have moved some stuff around and added an ending as no one realised that it HAD ended! We had some technical problems too. SOme of them my fault.

(what I wrote on my other blog)
Now, I know I'm not losing any money, and it's only amateur theatre and all that...

but only 40 people in for opening night?! I've never had such a bad turn out!

Now, it could be the raise in price, or the fact the poster had the wrong number on, or the fact the poster looks more like what it's supposed to be parodying, or the lack of newspaper space, or the fact that it was only a few weeks after the last show.... or whatever... I dunno.

But I'm gutted... not just for me, but for the cast who have worked ridiculously hard! And are continuing to do so.

Please do try and get down to see it if you can.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

og my GOOD GOD I'm bored,

Alphabet thing: Getting to know me
A - AVAILABLE: Not in the slightest
B - BIRTHDAY: 26th April
C - CRUSH: I'd rather not if it's all the same, it'd crumple my clothes
D - DOG'S NAME: Beamer
F - FAVORITE BAND: Ben Folds Five
G - GUMMY BEARS OR GUMMY WORMS: Can't eat either :(
H - HOMETOWN: Chorley, Lancs, UK
I - INSTRUMENT: Piano, Guitar, Voice
J - JUGGLE: yes
O - ONE WISH: to finally feel happy, and know it! And know how to get it again
P - PERSON WHO CALLED ME LAST: Debbie sorting out the props for my play
Q - QUICKIE: Erm...?
S - SONG YOU LAST HEARD: Whiskey In The Jar
T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: 8.20am
U - UNKNOWN FACT ABOUT ME: I dont' like watching films
V - VEGETABLE YOU HATE: corgettes!
W - WORST HABIT: pulling my hair
Y - YOUR NUMBER OF FRIENDS ON MYSPACE: 245 - and I know most of them!
Z - ZODIAC SIGN : Taurus

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Just before I pop to the gym here's another really old sketch that Julian and I did back in 1998! It's a parody of a show I never actually saw... but there you go.

Friday, June 16, 2006

*yawn* tired... but at least the play's nearly ready :D

Karaoke (as I'm informed it's ACTUALLY spelt) again last night. Chris treated me to a curry first as I've been feeling a bit off recently. Then we met the Tav, Cat (who has a gorgeous voice we discovered last night), Killian, Spider and John P at the Karaoke. I sang Ironic, in an ironic way, then Tav and I did Don't Go Breaking My Heart. Including a rather sexy dance break.

Sandwich Suicides is now up on BBC Soup... please vote if you can - more will be appearing shortly.

On a huge upward note (as you can hear on this vid) I chose a song for Chris Tav, and HE SANG IT... enjoy the whitest rendition of Gangsta's Paradise ever!

Off to the gym any second. This is Chris' last day of freedom so I'm trying to get him to come with me. Penultimate rehearsal tonight.

A lovely pic taken on my new camera phone (well, Chris' old one) from the sound box the other night. It's coming together, weds was tough though, especially as I knew I had to get up early the next day... i wasn't in the mood to be honest. It'll get there though. And it'll be fab. Cos everyone wants it to be.

Oh and finally, while clearing all of Chris' stuff off the phone I found a monumentous occasion of Ben Schofield having a word with his dad (get it? get it?)
What was I ever even thinking?
Well, it's all over now.
I am officially over it.
The last few weeks and tonight have officially topped it all off.
Now I can be content again I hope.

I can be mysterious can't I? I don't want to go into it all, but I needed a rant. Cheers.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

what an awful nights sleep, not as bad as Chris's though... he's yet to go to bed! Serves him right for sleeping most of yesterday while I wasw 'working'! ;)
My neck has just got bad again :( But sod it I'm still going to the gym even if I only go on the bike. My back crunches so much :(

oooooo, my play starts a week on monday, and for once I'm not really stressing about it, everything seems to be fitting into place nicely :D Everyone involved with it is working hard and it's getting funnier and funner every rehearsal :) Hope that if you're in the area you can come and watch! It will probably be my last play with CADOS :( Never say never and all that, but unless I move back to Chorley I can't afford the travel :( The week of the run alone will cost me £60! Ugh. Anyway, it'll be good fun :) Going to bed now, knakkered!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Well I am up and awake properly now and about to go to the gym... ROCK! Look at me go!
I am determined to fit into old pants!!!!!!!!!!!!
what a delightful day!
instead of the gym I went to the park with Chris, Ben and Spider and played many games. And got a little burned on my shoulders. It was really nice,a nd good to just get out and enjoy the 'summer'.
here are ben and Spider playing badminton (gayly)

Some pics from the day:

We had issues with Ben's beloved "soft toss" getting stuck up the tree. After 10 minutes of whizzing things at it, it fell, and we got a round of applause ;)
And see how ben is crap at frizbee ;)
However we did manage to keep a Badminton volley going for 26 passes!

Then in the evening I went to see the wonderful Denise sing her heart out. SHe has the most beautiful clear crisp voice I've ever heard. She truly is brilliant! Unfortunately she told me the wrong start time AGAIN so We only got to see a couple of songs. The guy 'supporting' her was a mentalist! All his songs were about zombies and death, one title "Dr Strangelove is my Best Friend" and an ode to Aliens 3! All this from a short bald man in specs, played on a casio keyboard! Yikes.
Yeah, so the reason we only saw a couple of songs was becuase we'd arranged to meet people at Kareoke later in the evening. So off we toddled and had a fairly quiet night there, til about midnight when everyone from the other pubs started piling in, so Chris and I left. Sang a duet with the Mulgrew, then sang a couple of songs on my own - which is usually unheard of!
After effectively taking yesterday off I need to get on with some more stuff today (I am writing the second part of this postscript as blogger was down last night). So off i go.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Wow... possible funky career advances...
Both mine and the Welch's 1 page plays were accepted into a review of 1 page sketches in Wisconsin! They go on on June 27th and my mum will go and watch. How fun.
Also check out here anbd PLEASE vote for our sketch - the prize is imense... we are hoping to put more sketches on there.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Got a load of stuff off my old harddrive last night with the help of a friendly manchester lead owner, so I put the Technically SPeaking opening online:

Get this video and more at

Only 10 minutes long this one ;)
This is my 600th post!
Enough of that... i went to the gym today again, managed an hour! Going again tomorrow before the busy day I have... tiiiiiiiired.
If you have a spare half hour and fancy watching an old old film that I made back in 1999 I think, filmed on Hi8, edited on tape to tape (with a little help from a certain Mr Hilton's computer)...

Get this video and more at

Monday, June 05, 2006

Sore still! think I slept with my arms hanging off the bed as well as they are both wrecking! Had an awful nights sleep, kept waking up either cos Chris did or just cos I did... I dunno.
Neck still bad but I'm off to the gym... am going to get a magazine and sit on the bike for half an hour I think

Sunday, June 04, 2006

long long looooooong day!
Got up at half 8, just by chance! I'd managed to not set my alarm! But taht was the exact time I wanted to wake up... headed to Chorley to find the big boot sale, bought an arm chair for the set, and two chairs for the kitchen here (I've been naughty today - I've been lifting and moving things even with a sore neck...), then I went to southport to film the opening to my play, then to see Keya
We played on her present:

Then off to rehearsal... i am shattered! A 12 hour day! Luckily my work tomorrow is only two hours, and in the evening... so... yay.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

On my own again :(
Not too bad actaully, getting lots of knitting done and I've fixed the Sky so I can watch CSI to my hearts content with no one to moan ;) (aka - CHRIS) hehe... Chris is doing a gig at a festival tonight, Ben is still in Skipton, and Dug,is, well, erm, out? Don't know.
I have been knitting like mad, only thing I can do to keep me sat still to let my neck get better. Although is also hurts off and on from knitting... plus my arm still keeps going cold ad numb at the top..I'm sure the doctor misdiagnosed it or something.. I'll give it a few more days.
A new lady joined the workshops today and gave me a superb massage though, actually stopped the pain for a short time! ROCK! She is allowed to come again ;)
Going to get some grub then back up for more knitting... when Ben gets back with my camera I'll take a pic of the blanket I'm making :D

Friday, June 02, 2006

My neck felt better enough to accompany Chris to Three Minute Warning last night. He had a hard night, he's not been with it, and being put in front of a shitty crowd didn't help. But having said that, he did well under the pressure of it.
It was a fun night, the winner is the SPITTING IMAGE of Weird Al! So i was chuffed :D
When we got back we were messing around and Dug, was being Dug. When Dug is Dug we tend to say things like "That would make a great sketch!"... and we did the same last night... only I was still rather awake so I said "That would make a great sketch... let's film it NOW!"... so we did, and here it is:

It's a bit naughty. We've submitted it to the BBC.soup competition... hopefully they'll accept it...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

god I feel awful!
I can't do anything.
I've decided to stop taking this valium cos I think it's making things worse. Felt realyl outof it yesterday, coulnd't even go to my rehearsal.
Everyone's away this weekend and that's making me really miserable.
I ust feel really lonely at the moment I suppos.